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HopStop is the only transit app you'll ever need! Get detailed subway, bus, train, taxi, walking and biking directions, real-time transit information via HopStop Live!, as well as official transit maps, nearby station search, and station-to-station schedules in over 600 cities throughout the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Russia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Netherland, Israel, Australia and New Zealand.

With HopStop you can:
• Get door-to-door transit directions
• Get schedules for subways, buses and more
• Find nearby subway & bus stops
• Estimate travel time & cost for a taxi
• Get biking directions in NYC, DC, Chicago, & SF
• Report real-time delays, crowds, and other issues with HopStop Live!

HopStop works in over 600 cities including:

Allentown / Lehigh
Ann Arbor
Asheville, NC
Bakersfield, CA
Bellingham, WA
Bend, OR
Birmingham, AL
Blacksburg, VA
Bloomington, IN
Boston (Eastern MA)
Buffalo / Niagara
Burlington, VT
Butte, MT
Clemson, SC
Columbus, OH
Dallas / Ft. Worth
Denver/Boulder/Co. Springs
Dover / Wilmington
El Paso, TX
Eugene / Corvallis
Fayetteville, NC
Flagstaff, AZ
Fort Wayne, IN
Frederick County, MD
Gainesville, FL
Green Bay/Appleton/Oshkosh
Huntsville, AL
Jackson Hole, WY
Kansas City
Kingsport, TN
La Crosse, WI
Lansing, MI
Las Vegas
Lexington, KY
Little Rock
Long Island
Los Angeles
Lubbock, TX
Lynchburg, VA
Madison, WI
Mendocino/Ft. Bragg/Eureka
Metro North Area
Miami / South Florida
Minneapolis / St. Paul
Missoula, MT
Morgantown, WV
Myrtle Beach / Florence
Nashua, NH
New Jersey
New Orleans
New York City
Newport News / Hampton
Oklahoma City
Orange County, CA
Palm Springs, CA
Portland (OR)
Portland, ME
Portsmouth / Dover (NH)
Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill
Redding/Red Bluff/Shasta
Reno / Tahoe / Truckee
Richmond, VA
Rochester, NY
Sacramento / Davis
Salt Lake City/Provo/Ogden
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco Bay Area
San Luis Obispo
Santa Barbara
Sarasota / Bradenton
Savannah, GA
Southwest Oregon
Spokane, WA
Springfield (Western MA)
St Louis
St. George / Zion (UT)
State College, PA
Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater
Topeka, KS
Ventura / Oxnard (CA)
Walla Walla, WA
Washington, DC
Western Maryland
Wilmington, NC
Yuma, AZ

Fredericton, NB
Hamilton, ON
Quebec City
Sault Ste. Marie, ON
St. John's, Newfoundland
Thunder Bay, ON
Toronto / Brampton
Vancouver, BC
Victoria, BC

**United Kingdom**
East Anglia
East Midlands
North East & Cumbria
North West
South East
South West
West Midlands



**New Zealand**

Saint Petersburg


Berlin / Brandenburg

Be'er Sheva / South Israel
Golan Heights / North Israel
Tel Aviv

Amsterdam / Rotterdam / The Hague
Greater Netherlands



HopStop directions are informational only. Transit schedules and routes are subject to change. No representation is made or warranty given as to their content, route usability or expeditiousness. User assumes all risk of use. HopStop and its suppliers assume no responsibility for any loss or delay resulting from such use.

Customer Reviews


    by mwkeefer

    This app was a stumble upon and let me tell you, if you use septa or many other public transit options this app quickly becomes your go to for navigating and routing! The only issue I have with the app is it doesn't include an option for bicycling, only walking, car or taxi... Since I mix my commute between public transit and a 20" folding bicycle it would be very handy to be able to specify bicycle as a mode of transport and also the average and top sustainable speeds... In fairness, I've not found a single app yet that can do mixed mode transit navigation. Even with this limitation, HopStop is still the best public transit navigation app I've used to date! Highly recommend this app for everyone, it's that useful!

  • None

    by K*#%S

    Just took our first trip to Mew York City-manhattan and this app was amazing. Easy to use, gives turn by turn directions for walking, subway, train or bus. Never failed us. And did I mention it was easy?...and that from an unseasoned traveler. I can't praise this app enough. Will use it again for sure.

  • Crashing

    by Dank P

    Used to be great then I bought more maps and the app just keeps crashing!!

  • Almost perfect

    by Discopoet

    It really depends where you are. In NYC it's indispensable. In Chicago the word useless comes to mind. But if it has the city you need, thus far, it is a GREAT app. Detailed instructions, simple readability and wonderful options to fit any time constraints. Some updates for major cities is just necessary.

  • iOS 6 support?

    by  Kammehz

    Works wonderfully on the iPad, would love for the iPhone app to be compatible with maps!

  • It does what I need it to do.

    by Kasten661321

    It does what I need it to do. Google maps does this too but I like hopstop better.


    by Ltotty

    Easy to use. Got me around NYC!

  • Locally works

    by Shroom it

    It has what you need in detail, thumbs up

  • Love it

    by Chrissdenice

    Super useful.

  • Very useful!!

    by  T|^

    Great app!

  • Does it's job

    by YoungKayin

    I live in Florida, I've been using this app for 2 years, always get me where I need to go

  • Great for NYC and DC

    by  Ph#

    Hopstop.com is the best site to get directions in NYC This app is based on the same engine, and in my experience it works great. I recently tried it in DC and I was pleased. I wish I could login into my Hopstop account or the app would remember previous entered locations.

  • Vacationer

    by  SLICKI50

    Wow!! Spent weekend in NYC. Maneuvered around town and subway like a local.

  • Best one I've tried

    by Pillpusherrrr6222

    I've gone through 3-4 subway apps, including $9.95 Tube NY, and this is by far the least cumbersome and must helpful. Integration with contacts is great.

  • Great for NYC!

    by jtrf92

    This app was perfect for touring NYC! Went for a day trip and used the subway to get everywhere and this app made it so much easier to find my way around! Love how you can choose different route options.. Definitely recommend this app for anyone!

  • The lights are on but there's no1 hme

    by uuuuuuuuuuudu

    HopStop has fallen. This app used to be good for directions and maps. Stick to the maps. Only good for directions sometimes. When every route from Brooklyn to Queens it have me required 3-4 trains and a bus, I knew something was wrong. I know only 2 trains are necessary. Getting to Queens may be a schlep, but navigating shouldn't have to be.

  • Works More Often Than Not

    by BonnieParkr

    The App is currently only giving walking directions. Most times it works well though.

  • Very helpful and informative for subway

    by givemikemilk

    I'm baffled by the average 2 stars. I've been loving in net york for a year and i still need help from hop stop to get to anywhere. It's perfect.

  • Best

    by Jbaird.13179008

    This update has metro north schedules along with manhattan. Amazing app. Use whenever I go somewhere new

  • Fantastic App!

    by DPhillips314

    Life saver! This app gets me around town everyday of every week. Thanks!

  • Completely Stopped Working for CTA

    by souch3

    This app was fantastic when it worked. Now though it doesn't pull in CTA info making it useless

  • Removed my city

    by jwvanderbeck

    Used to be a great app. Then for some inexplicable reason they removed my city Vancouver. Now it's useless to me.

  • Flat Out Wrong

    by  tashimashi

    NYC - My first time using the HopStop app, it tried to direct me to a subway station that doesn't exist.

  • Chicago dropped from App

    by BladeJC1

    Why was Chicago dropped from this app?

  • Still no Chicago?

    by MacMate

    I deleted this app months ago and was promised that Chicago would soon be listed as a default city. What gives here?

  • Horrible user experience

    by  Thekingsdaughter

    Poor programming

  • No longer gets schedule information

    by Houston Rider

    This app was a favorite. A sweat great way to get directions and schedules. Especially pleased that developer did a nice job with VoiceOver compatibility. Now, though, the app no longer acquires schedules for my local transit system, Houston metro bus. It will provide directions but not schedules. No response from developer after inquiry.

  • Chicago?

    by Sauljoel

    Why is there no support for Chicago?! Seriously?! Third largest city in the US and the third largest public transit! How can you not support Chicago?!

  • Miami is gone

    by Breggy

    It's gone now. This app is useless.

  • Bad app

    by  britneyspearsfanxoxox

    I enter DC Addresses but it only gives me NY options...r u kidding? Nothing tells u how to get bus routes in ur city. Still gave me NY even when it located me in DC. Don't buy.

  • Loved Hop Stop till Chicago went away.

    by jysoccerboy

    It's been gone since October. Previously would have rated four or five. I was told by support that the Chicago option would be back shortly in October. It's now January. If Chicago isn't added back in a month I am going to delete the ap, and advise that all of my friends, also living I'm Chicago, do the same.

  • Worst app ever!

    by GamerO_o 

    Even that stoopid iPhone mirror app is better!

  • Can't find addresses

    by Ladylovely8686

    App was helpful when I can enter the destinations and it was found. However, many times I couldn't even find the location I wanted to go to (like my hotel after I entered the address).

  • Forego This app

    by Johnny1270

    As tourists to NYC, we tried to use this app. There are no buses labeled what the app numbers them. Basically useless app. Subway app, much more useful.

  • Paris

    by DaJe Barbour

    Where is Paris!??

  • Seattle area gone! Are you kidding?!

    by hopefullskywatcher

    UPDATE: I used to RELY on this app daily. Then, the Seattle area was removed! Customer service tells me it's a short term solution (for what exactly?) but cannot tell me how long of course. If the Seattle area is supported again, I'll consider changing this back to a 4 star review. Right now for deleting Seattle and other major cities, it deserves a 0. ----------------------------- I ride Metro buses in the Seattle area. This is my go-to app!

  • No match for Google maps

    by Russoue

    It shows horribly poor routes. It cannot pick the shortest/fastest path, far from it. In one instance it showed me a 2+ hours route whereas Google map showed a 56 minutes one. I couldn't believe what route it came up with when I saw the map view. I am going to uninstall it now.

  • Chicago ceased to exist

    by Dan Murphy

    Since October, Chicago has ceased to exist. The L, bus and Metra stops are listed, but the city isn't and the app no longer seems to work. Switched to Embark.

  • Chicago????

    by Dedboy50

    I'm glad I'm not insane. I did love this app but why would they remove Chicago?

  • OK

    by  Nnnipppiiii

    Seems OK. A few irksome issues: 1. Let me pick the city to search. 2. Some cities, Boston in particular, have multiple streets with the same name (Washington and Beacon streets). Adding the zip or a neighborhood name to the pick list would make picking the right street easier. 3. I like the maps, but making them interactive would make them better. Basic map zoom move etc. 4. Same issue with needing a street address as other people have. Intersections or place names would be better. It is nice. Quick and accurate. Great price.

  • Can't select Chicago as default, no El in directions.

    by Jonathan Morgan

    Can't select Chicago as default, no El in directions. Unusable in Chicago.

  • frustrating, too limited, not useful.

    by  supertypo

    Narrowly designed. Frustrating. Not useful. I was in New Jersey traveling into New York and my local station was not on their pop-up menu. Additionally, it would ask me to use "current location" but it wouldn't input that information into the directions page. I deleted the app after one day.

  • Chicago

    by geoff1985

    Like many others, I no longer have a use for this app now that Chicago is gone.

  • Broken App

    by DracheMitch

    Apple bought hopstop to have transit directions in Apple Maps, discontinued the version on competing platforms, and then apparently broke the iOS version. AWFUL

  • No longer works in Atlanta

    by Cat278

    Only gives walking directions.

  • Best resource for newbies!

    by Lornadoon

    I had planned a trip to nyc with my husband and 2 kids- my husband backed out at the last minute leaving me to navigate around the city with the kids! This app saved me! So simple to use, I loaded the "my trips" section with a few places I knew we would go (hotel to toys r us, hotel to museum, etc) and I would be able to pull it up even while on the subway with no cell signal! Extremely helpful when we got on the wrong train as it has the transit map as well. Can't speak highly enough of this app!!!

  • This was pointless

    by Dffchzvv

    I can't put Chicago as the default city so this was no help for me

  • Chicago got removed

    by Sean Highkin

    I would give this app 5 stars if Chicago was still in it but it's useless to me now.

  • No longer supports Chicago?!?

    by Editty1983

    This app was my go-to app when getting around Chicago. I used it everyday. All of the sudden, Chicago could not be found when using directions. I am deleting this app immediately. No Chicago = useless app for me.

  • Me

    by 3Dot 

    Excellent app

  • Awesome app!

    by  Raymond 1814

    This is definitely a must have if you live/visit NY and take public transportation. I love the map that shows you which way to go once you exit the subway.

  • Paris went missing...

    by Andrea505

    I had been using this app in Paris, France for 2 years, and suddenly Paris is missing from the list of cities. Please fix - normally this is my preferred transit app!

  • Great for bike routes

    by gene_sf

    This app is great for planning bike routes in San Francisco. It also gives me walking and public transportation times, so I can see just how much quicker it is on my bike.

  • Where have the cities gone?

    by jhark13

    I absolutely loved this app...until Seattle disappeared and now I cannot use it at all and it makes me very unhappy. This needs to be fixed ASAP or I will stop recommending it to my friends to use on the east coast in Washington DC and New York.

  • ChicagNO

    by Theresa Barbati

    Used to love this app and apparently relied on it way too much bc I feel so lost now that the city of Chicago has dropped off of the city list. I guess the third largest city in the country isn't worthy of hopstop hAPPiness. I will discontinue recommending this app and my respect is also GONE. Fix this!!

  • Used to be a great app.

    by SavannahInChicago

    I use to love this app. I used to use it constantly. However, recent problems have made it impossible to use and I am going to have to find another transit app. For example, when trying to find a route it recommended I walk 30mins, even though I had hit the option to find a train or bus. Anywhere longer it tells me to take a metra train. This does not make sense at all, especially when I know the route for the CTA, I just wanted to confirm my stop.

  • A must have for any tourist

    by Kevin Praseuth

    Hopstop did not fail me on my recent trip to NYC! Directions were clear and concise. Easy for anyone to use. Recommend you map out your route BEFORE getting on the subway - underground = no service.

  • Good while it lasted

    by mackenzie stern

    I went to route a trip and no rail options came up when I know they had in the past. I noticed Chicago was removed from the list. I relied on this app to get me places. Fix it! It WAS great...

  • Ditto....Chicago

    by BAP100

    Same as the others. Chicago app is broken. Is anybody at Hopstop paying attention?

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