What is my UK Postcode/Postboxes ? Navigation App Review (iOS, $0.99)


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If your car's breakdown and you need to know your postcode to call someone and tell them easily where are you in the UK ?

Send your location to anyone by sms button.

This application can find your locations postcode in seconds or Alternatively, You could find any location's postcode on the map just selecting that area on the map.

Also, You could find nearest Postbox with just touching Box? button.

Sometimes, Everybody could need to know what is their friend's postcode to send them gift or use satellite navigation.

This is the only one application can show your location's postcode or centre of map location's postcode by just clicking one button.

Now, You could save last postcode search details with name by just clicking to + button, and you could retrieve that information from the list if you need it. (So, you could save your last parking place or new club which you would like to visit to same place.

- Click Gps button to find your location than click Find Gps Postcode button. This application will put annotations on the map. Green one is your postcode , other's nearest postcodes.

- Browse on the map , zoom it , than click Find Centre of Map's Postcode button to find red circular area's postcode. Than you will see annotations on the map. Green one is your postcode , other's nearest postcodes.

- You could click to Clear button to clear all annotations and your postcode checking details.

Note: If you are using 3g instead of wifi internet connection you may need to wait 5-10 seconds to refresh map view due to connection type.

You are not able to find postcode's location from this application. You could use UK Postcodes(our application) which is sort it out all of your needs for UK postcodes.
(Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.)
(We do not accept any responsibility of not correct postcode and/or latitude/longitude data if it is not correct.)


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