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★★★ The best and unique free High-definition compass for the iPad! ★★★

Simple and beautiful rustic style compass now in your iPad and for free!!!

This app is totally FREE and the inaccuracy depends on the sensor of the iPad.

Customer Reviews

  • Simply works

    by Asdfghjklmnbvcxz13690


  • App user

    by Mustang Lally

    Great old school app to have!

  • Nice App

    by Jeff_TX

    The compass generally works well. I've never had to test it while hiking, but it comes in handy when you're on the road. The needle wiggles a bit, but gives you the right direction to find your way.

  • Excellent

    by jkw625

    Nifty. I love the idea of having access to a compass whenever I want one.

  • Compass

    by ASN13

    Very simple and practical. Works great

  • Excellent app!

    by Spatiallysound

    Awesomely accurate; functionally superb.

  • Good app!

    by puhalla

    Good basic compass

  • Great app

    by Dave Holloway

    I use the app as I travel and directions call out "go north on Main Street". Being directionally challenged it's nice to have a compass on hand!

  • Does what's supposed to do

    by Abruna

    Does what's supposed to do in a beautiful and straightforward way. The graphic interphase is impeccable! Great Job!!

  • Great app

    by Danemom1955

    I really like this app. The compass works well and looks great. I like it so much I put it on my phone too.

  • Winner

    by Fuzzyrc1

    Downloaded this app while in the middle of swamp in order to prove which direction was north. Won 20 bucks. Great app. Cool graphics. Works well on the go even with vibration of airboat.

  • Love it!



  • Great

    by Someone in arlington fun

    A great app!

  • Compass

    by Nyealator

    Great when traveling to find your bearings. John

  • Very Nice!

    by Curst Saden

    This compass looks beautiful and is very useful for finding your directions, be it for hiking, religious activities, or just to get a sense of what is where

  • Mr.

    by Ricoduckhunter

    Compass is outstanding, good App.

  • great compass!!

    by sbytaw1

    it works very well.

  • True and accurate

    by Idasboy

    Accurate against my miniature Hubble telescope. True readings

  • Awesome

    by Bigun226


  • Jim

    by detruck

    We just moved into a new area and my sense of direction was left behind. It has saved me numerous times from going the wrong way.

  • Inaccurate

    by Bonz1413

    Not accurate

  • Compass

    by Itaquaquecetuba

    Not sure about this app. Suffers a lot of interferience and the readings are not trustfull as they are quite different from the readings on a true compass when placed side to side.


    by ClarkeBarre

    Sorry, we don't do ads, and won't be extorted to make them go away - we DELETE your app!

  • not in Alaska, anyway.

    by gjyffnmbkj

    Can't trust it. Changes readings constantly. This app couldn't find north with a map.

  • Going to try another one

    by Keyedup88

    The digital coordinates were right on bit you can't see those and drive. The actual compass couldn't seem to get its N and S figured out and never matched up with the digital read out.

  • Great App

    by Sugar & Salt

    This is a great app that functions well and looks beautiful.

  • Good

    by lshawco

    Works for me. I use it to aline my sat dish.

  • Great App

    by GoOutdoors

    Outstanding app for anyone that spends any time out doors. Highly recommend.

  • Very handy app!

    by Lisa P

    If you have kids get them this app too, it might help bring them home one day.

  • Very helpful app

    by McClap60

    I have a horrible sense of direction. So this app comes in very handy.

  • Compass

    by Randy Red

    As a landscape designer, this tool is very useful in the field getting preliminary info.

  • Great display and very accurate

    by mdvick

    Thank you for a great app! When I stop in a driveway it gives me the ADDRESS !!

  • Owner operator

    by Windbreaker 2001

    Very nice graphics easy to read thanks for a good job

  • Compass

    by Vmazz6

    Works pretty well be sure to reset your phone with Figure 8 motion when you open

  • Nice App

    by rbeau1

    I used it with success on a quick hike with my Cub Scout den.

  • Compass

    by Bettia

    I am very pleased with this app. At this time, I have only used it in one location, but I will definitely use it wherever I take my iPad. Most people don't know exactly which direction all their windows face. I do! Thank you, Betty Rack

  • Compass

    by Sparks-reo

    It will not display a true north heading, only a magnetic north.

  • Compass

    by North by northwest 56356835468

    Great app for my iPad

  • Compass app

    by Frtddgr.

    Five stars may be a bit too high. This app is USUALLY pretty accurate. The look is very nice. I like the traditional old fashioned look.

  • Compass

    by Fish1639

    Awesome very usefull Thks!

  • Compass

    by Cal1932

    5 star

  • Accuracy is poor

    by The_Rick

    Arrow pointing north was not consistant when moving the compass.

  • Yup

    by ChrisFarleysAss

    Looks great. What more is there to say?

  • Compass

    by lsskitch

    Very Nice look and very easy to use

  • Great

    by garbuhj

    Great compass, pretty, and very functional. And free!

  • Good simple compass

    by Flash1121

    A reliable simple compass. Works well!

  • Not hd

    by casalcam

    Not hd as the name implies, it looks pixelated in the retina display.

  • Woks great.

    by RobeMarsh

    Works great. I use it all the time.

  • Compass

    by B alaska

    Great app, nice looking and works great

  • Revire

    by Ernesto Bayona

    Excellent tool and help

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