EFB - Charts and Weather for Aviation Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Chinese, English, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: GlobalNavSource Inc.

New in Version 3.4

This is a mandatory update for all pilots. It contains important bug fixes necessary for safety.

* Initial support for iOS7

* Many bug fixes for iOS6 and iOS7

New in Version 3.3

* Graphical TFR's (refreshes when internet is available)

* NAVAID (VOR, NDB, etc...) and Intersection support

* Notepad screen allows pilots to jot notes with a finger or stylus

* Plate screen improvements (Notepad plate overlay allows you to type or draw notes on individual plates)

* Velocity Weather from Barons - usable in flight as long as you have a 3G/4G internet data connection (often 5000 to sometimes 8000 feet depending on internet provider).
For the first 30 days you get a free trial of the premium level of Velocity with:

• High Resolution Multilevel National Radar Composite (every 5 minutes), a more accurate weather depiction for flight altitudes than legacy radar products that are mostly surface level radar. This is the same radar available on Barons XM service.
• TFR's
• IR Satellite (every 15 minutes)
• Visible Satellite (every 15 minutes)
• Canadian Radar and Satellite
• National Weather Service Watches & Warnings
• Map Surface Winds contoured map

After 30 days the free level of Velocity still provides US HiRes composite radar at 15 minute intervals, and TFR's.

* Night mode & Brightness control

* Animated RADAR (please give it time to load after you press play)

Note: The very first time you open the chart screen, the app will need to acquire a free trial key from Barons Velocity over the internet.
This may take up to 30 seconds.

Before your first flight, remember to go to the Updates screen, press Modify, and update (download) the chart regions you want to your iPad. This substantially improves app performance because it will no longer require internet for chart & plate data.

Note: Our ADSB support is being delayed a few more weeks to ensure compatibility with multiple hardware vendors.

New in Version 3.2

* Improved stability on iOS 6

* Screen rotation lock now works on iOS 6

* In-flight stability improvements

Please update to at least this version before Dec 31, 2012.

New in Version 3.1

* iOS 6 compatibility

* iPhone 5 compatibility (for use as a backup)

* ATIS and ASOS frequencies

* Improved plate updates

Customer Ratings

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129 Ratings


[Mandatory Update: Version 3.4 is a mandatory update for all pilots.]

EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) supports paperless operations, and give pilots access to charts, plates, weather, and other data.

*****Free 1-Month Subscription*****
Use EFB free for a full month. After the trial period has ended, you may purchase a monthly or yearly subscription.

*****Focus on Design*****
EFB is designed with extensive user testing, to allow for an easy operation. All functions are just one touch away so last minute runway or approach changes are a breeze. EFB's intuitive design utilizes iPad's gesture-based interface and makes for very pilot friendly operation.

* cache all charts, plates, and airport data for in-flight use
* create multi-point routes and get guidance
* use on your iPad and iPhone
* display Ground Speed, altitude, and other instruments
* fast, autocomplete airport search
* quick-swipe between airport plates
* pre-download upcoming data so you are ready to fly when you need to be
* extensive worldwide facility and weather information
* geo-referenced airport plates
* add visual approaches to runways

All chart & plate data comes directly from GlobalNavSource, no 3rd party subscriptions required. The GlobalNavSource plates leverage FAA & ICAO symbology in a database that covers the world. GlobalNavSource provides seamless compilations of VFR and IFR chart sources, for the easiest chart-browsing experience.

* IFR High
* IFR Low
* VFR Sectionals
* VFR Terminal Area Charts

Professional users will appreciate the tailored plates for low visibility/SMGCS, Deice, Ramp/Gate, Special Approaches, RNP SAAR, tailored minimums and more.

* METARs and TAFs - view information from thousands of weather stations around the world
* Chart overlays - display METAR weather layers on all chart types

*****Part 135 & Part 121 Operators*****
Part 135 & Part 121 operators require controlled software for FAA approval of paperless ops. EFB 121 is the controlled version of this app. Operators requiring EFB 121 for paperless operations may contact sales@globalnavsource.com for more information.

After the 1-month trial period, you must purchase an auto-renewing subscription to continue using the app. The subscription provides you with access to full US charts, plates, and weather for the duration of the subscription.

• One month or one year

• TURN OFF auto-renewal via the main Settings app: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098

• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal.

• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase

Other Terms: http://globalnavsource.com/policies.php

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent

    by jw5400

    Still the best value out there!

  • Wow!

    by HeavyDriver101

    NEW RADAR IS AWESOME! I have been trying all the aviation apps and this is the one that has always been my favorite. The new weather offering is incredible and blows away anything else on the market. I have to fly in lots of different weather conditions and the new 3D RADAR is hands down superior to all others. I find the representations of the cells to be more accurate and timely and give me a good picture of the weather. Hope you can keep up the $40 annual price too and you have a real winner.

  • Excellent!

    by Pilgrim10

    You keep adding great features for the best price.

  • best value

    by ifrvfr

    these plates and charts are very good. You get geosync on plates, low ifr, high ifr, vfr and all plates also with great HD Weather. A smaller company with a big heart for the general aviation crowd. Jeff is always trying to make it easier, better etc Try it, you will not be disappointed. Compare to others and what you really need and you will find this is intuitive and without clutter.

  • Great app!

    by Stamprs

    This one is a hidden gem. Easy to use and excellent value.

  • Great features

    by blackRockMapper

    Nice! Brings everything together in a super intuitive package. Really like the decoded weather forecasts, easy save and recall routes, and split screen function. Hope to see future releases enable choice of knots or miles for both distance and ground speed. Would also like more refined download of charts by region or state to reduce download time and storage space.

  • Filter out Heliports?

    by harley.hill

    Now, why would anyone want to filter out heliports? As a Helo pilot, I find that offensive. j/k Thank you for the update to an already great tool.

  • Oh well

    by Efbuser

    Was and still is an outstanding app, now they recently started charging a subscription once I updated. After the trial period ends I'll be somewhere else. Not worthy of a subscription

  • Ok

    by Bpilot24

    This app has several flaws. However as long as paper backups are carried it is a decent efb. Just be careful of sectionals that don't line up correctly and IFR charts will change randomly or not be available even if cached. B

  • Price???

    by Flightcap

    This app was fine when it was free. Now I will be switching to Foreflight.

  • Rapidly becoming my favorite app!

    by 1 user 1

    Once installed this app is a Giant Killer! Now having said that, it did take awhile to completely download the data, approx 6 hours for IAPs (4 States), the Airport Data and the Charts, grand total 2.1 gb of data. As others have pointed out the capability to tailor the Chart download items would be a big improvement. As a Part 135 helicopter pilot I really don't need or want the High Alt IFR charts or for that matter those Sectionals and Low ALt IFR charts for areas I don't normally operate in. A few things would improve this app and send it over the top; 1st - come up with a "refresh" button. The ability to force a refresh of the Airport Info (weather) and the radar data would, I feel, increase the comfort level of using this data by providing the most up to data info. The AeroWeather App has this feature if you need a reference. 2nd - allow the radar to loop. Showing the movement of cells would enhance the usefulness of the app in both the preflight phase and the inflight operation. 3rd - Incorporate a route planner. This could be as simple as radial and distance from 2 airports/fixes to an advanced feature laden planner along the lines of NavMonster with weather stations along the route and entries for winds and multiple legs. We've installed this on 8 iPad 2s for the remainder of our fleet to evaluate over the next month or so and look forward to any improvements you come up with. Really nice app, well done!

  • affordable EFB!

    by Harshbarger Family

    A free app with sectional charts!!!! Great. I have not used it in flight, but understand it will provide "moving charts" if paired with GPS. Would have no complaints if added the abilities: to annotate course, and to point/touch for alternate headings. This would legitimately replace all functions performed with maps provided it would provide new headings, and distance. The speed calculations would be another bonus, but this is an incredible improvement over map shuffling not to mention the space savings for additional maps!

  • Exactly as advertised

    by N58CY

    Works EXACTLY as advertised. Other reviewers should read before posting irrelevant comments and downgrading. Nice work on this App.

  • Great app

    by Shsth

    Used this on a 80 nm cross country. Worked very well. The position on the map works very well. For my shortish (~40-80 nm) cross country flights (VFR) this is more than adequate. My paper maps can stay in the back of the plane!

  • Great

    by Pretty cool 100

    I have tried other apps ,( paid subscription;) but I found this app giving most critical info for free and it works great. And remember; work is in progress on adding more features so you may not get all of what you get on other apps but in due course it will be good also. Again it is the best one , I love it.

  • Best Productivity App for Pilots

    by Jonathan Nelson

    I don't know why the previous gentleman rated 3 out of 5 and said the presentation could be better. The truth is the usability is amazing. You can tell they spent a lot of time testing with real pilots. This app will increase your productivity and efficiency in-flight and as a result make you a better pilot. Looking forward to continued improvements and feature enhancements with EFB.

  • Finally one that can actually save maps to the iPad

    by Brushworth

    Wow, I can see charts without an Internet connection, approach plates too. Wish that it could search for intersections and highlight intended route.

  • How much will it cost?

    by Sar-pilot

    Looks nice. presentation could be better. Big ? Is what will it cost?

  • Keeps getting worse with each update.

    by Pilot011

    Downloaded 3.4. Opened app, selected "plates" -> "airports" entered airport code, app indicated "downloading plates" and plates were available for viewing. Switched ipad to airplane mode (no internet connection). Opened app, selected "plates" tapped an airport that had just downloaded plates, and app says "No Internet Connection. Sorry, you don't have plates cached for this airport."

  • Doesn't live up to demo

    by Whatwill

    Takes forever for program to load every time. Emailed support, no response. Tries to connect to Internet in the plane to verify subscription, if I need it in a pinch tough luck. I like charts and ability to make notes and highlight them, but app issues make it hard to like even though I already bought a subscription. Will not renew it, the demo didn't have the sloooooow issues

  • Not for inflight use!

    by Pilot012

    VERY unreliable! Maybe you will have charts, maybe not. The chart updates will frequently corrupt the database making charts unusable. Customer support's fix is delete and redownload the databases, which takes hours. Even after this, the problems remain. I'm afraid to touch the app for fear it will stop working again! Do not rely on this app for in flight use! Download charts. Go flying. Open app. No charts. Not the first time this has happened either...

  • Good but not ready to compete with the big guys

    by BonanzaBob

    Just downloaded the app after visiting the booth at Sun-N-Fun. Im used it for some of my 900nm trip back home. I'm completely aware that some of my information below might be due to not really understanding the app, but it is not very intuitive. The good-price. Sorry that is it. The not so good-downloading data. Very clunky data download/updates. Once starting the downloads could not stop the process to make changes. I realized that I selected the wrong states and had to delete the app to stop the download and start downloading the correct states. Original download took overnight and even then did not completely download all the Information. I thought I had downloaded all the chart types but later realized that the VFR charts did not download. Charts clarity. Loss of clarity to read airport /chart information-(especially in a cockpit environment) when Zooming into the VFR charts-not so bad with the low IFR charts. My guess is that This zoom clarity must be costly to develop and separates this app from the big guys. For information I have the IPAD 4. Geo-referenced approach plates. This is the main reason I considered this app. To say it plainly - they are not geo-referenced enough for me. Doing a few approaches I found that the referenced indicator was off by a few thousand feet -maybe a mile. I know that the referenced plates are only to be used as as a guide but other apps that provide spacial reference as part of their moving map functions (not geo-referenced) were as close as these geo-referenced plates. Summary. Great price and as good as most low cost small portable GPS units (Anywheremap ATC comes to mind) but not enough chart clarity when zooming using an IPAD. Very clunky download process that is so user UNFRIENDLY that there is a real possibility that you will not have the needed cached data when using this app off-line". This app has not convinced me that they are an alternative to the bug guys. As much as I don't want to spend the $$ needed for the big guys app, if I want the capabilities and features I have not found any lower cost options.

  • Not free

    by Los716

    You only get one month free and you have to list your credit card to try the app.

  • Not free !

    by merlin5733

    This app says free but requires registration and then charged after one month.

  • Does Not Work with iPad2 using iOS6

    by Red_Rooster

    The app worked great until I upgraded my iPad2 to the iOS 6 system last week. Now it will not load. I have reset my tablet several times with no success. Previous rating was 5.

  • Poor program.

    by F1 guy

    It's not the easiest to navigate and lacks many features that you get with foreflight or the garmin app. Overall it's not a bad app but I gave it two stars because it crashed on me twice in the air. It has worked since but it does me no good on the ground.

  • International

    by Zaikagbw

    I bought a 30 day registration USD 20, I bought a Tripkit 5 airports USD 99.99, and that is as far as you get! Impossible to download charts/plates. Tried contacting them with no luck!

  • Lacking in so many ways

    by JMike50

    This app could be really great but it is not for many reasons. The content (plates, maps, etc) the app offers is as good as what any other app offers. Specifically, they offer geo-referenced plates where some of the other providers in similar apps (like Foreflight charge extra). My main gripe is that one cannot really flight plan a trip in this app. In other words, say I want to go from KCLT to KFLL with an RNAV departure and an RNAV arrival. I would depart runway 36R on the Buckl 7 RNAV departure to Buckl intersection, then fly direct CAE Beeno intersection direct OMN Fisel2 Arrival to KFLL. You cannot set this up in advance of your flight which in my mind is just plan goofy. They may sell a package to allow one to do what I outline above but I am sure it will be much more expensive IF it is available. I haven't checked because I am already regretting my purchase. This app is good for airport to airport flying but forget about flying to a specific intersection on a map. At least with the Foreflight or Jeppensen app, one can do this albeit at a higher cost. Bottom line, save your money as this app isn't worth your money. The company has been saying for a while that big changes are coming. If they fix this app to do what I mentioned above, I will update my review and star rating.

  • Customer support

    by Concerned Captain

    I think they may only have one person running this operation. I have tried all day to renew. I keep getting someone that tells me to go to the site and click on customer support then hanging up. They sent an email out to renew on site instead of through the app store for a discount, but all I get are pages of HTML code. Most crews I run across around the country use fore flight, and maybe they are onto something. For I think if we are going to start using EFB's in the cockpit, then our charts should be through a well established company. I am not even going to give these people one star. Well I had to give them one star before I can post this. So here you are folks.

  • What happened?

    by NickB413

    This app used to be affordable, now 99 per year?!? Way too much.

  • $99 Ouch!

    by Capt-Robb

    I first downloaded this app because it was free. This made it OK when flying and I went from a sectional to a TAC and there was a huge white line and missing information under the line at the transition point. I would continue using this program at $20 per year, but not for $99 a year. I will probably go with what my CFI uses, ForeFlight. Sigh.

  • Not that great

    by Viper344

    First off this company is pretty much saying on their website that this app can be used for more than just entertainment purposes including the maps. But the maps are pretty much similar to others like foreflight and they never claim the maps can be used for navigational purposes especially since the maps have stuff cut off where they are pieced together... How can I rely on something for in-flight use if symbols/text are missing or cut off? Personally I would recommend avcaddy efb that has complete charts, costs half as much, and some intelligent routing/calculation features and flight planning or foreflight that has good wx info.

  • Way overpriced

    by kcb1964

    $100 per year? Seriously? For an app that can't even do flight planning? Foreflight has way more capability for less money. Looks like the only unique thing EFB has to offer is XM device support. But if you have an XM antenna, you almost certainly are already using it with a handheld GPS, which has, among other capabilities, flight planning! This app would be easily worth considering if the price were in the neighborhood of $20 per year (which is what Skycharts charges). But for $100/year? No thanks.

  • Download time consuming

    by Splugarth

    App seems great! Have not used it much. Still waiting on all the charts to download. That's the big negative. Takes way too long. Need to be able to select individual charts or regions. The only way to do that is with the approach plates and even that is too big now. Once I wait for all the downloads, then I can review the app in more detail. Still waiting........

  • Downloads Failing

    by Woodchuck69

    Can't seem to download anything... App freezes and then quits. Have tried many times to restart. Requires registration... future price unknown. Seems like it's not ready for prime time.

  • Great conept, poor downloads

    by JNM565

    For free with charts, plates and afd without a subscription this is a great deal. The down side is it comes configured for airport data enabled. As soon as I enabled the charts and plates it took over 48 hours to download what appeared to be about 3gb of data. There was no way to cancel the download either. Tried deleting the app and reinstalling and the download picked up where it left off. I'm afraid to turn on plate caching as it looks like it will be another 6gn of download and do not care to wait 7 days for it to complete. If they fix the download performance to match that of foreflight and hilton software, this would be a 5 star app!

  • No Internet connection problem

    by xRobert

    As posted already by another client, when trying to download an update an error message is generated that there is no Internet connection, there is however an Internet connection available. I am going to look for another comparable application.

  • Internet Connection Problem

    by onesandzeros

    I have an iPad 2 WiFi+3G and this app continually tells me there is no Internet connection even though I have full WiFi strength and 5 bars of 3G. I'll give it a better rating when it's more stable. Right now, I can't recommend it.

  • Plates missing

    by Nero Wolf

    No plates for airports outside US. Too bad.

  • Dr Mooney

    by N3212T

    Just loaded it today to my IPAD. The sectionals and charts can't be used for flight planning - you cannot draw a line from point to point, cannot measure distances, cannot determine bearings. When you zoom in on sectionals at some point the white inset borders "grey out and over enlarge" making the data under it unreadable. The plates seem good. Well, other than that Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?

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