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Languages: English, German

Seller: Groundspeak Inc.

* Nearby geocache alerts – If you're near your selected geocache, a friendly popup will let you know automatically.

* Bug Fixes

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Geocaching is a game that reveals a world beyond the everyday, where the possibility of a new discovery hides under park benches, in the forest, and probably a short walk from where you are right now. The adventure begins by searching for cleverly hidden containers called geocaches. There are millions of geocaches waiting to be found, scattered throughout more than 185 countries around the world—there are probably even some near you right now.

This app guides you through the adventure of finding your first few geocaches. There are tips, hints and instructions for geocaching as well as using the app.

- App picks recommended geocaches for beginners
- In addition to recommended geocaches, the app allows you to see and find nearby geocaches
- Tips and instructions guide you through finding a geocache and what to do when you find it
- “Live Search” continuously updates nearby geocaches as you move
- You can upgrade to Geocaching Premium from within the app to find even more geocaches

Supported Languages:
- English
- German

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by Manimal672

    Makes for a good time anywhere you are!

  • Awesome app love it!!

    by Sexton.28

    Probably the best geocache app I've found every time I've used it I have found the object and I just love the layout and just everything about it! :)

  • Good intro app but beware in-app purchase

    by Gldwing34

    I got the app intro and enjoy geocaching. Kept getting the in-app ad to upgrade to premium, which I thought meant upgrading to the "for purchase" full app. As it turns out, the upgrade is for 3 month premium membership rather than full iPhone app.

  • Amazing and tons of fun!

    by b.maschino

    This is a great way to get out and do something fun while getting fresh air and exercise! Downloaded this after doing a story on geocaching for a newspaper and have fallen in love! The app is fantastic, GPS works great and un already considering a membership! Only thing is I wish all the website functions were available through the app, like photos and full profile info. As well as tagging friends in app.

  • Pretty good

    by Cromie1987

    I have this app on my girlfriends iPhone and it works pretty well think that I'm going to get the ten dollar one to see how that one works but this apps pretty nice and works great so try it out..

  • Fun!

    by MusicGuy123456789

    Like the app, sometimes the compass needle is less than accurate, but that may be my phone.

  • Like the app

    by Ki4oud

    I like the app but it crashes a lot!!!

  • Geocache

    by Add me for fun

    I like gc. But I wish it would show a bigger radius at one time. Switching to premium

  • Wonderful

    by Antoniolopez101101

    Great for beginners. Crashes sometimes on ios7 on iphone 5s.

  • Makes geocaching accessible

    by ecuabenja7789

    Went geocaching with my younger cousins on the Jersey Shore and while I was using an actual field gps unit they were able to track the points quickly and easily with their cellphones. As long as you have a cell signal this app seems to work great.

  • Useful but faulty

    by Matthew Gallo

    The app tends to crash very often. It drains battery life quickly and sometimes the phone would even shut off while using the app. When this happens it says that the phone needs to be plugged into a charger, but it still has battery remaining. I've tried on a few different phones so I know it's not just my device. If this problem is fixed it would be a perfect app.

  • Great fun

    by Heathurrrrrrrrr

    This is the first activity the kids ask to do.

  • Fix Crashing on ios7 please!

    by Jomama6969

    App and geocaching are great! Id give it five stars but it crashes a lot right as im getting to a cache. Still able to find them but its a nuisance. Please fix and then itd be perfect! Love geocaching!

  • Aca-MAZING

    by Roxydoxypoxy

    My friends and I have a blast during our parties because of this app!

  • Great

    by Whitecrew4

    Great app easy to use

  • Testing out another app!

    by ChicagoGeoTech

    Works well with my new iPhone 5s running iOS 7.

  • Fan

    by Twjsej

    This is great family fun! We really like this app and will continue to use it.

  • fun

    by Locotoy

    It's a easy way to have fun.

  • Great app!

    by Chrischad

    I've found a perfect use for my lunch breaks. Great app and a great time. Makes geocaching easy and fun. No crashes, quick loads and I love the updated features. Great work guys!

  • Great!

    by Rockme74

    So much fun!

  • Crashes constantly

    by jayratch

    The design of the app is pretty cool, but I couldn't successfully navigate to a single cache without the app crashing, and it doesn't have a good way of resuming when reloading. At least once the crash ended up throwing us off the trail altogether as the app "suggested" an entirely different cache when it reloaded. I was hoping that I might find a better app in the App Store but apparently this is the "official" app and the other major search hit is the "premium" version from the same developer. I'm not going to spend money to upgrade if it's not at least stable.

  • They just keep making it worse...

    by donnaray

    Deserves zero stars now that they've ruined what was a fun SIMPLE app! After one update, I had to set up an acct & log in just to use this--how ridiculous! Now, there no longer seems to be a list view, only a map & symbols that mean nothing to me. Why are some caches only dots? Who knows--can't find anything to explain or a way to choose preferred settings. Bring back then old easy to use version!!

  • Frustrating

    by SesameBunn

    This only received two stars because whenever I find a geocache and record it, it states "You have found 7 geocaches" and then there's the continue button. Well, it freezes EVERY SINGLE TIME when I try to continue. The only way I've found to fix it is to restart my phone and then open the app because I have no idea how to "force quit" an app on the phone. Also, the tracking is a little off, but at least the hints for some of the geocaches were helpful. This would have more stars if it didn't freeze every single time I recorded a geocache. Because of this issue, it's almost useless. The two stars are because I can still find geocaches near me with the app's help.

  • Terrible.

    by Pikmonster

    Either everybody is better than me at finding caches or the app, I haven't found any geocaches at all. I'm mostly blaming the app. Navigation is glitchy, and the cache compass points everywhere. I don't think an iPhone 5S is the issue.

  • Won't let me log in

    by Npa_28

    "LOGGED OUT: You have been automatically logged out: Not authorized I am a premium subscriber and cannot access my geocaching app. I will not be able to do my daily cache now. Please fix this ASAP! Also; I paid the $9.99, but still have the "intro" app. There needs to be a way for me to download the premium app without having to pay again!

  • Good intro app, but this version buggy

    by Chazford Tootles

    It's crashing repeatedly when trying to find caches today. I'm sure you guys will work it out. When it's working, I am enjoying it.

  • Keeps closing!

    by Travis Hammond

    Just updated to the new version and it keeps force closing right off the bat. Fix it!!

  • Update

    by Pookie471

    New update is terrible! It does nothing but crash. The old app was much better!

  • Why did they change it ?

    by Mans best friend the phone

    Hate the new update the other one was so simple

  • Getting better each time!

    by Subaqueous

    Looking good.

  • Could be improved

    by Big_kiss

    There are things missing, like the pictures that you can see on the website, they help, and some kther things too. Other than that its very fun and i'm probably gonna end up buying the full version, even though it's pricey.

  • Awesome app!

    by JMann07

    Downloaded this on a whim and I'm addicted. I'm getting more people to play!

  • Upgrade does not work and charges your $9.99 repeatedly

    by Metcerb

    It makes you upgrade to get "better information" but the upgrade doesn't work and it charged me twice and wasted my time during a hike

  • Great app for starting out

    by IIIPG

    Just starting out, something fun to do outside with my 8 yr old daughter. Doesn't give specific coordinates and gets a bit fuzzy when within 10 ft r so. Makes for fun times...

  • Geocashing

    by Nbailey019

    Very cool

  • Awesome!

    by MeagaMikey

    Best app I've ever downloaded!!! Never had so much fun. Genius!

  • Very buggy and erratic

    by David M 3.141592653

    App constantly complains of being out of range. I'll be looking at info on a cache, then it will disappear. Or, it will stop navigating to the cache I selected and randomly pick another one. I would never buy the $10 version based on this.

  • Great for beginners

    by Count cal

    Found three caches right off the bat!

  • Nice

    by Landryallen27

    Great app!!!

  • Nice app

    by otis732

    Love the app. Only issue is the latest update removed the option to click for nearby caches. Big mistake but otherwise fun app to use


    by West125

    I HATE the new update. We can only find like one or two geocaches, and the one right by our house was locked! The prior app was functional, and not the best, but it at least let us actually find geocaches! I will delete this app right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Junk don't use!

    by RobbyDSM

    Only a few caches are available. Most of them are locked and it won't let you find them. Also will only use it at your location. Can't search other areas.

  • :(

    by Rachy F.

    I love nature and enjoy going out for walks although I use my iPad too. So when I saw this app I liked it a lot although a lot of them are LOCKED because I have to PAY for the full version. It makes me mad that people are trying to make people pay to enjoy nature.

  • Updated and now requires an account or FB access

    by TX DFJ

    Basically useless compared with the previous version. No way I'm giving access to my FB account for the location of three caches.

  • Bad app

    by King awesome the 3rd

    This app gives you 2-3 caches to find the old app was better :( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I should of known

    by ABLI93

    I wished I never upgraded. Now I can't even see the ones I saw before. Their all locked. Some of them were not even locked the first time. Now u have to buy to see most of them:/ what a bummer....

  • It's ok

    by Eagles98

    It's ok but not enough cashes all are locked besides that it's good I would suggest if you are bored and want to go hunt for one only.

  • Not so sure about it

    by BaileyV13

    Works good except that the compass and map are always off. It took forever to find an easy Geocache because the compass kept telling us we were really far away still. Definitely doesn't make me want to pay 9.99 for a messed up app.

  • Lame

    by HollandDunn

    Can't do anything without upgrading.

  • What the

    by BuggyMcBugBug

    Doesn't even work- all locked up unless you pay for an expensive upgrade. Very deceiving.

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