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Seller: Idemfactor Solutions Inc.

- Added Home link in Favorites.
- Fixed bugs and crashes.

[Upcoming version:1.9.3]

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=== iNextBus is FREE, but currently only works in USA and Canada. Please don't buy unless you plan to travel there. ===

Ever wonder when will the next bus arrive and which bus route to choose? Do you prefer waiting it at the stop or a snug coffee shop nearby?

With this Next Bus app you can visually pin-point the location of every incoming buses on map as well as an accurate estimate of arrival time. Even better it is FREE!

Since 1.2.2 you can now bookmark your favourite stops and estimate the upcoming buses without being there physically.

iNextBus has a simple and fool-proof design thanks to the free service provided by Currently support the public transits in most US states as well as some provinces in Canada.

**NOTE: It's not guaranteed to work for every bus routes, and it depends on the accuracy of the GPS installed on bus. We will keep adding new routes and improving accuracy, please be patient if your regular routes are not supported yet.

Customer Reviews

  • Wow!

    by Yakizzle

    Complete game changer

  • excellent

    by AYYEbcd

    helps a lot but sometimes makes me late


    by Baby Tae

    I love this app usually

  • Brilliant

    by Sam305

    It's simple and works great.

  • Great app

    by Yguhfyjvnkjnvfhhgg

    Always accurate :)

  • Nixe app

    by Forsomething

    Gives time for bus food.if gps without wifi add more good and plse other functions too such as saveng

  • :)

    by Wolfyman boy

    Awesome app helps a lot but needs to get fix for the delays on the map.

  • Always on time precise's awesome great help ...

    by El cash 74

    Excellent schedule ..good

  • Super effective

    by Theking3467

    I don't stand around I the cold and rain waiting for something that is not coming.


    by CamBamHam

    I love this app! I use it everytime I wand to catch the bus (obviously lol) and it's always accurate

  • Works very well!!

    by David hil

    A friend recommended this to me. Couldn't be happier.

  • It really is what you are looking for!!

    by Diego-Boston

    The app is really great and easy to use, works fine in the Boston area, incredibly accurate!!

  • Sometimes a little off, But other wise it's a great app!!!

    by Cold4orce

    Occasionally the signal goes off (one moment it'll say 5 mins til the stop, then it becomes 35 mins). However, overall it's a great app & really ensures I don't have to wait long.

  • Prompt responses.

    by Projectoffset

    You occasionally will get bugs but the support team promptly deals with them. The app is very useful.


    by Aly229

    This is the best app ever.

  • Awesome

    by Nicci345

    Mbta always on time. Perfect. Love this app!

  • Great App!

    by BrianOak

    Great app! The update makes it work again. No more hanging. Tells me what I need to know for where I am, right now.

  • Good

    by Yayyayayayayayayay


  • Great app, where's the MAP?

    by Love it 1136

    Love the live map. I miss it terribly.

  • Great

    by Jimmy is Nasty

    Great Reliable

  • Seriously?

    by bakntime

    This is not for people who live in Illinois, specifically Chicago.

  • Total garbage

    by gloridaaaa

    I live in queens and this app doesnt even have time for buses in here.

  • Bug fixing!!!!!

    by Chanelly664

    App was great, but now please fix the all script error!!!

  • More Bugs

    by 1290

    After the last update, the app comes up in all script and won't show any bus times. This needs to be fixed immediately!

  • Uninstalled

    by TwixLove

    After update the app wouldn't even load properly update made the app worse uninstalled don't plan on reinstalling terrible app now

  • Needs A LOT of work.

    by BangoReign

    This app isnt all that accurate. One minute, it'll say the bus will arrive in 8 mins but when you refresh it 2 mins later, it gives the time for the NEXT bus which is usually 30-40 mins. Its not very reliable.

  • Cool

    by Saxman8837


  • Semi helpful

    by Iamacastleonacloud

    Interface is not easy to use, it doesn't always connect, and sometimes not reliable. But it's the only app that provides most Bay Area transit information.

  • Good but not improving.

    by Joe_in_boston

    I have used this app ever since I bought an iPad. Clearly it makes riding the bus a better experience. However, it is in need of some improvements and it seems like no one ever bothers to upgrade this app. For one, it continues to request permission to use your location. Not clear why it can't ask you just once. A more recent issue is that the maps it disappeared inexplicably. It would also be nice if you could set a particular bus stop as the default, particularly if you use this app primarily for a single bus stop. I am always waiting to see if the company sends out an update for new improvements, but it appears that no one is working on this app. Is there anybody out there?

  • Useful but could be better

    by Britttttttt1795

    What happened to the real-time map feature?! That was more useful than the time estimates. Fair time estimates. Asks me every time I open the app if it can use my location (yes, my location services are turned on), and it's very annoying. Other than that, this app is a convenient tool to have. It would be nice if it had a more attractive and modern layout.

  • No longer a disgruntled public transit rider!!!

    by Jay.Lew

    The accuracy of this app is nothing short of impressive and amazing!!! I no longer have to worry about running to catch a bus and I never have to worry about leaving somewhere too late and missing a bus! This app is PRICELESS!!!

  • Pretty good

    by Morgan Mundorf

    Works well most of the time. Often the buses are later than the time given but I can't tell whose fault that is.

  • Great app with obnoxious flaws

    by MuhKyle

    Next bus is accurate, but it uses a lot if data (more than at least), it's not very pretty, and no matter how many times you tell it, it always asks to use your location, twice. If you're looking for AC Transit, You can get the same info by finding your stop code and texting 511. Update your UX please Nextbus

  • Great app!

    by A brown bus

    Almost100% every time. Helps me when I need to get to work on time.

  • Tells me when the bus is coming

    by Elaine Zundl

    Does what it's suppose to.

  • Savior from those treacherous walks

    by Tbyhut

    This app has been a blessing. Especially on the days where the temp is below 10 and that mile walk to campus entails no motivation.

  • App review

    by SlimSmith

    I love how accurate this app is to the actual buses. I rely on it more than I should but I love it!

  • Use everyday. Very good app.

    by Phuong Chau

    Use everyday. Very good app.

  • Every State But One

    by SoggySpiderman

    This app seems neat but there is no support for Connecticut. Nothing at all. So this app is completely useless for me, as someone living there. If support is added I'm sure it'd be good but until then 1 star.


    by Ohdangiplaygames


  • Very useful

    by BrainsnBlues

    Use it daily, very helpful. Still needs update for iPad, and goes out once in a while, but my life would be worse without it.

  • Used to work well

    by Spanky.1.2.3

    I've used this app for a couple years now and liked it but it stopped working for the Boston MBTA recently and is now useless :(

  • Nice

    by Seffersoft01

    Very accurate, nice app

  • Useful but has bugs

    by athltcgurl999

    I like the app and it's useful for finding buses, but it times out a lot. Also, if you go to a specific bus page, sometimes it won't allow you to go back to the previous page. In these cases, I have to close the app completely and reopen it.

  • Good

    by Youssef270


  • Next bus

    by The only OB1

    I do not leave the house without checking this app! As a mother with two children, sending them to school is a snap! As an overnight worker, I'm not waiting at 1: o'clock in the morning on a dark, Bronx street waiting for a bus for 20 minutes. My only complaint is they're planning to take down the Bronx pages. If they do, I'll be lost

  • This app ROCKS!!!

    by Nico Vargas

    I just started using this app to get around LA, and it rocks!! The ETA for each route I have taken, is precise to the minute ! Very useful. I just planned my trip for tomorrow ! Must have

  • Great app

    by Myneh

    This app it's awesome

  • Good

    by young barbie

    I use all the timeeeee

  • Always wrong

    by JoshTE

    In the past two weeks, this app has been just plain wrong. It has told me my bus is a few minutes away, then says it's arriving, and it isn't there. The data is completely wrong and should not be relied on. The live map also randomly disappeared last week. Buggy, wrong, not worth the disk space.

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