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Seller: Ian Dixon

iOS 7 Enhancements
Minor bug fixes

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DC Metro and Bus

Realtime rail and bus predictions and DC Metro map directly from WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority), serving Washington DC, Northern Virgina and Maryland.

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-Realtime DC Metro Rail predictions (Next Train) for every Metro station in the Washington DC region with auto refresh direct from WMATA.
-Realtime DC Metro Bus (Next Bus) predictions for every Metro bus stop in the Washington DC region with auto refresh direct from WMATA.
-Location based Metro station finder to locate Metro stations nearby. Provides navigation.
-Location based bus stop finder to locate Metro bus stops nearby. Provides navigation.
-Mapping for DC Metro rail stations and bus stops.
-Save commonly used Metro stations and stops into your Favorites list for easy access.
-Look up DC Metro bus stop predictions directly by the bus stop number.
-Check to see if WMATA is broadcasting any rail alerts or disruptions.
-Access the WMATA DC Metro rail map to plan your route.
-Smartphone and tablet compatibility.
-Live twitter feed for dcmetro
-And of course, FREE

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Customer Reviews

  • Metro

    by Gnik10

    Love it; works perfectly.

  • Works perfectly!

    by Alfpancho

    Great app. It's precise.

  • Works well

    by Naecovia Davis

    The DC metro and bus app works well. I really like the favorites option; you can delete a favorite from your list by holding down on that particular stop and a prompt will appear asking you to confirm that your delete.

  • Best DC Bus app I've found

    by psara05

    I haven't been able to find an easy to use and reliable app to track DC buses. This app has it all. Even metro. It's a one stop shop. I would highly recommend it.

  • Greece

    by Jessica Nnedimma Nwoka


  • Works well

    by jep30

    An indispensable tool that works about 90% of the time (sometimes schedules don't appear, but that's usually late at night).

  • Great app

    by Lilu422

    I like creating favorites and monitoring different bus routes. I wish there was a way to remove a favorite. My list is cluttered. I also wish the map feature worked better. It doesn't really even open for me.

  • Worthy

    by Bbernard71

    I like this app. Pretty stable and accurate right up to the minute.

  • App

    by Ty Breezy


  • Solid info, easy to use

    by DougT in DC

    This is an essential app for DC Metro riders.

  • Comprehensive and user friendly app

    by apple_man_fan

    App is better than other apps I've downloaded regarding public transport in the DC metro area. It's comprehensive, easy to use, and has a nice and simple main menu.

  • Pretty Good

    by KevRobbs

    Works great most of the time, but error notice are common and annoying.

  • W

    by shoo ladee

    Like the app. Great for bus information but some issues with subway data.

  • Amazing!

    by Laylane

    Very useful!

  • Bcg

    by Tzrioh


  • Good

    by Ruendy14

    Great app

  • Nice and easy

    by William Payne

    A very good app. Great bus/subway information

  • Good!!

    by Jessleandro

    It helps when you need to check the schedule :)

  • Gissella

    by Susi8a

    Good app

  • Only good as the metro itself

    by thebunk1991

    Which is only mediocre, at the end of the day.

  • Don't use

    by dwo99

    False train times!

  • Nonfunctional and unreliable

    by Blakellipsis

    Aside from always being incredibly slow (I've missed buses over the two or three minutes it can take to navigate through three screens and see their content), it suddenly seems to have no info. The "nearby" and "favorites" settings still work, but there is no way to search for a route or stop unless you have its ID#. It doesn't even know the route destinations anymore! Done with this bull - it's easier to use the awful wmata website on safari than to use this.

  • Next Bus

    by 7lately7

    Service is inconsistent and unreliable. For my route 23A anyway.

  • Functional but not pretty

    by Charles E.

    I use the app regularly; it's functional, though visually not attractive at all. One star for nagging me about rating it.

  • Inaccurate for Me

    by Lolfhdhrff36

    Says ARRIVING for my bus stop and I wait 3-5 more minutes...tried another app simultaneously and the other one is accurate, so the problem is with this app not the bus system.

  • Quote

    by HhfzgzggzggzfcGcFx

    Worst ever! Never works. Never shows real times. Always late.

  • Inaccurate bus info

    by Gm5215

    App reported n3 bus would arrive @ Westmoreland Circle in 24 minutes. Walked away only to see the bus arriving one minute later.

  • Could be better

    by JiMaFi

    The Metro Alerts tab is not in time with current delays or other notices. It would be nice if the alerts would appear with a date and time - not just the message - so users are aware of the most up-to-date situations.

  • Very inaccurate

    by Afcjfxch

    The app in theory should be helpful especially since I use public transportation 90% of the time to get around. However the bus arrival times in the app is always wrong. It is NOT helpful to see that a bus is arriving in 8 minutes when it says at that time (8 minutes) for 5 minutes. Therefore the wait is actually 13 minutes and I'm just wasting my time by planning my commute around an incorrect time, which is way too often.

  • Bad UI

    by J. S. P.

    No good

  • Absolutely useless

    by Soundman176

    Try to find the next train at Vienna. 99% of the time I try it has No Data Found. Try to find what Metro station is closest to a certain location. No where to be found. Don't waste you're time on this app. Trying to catch a Green Line train. Planned arrival using the next train showing in this app. Got on the platform and that train disappeared. This App is AWFUL.

  • Helpful

    by Nonita1876

    Useful program ever

  • My most used app!

    by AaronMiles

    I use this app every day, morning and evening. I rely on it more than any of my other apps. Don't waste time at the bus stop or underground in the subway when you can get real-time arrival listings. The bus feature is the most useful, choose your stop and it tells you all the buses passing that stop. This is great for me, as there are four nearby buses from work that take me straight home. Only con: every now and then the app will tell you a bus is on the route and it's not, so you'll be waiting for a no show, but this actually hasn't happened in a long time that I can recall. Nevertheless, full disclosure. That said, I stand by this app. Get it and you will too!!

  • Worth it overall

    by Downtown bus rider

    Few too many error messages and often it won't find my requested stop, which is odd since it gave me that stop as an option in the first place. But the convenience of knowing when a bus is coming (give or take a couple minutes) is still better than standing at the stop and just wondering.

  • Good

    by Muziluv

    This is a good app most of time! It would be great if not for the errors! It is an app that I live by and even it you can't see your bus you can at least look up the schedule to help yourself.

  • Metro App's Decent

    by Lomahasha

    It would be better if it included more of the functionality of the website: especially trip planner or NextBus.

  • Good app

    by Mr.K.Jizzle

    I use it all the time. Very handy

  • Happy about it

    by Migomike

    This app help me out all the time

  • On Time for Real

    by ParisDip

    Great app. Very accurate on arrivals - I know if I can have that extra sip of coffee or if I need to run for it...

  • Hurry with an update

    by Impressed? NOT!!!

    An update is needed to correct the many errors and application crashes. Up until today I have been relatively pleased with the app but this morning I had to run for the bus relying on the app to function. None of my favorites are currently running. I continue to receive error messages.

  • Piece of crap

    by VeronicaMcK

    The idea is fantastic, too bad it's always having processing errors.

  • Love it

    by Walkinmore

    Helps me determine how to get home easily at night with several bus options. Very easy to use and setting favorites is a great option to quickly assess the options.

  • Review

    by Mahni ✨

  • Bus feature works well

    by Mavic66

    Good functionality, and nice that it does both rail and bus. The biggest flaw is with the NextBus system itself, which often doesn't show buses, and shows wacky results near the start if routes.

  • Functional, But Mostly For The Experienced

    by Ink Drop

    The app does what it does alright, but only for those who are already distinctly aware of the bus lines, where they go, and how they intersect. Nonetheless, so long as routes are heavily researched beforehand, the app is invaluable.

  • Not the best app.

    by Owen Smile

    Locations are not available or disappear after the program is launched. Map function is not operational.

  • Mr.

    by Md MAZHARUL Islam

    Some times the schedule of bus doesn't show proper. But over all it is pretty much fine.

  • Love this app

    by C harris

    It's an really good app. I use it everyday when I go to work because I mostly catch the bus. It's pretty accurate.

  • Metro

    by Earl0920

    Doesn't work consistently enough minor bugs that need to be fixed but overall a descent app

  • Accurate about 90%

    by Dustin Dunsmore

    Most of the time it's accurate but the one out of ten when its not ...

  • Two thumbs up

    by Keraca

    I use this daily. Great app.

  • Parlu

    by Patlu525

    Very helpful 99% of the time saves time too

  • Shyam

    by Scube28

    Nice app. Wish it showed closest station to a tourist location. For example, which station to get down to go to Lincoln memorial or spy museum.

  • It works.

    by BangoReign

    See title.

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