iDashPad Pro Navigation App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Idemfactor Solutions Inc.

- fixed a random crash when searching for POI
- improved POI accuracy

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iDashPad is a multi-purpose dashboard tool that helps you organize all kinds of shortcuts with intuitive photo thumbnails, and make it super handy for you to use.

For example, if you are driving and want to find a coffee shop nearby, you could have done it with 1 simple tap in iDashPad Pro, mostly within a second. On the contrast, it would take much more taps and keyboard input with other GPS or even the built-in google map, let alone the time and focusness they needed.

Support shortcuts are
- phone numbers
- web bookmark (including RSS feed)
- email
- location map
- search nearby point-of-interest (GPS assisted)
- custom URL(such as "feed:", "skype:" and "myspace:")

The thumbnail of the shortcuts can be created from any image in your album. e.g. you may go to via iphone's Safari browser, tap-and-hold on the logo icon to save it in your album, then load this logo in iDashPad for the "starbucks" shortcut.

### TIPS for Skype shortcut ###
To make skype calls, simply use the following format to create a custom link:


To make skype-to-skype calls, use format:


Customer Reviews

  • nice interface,loved its usefulness

    by duhh-r

    so easy to use! it has everything i need when i want to search somewhere.. whoww!

  • Nice


    It's like fast dial. It's useful!

  • Good potential

    by User3000

    It seems what we are looking for. However, I don't understand how it works in most part.

  • Love this app. Opened up my desktop

    by Liquid Vegas

    Great app. Thanks and keep up the great work. Easy to setup. Fun to find pics for the tabs. Opened up my desktop for other apps in that many links are now in the program now. This is the FIRST app I access in the morning. TKS LV

  • I have an itouch

    by ☮☺❤✭

    Ok. So if u have an iPod this doesn't work for calling and text. That's what textplus and skype are for. But it's great. The app works just like it says. so get it while its freeeeeeeeeee

  • Call Me Stupid

    by CrankyAppUser

    And I'm sure you will... Has great potential - desperately needs a help page. Setting GPS links, App launch, etc, is not intuitive (not even close). Im a software dev of 20+ years and this left me saying "Huh?" 2 stars for potential.

  • Dashboard

    by Rush 723

    Too complicated and too much set up involved.

  • what is this?

    by sunboricha

    hehehe i don't get it

  • Search functions do not work

    by Steevil13

    Search local on every icon gives no results. Search by location shows me only Chinatown in the UK? The rest of the program is just a hard to make bookmark. Review then Delete.

  • Some issue

    by Irishpunk424

    I have noticed that when I searched for restaurants it only gave me places that were in a half a mile from my location. Also it would be great if there were a back button from the map instead of having to close the app to search for something else.

  • Shame on You Idemfactor!

    by Darron Weis

    I was already upset that you guys took your previous iDashPad out of the store and replaced it with a "Pro" version that is apparently both new and on version 1.1.4! I figured that I really enjoyed the previous version, so at least I would benefit from additional functionality. But then I realized that this version has the exact same functions as the previous version, even the app shortcuts! The only thing new about this version is an overhaul of the user interface and more clear directions. Ideas stolen from me and other reviewers of the previous version. After over 500 apps, this is the first time I'm requesting my money back from Apple. I would have contacted the dev if they ever had a web site or contact info. It discusts me that such a good app can be produced by such idiots.

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