iNavX Marine Navigation Navigation App Review (iOS, $49.99)

  • Category: Navigation
  • Publisher: GPSNavX
  • Updated: Aug, 02 2008
  • Version: 3.7.7
  • Size: 17.1 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish

Seller: Richard Ray

2014 editions of nv charts region 9.3 Southeast Bahamas, region 12.3 Windward Islands.

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iNavX™ brings the freely available, official and up to date NOAA RNC raster United States waters marine charts to your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Included detailed chart coverage: West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast, Great Lakes, Alaska, Hawaii, and US Virgin Islands.

One app for all your devices with access to thousands of charts: official CHS Canada charts, Navionics Gold charts, Fish'N'Chip charts, HotMaps, nv charts, Hilton's fishing charts, Trak Canada lakes fishing maps and Solteknik European waters marine charts may be purchased separately via X-Traverse.

With iNavX™ you can use the built in location services (i.e. GPS, cell tower, WiFi) to plot your position in real-time on the multi-touch scrolling and zooming and rotating (including course up) marine chart.

Using the iPhone's and iPad's and iPod touch's WiFi connection, iNavX™ can act as a repeater for popular marine navigation software that supports NMEA data over TCP/IP such as MacENC or Coastal Explorer. This includes GPS, AIS receivers & transponders, and Instruments (Depth, Speed, Wind, Engine, Batteries, etc.)

In addition to real-time chart plotting and printing, iNavX™ supports waypoints & routes including KML (Google Earth) and GPX import/export, track log, measuring bearing/distance, GRIB weather forecast, tides/currents, anchor alarm and port/navaid search.

iNavX™ is updated frequently and all updates are provided at no additional expense.

The power of a color chartplotter for a fraction of the cost.

Practical Sailor rated Top Choice Marine Navigation app - February 2012 issue and 2012 Editor’s Choice product.

NOTE: Detailed Florida Charts are in the NOAA East region included with iNavX.

NOTE: "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life." This only applies if background track recording is enabled.

Customer Reviews

  • iNavX Saved My Life

    by WriteGuy1960

    Sailing from Long Beach to San Francisco, we lost our electrical. While sailing at night without lights and radio through the 10 to 15 foot swells at Point Conception and eventually through thick fog in the San Francisco Bay, I was able to conserve the battery on my iPhone by turning down the brightness while using my compass and iNavX to guide me home. It was the best $49 insurance policy that I've ever spent and much cheaper than funeral expenses. Thank You iNavX !!!

  • Great nav app for Lake St Clair

    by ksal05

    I use this app on my ipad 4 on Lake St Clair which can be very tricky at times if you boat along the channels and bays which have areas of sandbars and shallowed depths. As a second year boat owner I love the tracking function that I use to follow a more knowledgeable boater to areas that I have not traveled to with my own boat. After tracking the route it's easy to then create waypointes and routes for later use on my own. The 4g network supports the entire Lake St Clair but this may not be the case on the larger Great Lakes where you may need satellite services. If you live or boat on a lake that has available 4g service then this app is awesome as many of my friends with more expensive gps devices are now favoring the decision of downloading and using on Lake St Clair.

  • Exceptional!

    by Tiki Rich

    I really cannot understand the recent (and few) negative reviews... I am slipped in the Santa Cruz, California small craft harbor. I have 20 year old integrated Raytheon electronics (fish finder, radar, chart plotter) and following the tsunami that hit our harbor, I lost the chart plotter functionality. Knowing that to replace my integrated system would cost me over 10K, I 'rolled the dice' and downloaded INavX to 'temporarily' replace the plotter as I was not prepared to haul out, $$$, etc. Well, over two years later I still am not planning a haul out for electronics as... I now am very satisfied with my IPAD/INavX next to my radar and fish finder. I currently have all my fishing and important navigation coordinates loaded and adding new ones regularly with a tap of the stylus. In actuality, don't even miss my old chart plotter... Thank you INavX... Captain Rich Bonny-Matit

  • Perfect!

    by Rob the Physicist

    I can't rave enough about iNavx. I just got back from my third week-long cruise using it. The second cruise involved a lot of night sailing. I never touched the charter-boat's GPS. This time a shipmate had a different, much worse, charting program. For example when he pinched out to too high magnification, the chart disappeared and blocks came up showing "no data at this size". This is not what you want in a crisis when you are looking for the label on a buoy. By contrast iNavx has this amazing pinch feature where you can see the expanded chart WITH BIGGER FONTS, until you let go, and then it jumps to standard font. (It never shows a "no data" screen.) This is exactly what you want, but you didn't know it until you saw it happen. It does waypoints and routes quickly and conveniently. Everything is clearly explained. I love it.

  • Better than my 2 chart plotters!!!!

    by Uber Nostrum

    This app is the envy of all I sail with! It is more accurate, portable and is my go to when cruising anywhere NOAA charts are used. I have used my iPad with this app now on 10 separate blue water cruises between North Carolina and the Florida Keys. I can't speak highly enough about it! I wouldn't sail without a ships chart plotter but I also would not sail without this app either!!!

  • Love this marine navigation app

    by A&O mommy

    I have used this app for a couple of years. It is excellent. I am a captain on a passenger vessel and a charter boat. It records all my movements, speed, course and position. It also provides a way to document my trips. I can export my trips and provide them to my customers as a great way to see where their trip went. They can open the exported file in Google Earth and see the course. iNavx is user friendly providing very easy to see charts on both my iPhone and iPad. The only feature I wish it had would be to automatically switch to Night View at a user specified time, typically sunset. I run the ferry both day and night and I have to manually switch to night view. This the best marine navigation app I have used or seen. I use it daily.

  • Good NOAA Chart Interface

    by Patrick O'Brien

    This app is a Good NOAA chart interface, where the charts are digitized with overlays. Selecting the correct chart is cumbersome and needs to be simplified. I would suggest use the widest scale NOAA charts the point to the spot where you want the available NOAA charts. When you are on the right chart, the heading, speed, routing are all great.

  • Terrific Plotter

    by KMGHMG

    As far as I can recall, I've never taken the time to review an app. But, this one really deserves my praise. As an avid offshore fisherman, I need a high quality chart plotter. After spending several hours reading articles about the best iPad plotter apps, I bought this one. I also purchased the Fish'N Chip charts for it, because I read many good things about them. In short, the app is really fantastic and intuitive. And the Fish'N Chip charts are second to none. I compared the detail of the charts with very high end onboard systems on three large sport fishing boats, and this app and the Fish'N Chip chart was considerably better. This will be my primary chart plotter from this point forward.

  • INav

    by shmovestiff

    Works great so far. I just can't seem to download or find the lake map for Lake Mohave in NV. Help please!

  • Great app, great support.

    by s/v Roshambo

    This is hands down the best nav app for the ipad, support is great, instructions are vast and new features are being added frequently. Worth every penny.

  • Great for iPad

    by Dean Boat

    This works better and has more options than my Raymarine E-7 touch display instruments. If the iPad was waterproof, it would be the best navigation equipment. I sailed with it from San Francisco to New Zealand in 2012. On some remote islands in the Pacific, the chart detail was better than the Raymarine, even though the charts are from the same company. The only thing I did not like was that when you get to 180 Degrees West, you have scroll back across the globe to see the charts at 180 Degrees East. (And there are a lot of islands to enjoy at that position!) Overall it is far superior program, as long as you don't drop your iPad, (break it or sink it,) in the middle of the ocean!

  • Best feature set

    by Robmillersdg

    This app has the best feature set of any marine navigation tool, and it keeps getting better. I originally bought it for a backup, but honestly it's become my primary navigation tool now.

  • Tricks from aviation

    by Mark Anderson

    Great program! Could learn a few tricks from a top aviation program ForeFlight on how to set routes, use weather overlays and Harbor and marina info. Also could work on ease of zooming into and out of charts. It's not difficult just not as easy as ForeFlight. Would recommend downloading this App. Those that say it is not easy to use just need to spend time with it.

  • Great Idea, Not Ready for Prime Time

    by G4gene

    I've used this App for the past month while cruising the Bahamas (along side other navigation systems). I used it with the DMK WiFi box feeding onboard NMEA data for GPS and instruments. I think its a great idea, but the developer needs to fix some critical bugs. Number one is that from time to time (usually when entering a harbor and you need it most) the App looses its connection with the WiFi data feed. Getting the connection reestablished requires considerable fiddling. This is unacceptable for any serious navigation. My second issue is that the Navtronics charts are not accurate on depths for the Bahamas. Most of the Bahamas are shallow water where a few feet one way or another on depth can make a big difference. You spend a lot of time with just a few feet between your keel and the bottom and the Navtronics charts are not nearly as well surveyed and other brands. One thing I really liked is using the iPad for just browsing the navigation charts because the finger swiping technique for moving around a chart, zooming in and out is quick and easy and you don't even think about what your doing. Much easier than the mouse on a laptop or using click buttons for zoom and pan. I also liked how the true wind vector is shown by the boat icon on the screen. That's a great idea except the developer needs to fix a few bugs here too…like when the boat is not moving, the software doesn't know which way the boat is pointed so it shows the wind coming from the wrong direction. It must be using GPS for course instead of boat compass. So I hope this idea takes hold and we see more development and that it becomes reliable and accurate. For now I rate it an expensive novelty and not yet ready for prime time.

  • The NOAA charts are free

    by Apples33d

    After reading a recent review of iNavx, I have to clarify a misconception: iNavx allows you to read the NOAA (and other) charts. In addition to having access to these mostly free charts, the app does an amazing job as a chart plotter. I take it with me for every sailing trip, set up the background tracking, let the iPad go to sleep, and then I can review my course and speed and whatnot later. While the iPad is asleep, it uses very little battery to keep track of things. I was out for six hours and came back with 90% battery. That said, often I keep the app and iPad up and running in the cabin to check my position, speed, and whatnot, and I don't notice a big hit on battery even with the GPS tracking our movement constantly. In any case, the best of the five or six navigation programs I've used.

  • Capt. Dave Allen

    by Sailing Savant

    This navigation app. Is the best. I have been using it for over two years now. And I will not go sailing without it.

  • good with room for improvement

    by capt cfc

    I've been a navigator for many years, so I am used to and prefer NOAA charts. Since the government provides the electronic versions of these for free, I just needed an iPad app with some basic features (ability to download charts for offline use, create waypoints, and goto and tracking features). I tried a budget app that promised to do all that, but the performance was inadequate. iNavX may have a lot of bells and whistles that most of us will never use, but at least it is a serious tool that gives me information I can use. The one exception to the above generalization is the instruments page, and it's my reason for rating this app 4 stars rather than 5. As confirmed to me by the developer, the instruments page uses raw data from location services that isn't averaged in any way. That means the numbers for SOG and COG - and all the other numbers that rely on that data - bounce around too much to be useful. Am I arriving at my destination in 13 hours or 40? It depends on when I look. The above criticism would be meaningless if this was a problem shared by all marine GPS software. That is not the case. In a recent side by side comparison, my Garmin handheld was giving me SOG numbers I could use to accurately predict an ETA and COG numbers I could use to reliably set the course on my autopilot. iNavX did not. I'm using this on a wifi only iPad with the Dual GPS receiver.

  • Works very well indeed.

    by K.O.T. Wolf

    Having just returned from a three month trip through the coastal and inland waters of Europe- eight countries starting in Finland and ending in Spain- using only an iPod Touch, a Dual GPS receiver, and iNavX for navigation, I found it performed almost flawlessly. A bit of Spain's Costa Brava was lacking in detail, and a few bridges were missed, but that was all. I figure a set of detailed charts would have run me at least $800. Rene Vidmer

  • Bravo Zulu

    by A Loyal Reader

    I've found this to be a great tool on my iPad and look forward to using it more on the water with my iPhone 5.

  • Best app ever

    by Jersydave

    Use this everyday for work and is a life saver in pea soup fog!!! Excellent job debs this is the greatest app ever

  • Was good, Vector charts are 1yr subscription, then GONE!

    by Hotfluids

    iNav was once great, but now it is so slow & unresponsive as to be nearly a brick! It literally takes over a minute to scroll or zoom, & often does something unwanted like setting a Waypoint instead of scrolling. Of course the refresh rate is about a minute, so your surprise is that much greater! GREAT DANGER: Also angering is the Navimatics maps. Good maps while they last, but after a year, your subscription is GONE as are your maps. Hope it doesn't happen if you are offshore without Internet. That is so unacceptable,I would give those maps a single star rating if I could rate them separately.

  • Pain to use

    by denon3808

    For a program costing this much I would expect basic feature such as quilting and pinch to zoom between chart scales. I find it near impossible to switch between charts when I need to. These features alone would make the program bearable but for whatever reason they neglect to add such an important feature. At this point, I would say pass on this program.

  • Terrible App

    by MikeW52

    A complete waste of $50. How can a 2013 navigation app not stitch the maps together. Routing is impossible, the user interface is terrible. Buy the Garmin or Navionics app instead.

  • Bad Nav App

    by Olivia Wheatcroft

    Just deleted iNavX and all the charts with it from my iPad, never liked the App or the interface or the way to get charts via that crazy website ... Navionics are sooo much better and FUN to navigate with ... !

  • Go back to the upgrade that worked

    by MommyOfTwoToddlers

    This app used to work nicely but since the last update it only displays lat - long and a few other stuff. No SOG (speed over ground) and other actually useful stuff.

  • Save your money !!!!

    by Porsche1662

    Useless. You have to download areas on the fly. To get a detailed map you can only look at a 2 mile section then zoom out download the next in your trip. Ridiculous and not something you can do in route. I assumed a $50 app would have been the best of the best since you really can't try it until you buy it. I downloaded a $5 app that actually works. So keep please looking

  • I tried to love iNavX - giving up after years

    by MVaCappella

    Updated November 2013... It's still impossible to use. It's still one of the most unusual apps for marine navigation and certainly the most expensive. It has added too many features and to remain usable. It's the perfect example of trying to create a product with everything but forgetting that people need to be able to use it. Unless you're an expert at technology, I'd try other products first. It used to be frustrating to use. Now I'm deleting it after never launching it for over a year. There are so many great navigation apps now for boating. Use one of the others and leave this dog alone. Updated for v3.1, iOS4 and iPad... The developer appears fixated on keeping the user-interface of iNavX as user-hostile as possible. Nothing was improved on the iPad version. It is the most frustrating experience you will ever have when panning around and trying to go from chart to chart. I also expected course up rotation to be built in by now. Update July 2010 - fast switching is working with iOS4 which is nice. No change on the major issues with this product yet. Update June 2010 - rotation implemented although it is still impossible to go chart to chart when moving and exploring around the coast - totally frustrating. This product remains one of the most expensive boating apps that exists. Of all the apps I have, this is the only one that I wish I could get my money back on. There are much better apps for much less money. Buyer beware (and run away). Original review: I'm a pretty serious cruiser along the east coast and Bahamas. I have a variety of boating applications on many different platforms. I really wanted iNaxX to provide an alternate chart view using raster charts on my iPhone. It does this to some degree but is so frustrating to use that I rarely tap it's icon now. I've written to the developer about a specific issue - panning chart to chart especially if the charts are skewed. This happens all the time when moving along the ICW - you want to look ahead to see what's coming next. It is an exercise in total frustration to accomplish this task. The developer came up with no alternative (actually, he asked me for a suggestion). A product like this and for this price should come with tide integration like the Navionics products. Instead, iNaxX has a hokey interface to AyeTides (which costs another $10). It's interesting to note that the Navionics product for the east costs $10 total. Why would anyone buy AyeTides? Just get Navionics and have it all integrated. There is also weather integration which could be nice. Dig deeper and you'll find that this costs extra through X-Traverse too. It seems that when you buy iNavX for $50, it's just the starting point for additional costs. Another thing I dislike about iNavX is it's inability to rotate the chart to give a heads up display. There's no route capability. It's quite slow to start up and makes you enter a dumb "OK" button before it starts to acknowledge that you understand their terms (Note: the developer removed this in the latest version). When I tap the icon, I want my last display to come up quickly. Don't make me sit there and wait to agree with contracts like this. After pressing OK, it flips between a series of views before it finally settles on the chart you last saw. Very strange behavior... Whenever you switch charts, there's a back-and-forth interaction where you select the actual chart. The chart names are often clipped and it's almost impossible to pick the correct one. Besides, when cruising in unfamiliar locations, the chart names are totally foreign. The back and forth view slides can be dizzying as it runs through it's user-interface. I've never seen anything like this odd behavior in any chart app ever. I also have the Navionics apps. My advice is to skip by iNavX and purchase them. They are better products, have a clean, consistent user-interface, have a really nice integrated tide/current capability, and cost 1/5th the price of iNavX. I wish I could delete iNavX and get my $50 back.


    by Boating must have

    This is a $50 rip-off! This app does NOT "navigate" It provides static charts that distort when zoomed in

  • Water Depth and Sea Temp

    by Bz455

    Good app but missing lots of functionality provided by IMUX. IMUX will transmit water depth and sea temp to NAVX but the current version of NAVX does not record these sentences. Very unfortunate to be one step away from solving a long time problem among sailors that race and fisherman that compete in tournaments. It's just two data items- depth and sea temp. Great app that will get 5 stars when depth and temp become part of the recorded track data.

  • disappointed with iNavX

    by sailmon

    While touted by Active Captain, this software was essentially a waste of $4. After trying in vain to get it to work for several hours, I ended up deleting it from my ipad. The resolution and detail in the raster charts is beautiful - but the software doesn't seem to have any nav features. There are no instructions for use and the software will not display charts unless you zoom in very close. I am planning a trip from one end of Lake to the other and wanted to view the entire lake, I tried to zoom out to see more of the lake. As soon as I got halfway out, the chart simply disappeared from view. As soon as I zoomed back in it reappeared. Two stars are for clarity of display and seamless stitching of charts. Wish I could get my $4 back

  • No answer from support on auto chart tiling.

    by Susan Casler

    There are better nav apps for less money.

  • Following Routes Difficult

    by JShaff71

    I found this app to be very user UNfriendly. I love its accuracy and what this app has the potential to be, but right now using it is distractingly difficult; and when you are navigating, you do not need any more distractions. My biggest concern is how difficult it is to follow a Route and then invert it on the return. I am sure it is something I don't understand, but I have played with it quite a bit and have tried looking it up online and in Help. BTW, I am normally very quick to pick up technology. I really wish they would make the Routes and scrolling between charts easier and I would switch from a 2 to a 5 star rating!

  • Not worth it. Save your money for the less expensive charts.

    by Thekitchenoffice

    Creating routes is painful. Charts beyond the US expensive. No chart stitching and switching between charts is a terrible. If you memorize the names of all the charts then it's not as bad. No instrument data on the chart screen. Weather info poorly displayed compared to other much cheaper apps. Weather is also takes many steps to view and then moving between forecasts fails because buttons are poorly placed. If you love paper charts you will overlook all the problems because real paper charts have the same issues.

  • ill stick to my paper charts to show me anything

    by Captinlon

    Doesn't tell you up front that all you get is a world chart and you have to download more charts for your area. Waiting to see if that cost me extra. With out any type of service, wifi or cell, it does not show postion on ipad, so i guess off shore its more or less just a toy. Charts lack detail as far as I think. not worth the price tag if you as me. Overall disapointed!

  • Add on maps a problem

    by Funco_1

    Inav worked Okay untill I purchace a new region. While trying to work in a area on the map, it keeps jumping and zooming into my boat location. At this time I can say the program does not work.

  • This was the worst $49.99 that I have ever spent. It did not do anything that it claimed.

    by Kat Manesh

    Five hands down, This was the worst $49.99 that I have ever spent. It did not do anything that it claimed.

  • Dependable and useful

    by chadborne

    There being a relative vacuum when it comes to marine navigation software, I was pleased to discover a program that is stable, functional, and a good effective replacement for paper charts. And now, in no particular order... The major US charts (NOAA only) are offered for download in a convenient block system. You can download only one chart, say for Buffalo Harbor, or you can download the entire Great Lakes in a couple taps. I'm pretty sure I have every chart for the great lakes and oceans, and it takes up about 2GB. There is a bit of a learning curve to this software, but after a couple days of practice you should be able to anticipate the command inputs you need to achieve a goal. Whether you get this for iPad or iPhone, it will function well on both without buying the thing twice. The interface is the same, but there are some noticeable differences in the experience. The most glaring is that the iPad takes more time to display a chart image after zooming or panning. The iPhone displays it almost snappily, or at least useably. I find myself waiting at least two seconds for the image to fresh on the iPad, and this makes it inconvenient. This app was recommended to me by a registered Great Lakes pilot. He uses this on his iPad just for his own situational awareness. As a cadet, I find this to be a useful tool in studying the waterways. As a small boat owner, I use this as my comprehensive navigation suite. Just be careful you don't run out of power. The app is not especially power hungry, but keeping the display on, running the processor, and using the GPS antenna do have their effect. I recommend this app for anyone who will require navigation information regularly enough to spend $50 on it. As a system, this is cheaper and just as good as a dedicated moving map chart plotter.

  • Good and could be better

    by JBossart

    I have installed this app along with the Georgian Bay maps on my 'new' iPad with 4G connection. It's used on a 21' bow rider, with a Bimini cover that offers limited shade. The good - it does nice job of tracking our location. The charts are so-so at best, basically a photo version of the paper charts. The not so good - the display is a hard to see when sunny, this is more an iPad issue but a high contrast mode, or 'reversed' mode (white on black) would be great. The charts are labelled rather oddly and it's hard to follow them logically. The functionality of the app is rather good but it's not intuitive, so you need to poke a lot of buttons until you figure it out. The instructions/manual is so-so at best. The bad - actually nothing is bad it just isn't good. There is lots of room for improvement but I'm quite glad to have it on board.

  • Outstanding APP

    by hmcisaac

    This application is outstanding, replacing all the expensive navigation instruments and navigation texts in your pilot house. Plus it is fun.

  • Great chartplotter

    by Ctbeercan

    We navigated New Haven, Ct to Newport, RI with this app. I learned it on the bus ride into work well enough to plot our course. On our trip we had fog with 100 foot visibility through Fishers Island Sound (lots of rocks and islands) and heard people calling the Coast Guard about hitting rocks. On the way back the app worked fine until it started raining really hard. I have my iPad in a waterproof case but the rain just overwhelmed the touchscreen. I had to go down below to wipe off the case. The app was easy to use in sunlight. Installed a charger in the boat to keep the iPad charged as the gps eats up the battery.

  • Wow, talk about old think!

    by Fourfeets

    How could a 2012 program for marine navigation not do quilting. Even other free raster chart programs do. Quilting means the ability to automatically scroll from one chart to another, which this does not do. So how would one create a route? Boggles the mind.

  • Flawless App

    by Tgriff

    iNavx is a superb app. It works perfectly as a backup chart plotter. It performs as well, and certainly more intuitively, than the Furuno NavNet plotter on my boat. With the addition of Navionics bathymetry charts and Hilton's satellite charts, it's a powerful fishing tool.

  • Great App!

    by Jbaffoh

    I was hesitant to buy this because I was afraid it would be similar to the cheesy quality and limited usefulness of the Navionics apps. But I was pleasantly surprised--it's well worth the money! Some of the reviews here are kinda goofy. I downloaded the NOAA raster charts, and I love them! I also downloaded the Navionics vector charts, because that's what my $2,500 Raymarine plotter uses. Whoever complained about the Navionics charts losing detail when zoom in, or the writing not scaling properly, is missing something. The $15 downloaded charts behave exactly like the $299 card in my $2,500 plotter. What more can you ask for? Similarly, the complaints about the free NOAA charts are just silly. They're the official government charts for the US, all stored in your little phone--again, what more can you ask for? Gotta love the reviewer who wrongly complained that it merely plots your position on the official NOAA chart. That's like faulting a shoe because it merely protects your feet! This app does far more than just plot your position, and it does everything amazingly well. Now, if only I could superimpose my RADAR display on this....

  • One of the best from limited selection but you've got to have GPS

    by P1ngP0ng

    This is a replacement for the negative review I wrote a couple of days ago. While I think iNavx could do a better job of communicating the fact that wi-fi iPads don't have GPS and are therefore useless for using the app on the water, I guess it was my responsibility to have known that before I purchased the app (3G ipads work fine and you can buy a GPS dongle for your wi-fi version.) The app works as advertised on my iPhone4S. If decide to buy the app it's important to bear in mind that what you're getting are raster charts, which are basically scans of NOAA paper charts with your position plotted on them, not vector ones, which scroll continuously, are able to flip names when you change to course-up, can contain additional "local knowledge" info, etc. The Navionics app has vector charts but some reviews mention that they're not very detailed when you zoom in. In the end it's probably worth having both apps. The bottom line is that if you need to do complex navigation you're better off forking out for a dedicated marine gps.

  • Gps is WELL worth it!

    by Akmaverick

    This gps unit is fabulous. It works flawlessly with a marine navigation app I purchased on the AppStore. I have not had any problems yet. The only thing that could use a little improvement is the on/off switch. It is very quick to communicate with satellites. I am ordering one up for a friend that has a "real" navigation program that is slow to respond. Get one! *****

  • saved my life

    by Neilk2350

    amazing. it's perfect at night. great responsive support. saved me 600 dollars on a dedicated GPS and works better.

  • So far, this looks like a winner and not yet on the water yet!

    by Michael Jabara

    Was able to download free NOAA raster charts, set, upload and transfer waypoints and routes VIA X-Transverse ($10 per year subscription) between my iPad1 (WiFi only) and iPhone 4S, and connect with Ayetides ($9.95 each for iPad and iPhone versions). I decided NOT to transfer a $5,000+ Garmin 5012 system from my old Nonsuch 30 to my new(er) Nonsuch 354 because of this app. Now off to find the proper waterproof case and pedestal mount for the iPad and I'm good to go!

  • Saved my vaca!

    by "Silver Lining"

    My Raytheon Chart plotter w/ model 125 GPS yet again died! Called Raymarine and per their v/m instructions left a v/m requesting call back...... Nothing! My spare gps quit as well. This app is the perfect back up. Best $50 i ever spent! While I do have back up charts, It allowed me to continue our cruising vacation on LI sound with a little more confidence.

  • Disappointing

    by T0nyS

    Just bought this and downloaded Navionics charts. While the app is good functionally the display of the charts leaves a lot to be desired. One particular annoyance is that text annotations are layered one on the other and so are illegible. Zoomed out displays, for route planning, are cluttered unless the soundings are turned off. The density of the soundings should change with the scale of the chart (zoom level) Frankly a disappointment.

  • Saved my life

    by HyperEnema

    I have a Garmin 478 but to update those charts cost more than a new program and I needed an iPad solution because I wanted an wifi NMEA. Basically my Garmin sits for redundancy. Sailed up to Lake Erie islands. There are shallows all over the place. The maps and the inavx instantly notified me of the parameters I had set. So easy to set new way points or move them as you go along. Basically, iPad with iNavx is a total solution of nautical navigation. I also use Marine Traffic as a poor boys RIS.

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