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Seller: Giacomo Balli

Many of you asked for it and now it's finally implemented: directly provide an address rather than moving the map around!
I also removed the big advertisement when you first opened the app.
Hope you will appreciate it!

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Ever wondered where the cell phone towers are located in your neighborhood?
Now they are all unveiled!

Customer Reviews

  • Strait

    by BlantLee


  • Been looking for something like this

    by Hawk8509

    I've always wondered where my carrier tower is located near me. This helps me find them and see why my service is either fantastic or poor. Def worth the download.

  • Pretty cool

    by Lazzy2332

    I like seeing all the towers like sprint tmobile and att, but it keeps crashing on my iphone 5S and the blue dot of where i am doesnt move with me when im in a car, and it stays in one spot

  • Towers

    by Hogfan212

    Seems to be missing some towers. Not sure what the yellow towers are on the map.

  • Some features not functional

    by Angel75c

    I have tried looking up many different addresses, including the address I was at when making the search. The app just spins without ever resolving the address. While trying to look up an address a thousand miles away, it failed over and over. Worse yet, every time I switched to the built in map app on my iPhone and looked at the map around the address so when I switched back to FindTower it automatically pulled the map back to my current location forcing me to have to work my way back to my desired view point on the map 1000 miles away. It looks like it could be a good app if the power search button didn't activate while trying to zoom out and zoom in. I also wish that the details about towers showed the carrier on top of the GSM or CDMA info.

  • Cool

    by Warrentman

    Fun stuff

  • Groovy

    by Seven0o


  • It Works for a limited range - if you have an internet connection only.

    by DJ Lee

    Ads & Popups over top a map, But the map works, only if you have a working internet connection. What would be great is to browse for towers on google maps or Apple Maps, so you can pick a house / Apartment near a tower that works, or drive to a better location when you have NO signal. But Good Luck trying to find the mythical 5 bar 4G LTE AT&T that most people only read about! Because 4G just does not work in most places. I'll have to take Apple's word for it that the 4G speeds really are built in the iPhone. If your lucky you might get 30KB/sec, but usually iPhones max out at 20KB/sec if you are lucky. True 4G LTE speeds are only available in Apple TV Commercials. Let us hope AT&T will plow some of those big iPhone bill profits into building more high speed cell towers... And offer unlimited data to all iPhone users. iPhones are lovely expensive paper weights without a good high speed network to communicate on!

  • Provides Exactly What I Wanted

    by MarieLoeb

    Great app for doing what I wanted--a map locator that shows what towers, and what networks, are around me. It could score better on user help... It doesn't have a way to inform the program that the GPS for your exact location is wrong, it doesn't provide specific details like coordinates for the towers (so you can verify when it shows a tower in the middle of a body of water) etc. and it tries to up-sell you on a "tower power" search ($0.99) without letting you know what that means.

  • 56/4gram

    by Neena00

    The original app I bought didn't show towers until I spent another .99.

  • My Review

    by Addloader

    Seems like a good app. :-)good app

  • Communications Engineer

    by Jumpmedic

    Great app just hate advertising on bottom.

  • Dlefler

    by Dlefler

    Not bad but there's a sprint tower that's less than 5 miles from my house that the app doesn't show so it kinda leaves me questionable on the accuracy???

  • Truth found!

    by Foomp

    I just moved into a dead zone. My carrier, AT&T, would come out & tell me who's tower's "fans of signal" I'm in between. This app showed me. I now know which carrier to switch to!

  • Rating

    by Dissatified with Purchase

    This app would be a lot better if you could search for only one carrier that you select. Still the same after update.

  • To

    by whatsgoingonpunk

    This works good

  • Good apps

    by akazag314

    Useful for the most part

  • Great program

    by Peter Boe

    It works great lets you know where all the towers are.

  • Cool app

    by Site builder VZ

    Way cool app for the ones who build these towers, you can find better service when you have poor service.

  • Tower finder

    by Vikkhart

    Finds the tower quick and easily

  • This app is a joke

    by Nathan Heaverlo

    I downloaded this thinking I could see cell towers anywhere, but the database is way too incomplete. I don't think all of the cell towers in my area are all clustered within a mile of each other. Plus I'm not a fan of being prompted for in-app purchases any time I want to search an address. Not using it again, not recommending it to anyone.


    by Snakewrenchclam1232123

    Totally inaccurate. Towers in real life arent shown. They want $.99 everytime you want the app to work. Total garbage, the creator should be put in jail.


    by Joe12121212121212

    Don't download! The map doesn't work, very glitchy and it doesn't show towers.

  • Garbage

    by asdfasdfasdf3f34c3q43f

    The tower database is completely inaccurate.

  • Fix this!!!!!!!!!!

    by Kenvg

    Dose not work at all!!!!!

  • Scam

    by Phuza11

    Do not buy!!! In app purchases total scam! DO NOT do any of it as it adds no value and keeps charging you! apple ban this app. Remove it from the App Store!

  • Wrong all wrong

    by badwzrd

    There are not this many towers. Not at all correct

  • Really Bad

    by Whizzdom

    Now we can pay for ad removal when this app does not even work. And now all of the Verizon towers disappeared!!!

  • Inaccurate!

    by hawkfan79

    No longer shows Verizon towers. C'mon man!

  • Not good, actually it is VERY VERY VERY BAD

    by MLeonS

    The information it displays is incorrect. Places towers where there are none, and where there actually are towers it shows none. Also it displays a message every time I turn it on saying that GPS accuracy is 1414m (around 0.9Mi) and all other apps usinmg GPS report an accuracy of 27m (90ft). I used the power search feature for $0.99 only to get an error message and bye bye money... no refund

  • Crap Data

    by tyler turtle

    I work in the tower industry and know the network better in my area than anyone for all cellular carriers. This application is bogus and the information within it is terribly incorrect by a large margin. It is crap!!

  • Doesn't seem to work in Mexico.

    by Sr Tocino

    Bought it to locate Baja cel sites but app doesn't work so of the border.

  • Bogus info

    by Jakflash

    According to this app there are 17 AT&T cell towers within a 2 mile radius of my home. And none at the 3 locations AT&T claims to have within an 8 mile radius. Really?

  • Worth what you pay...nothing .

    by Bossier FCU Bankee

    The app clearly makes up tower locations. I have confirmed that at least 3 of the towers it shows are nonexistent. Please update your towers to correct locations and I will rate higher. Thanks

  • False!

    by Apple iGeek

    This app shows false locations of towers! It says there is a Sprint tower near my home but when I talked to Sprint Customer Care there isn't a Sprint tower near me, my closest one is almost 2 miles away! >:(

  • App advertised 4G signal booster

    by Signal in the country

    Really? Yes, it shows tower locations, gee I can figure that out while driving around. I need a boost out here in rural north central Alabama.

  • Power Search is Misleading

    by The Loch's

    Power search is a one-time search not a unlocked feature. This is not fully explained in the description.

  • Does't Work

    by MaxShadowCT

    Updated version does not work. Plus & minus doesn't work. Refresh button disappears behind ad. Wont go full screen.

  • Does the trick

    by Dr.Barba

    It does the trick, but is so plagued by error messages and discrepancies between the program and a third party maps plugin you only get to use it once for what you need and that's it. Maybe an update will take of it.

  • no map

    by jimlynnjulian

    Since the post-iOS 7 update, only the left most forty percent of the screen shows a map. The other sixty percent is black. If not repaired, count as trash. September 23,2013

  • You broke it.

    by Chas 43

    Latest update only uses 1/3 of the screen. Was a handy app when R V ing and trying to find a mifi spot. Now you broke it. Does not tell who all towers service, but tells the top 4. Would be 4.5 stars if they fix it.

  • Too many ads and bugs

    by Mbierman

    When I opened the app the redraw of the screen made it unusable. Hopefully a new version will address this.

  • In App Purchase

    by Jreed0916

    This app charges extra for every special tower search. What a ripoff.

  • What a joke

    by 2fords

    There is no physical towers anywhere that are shown on your maps. I don't know where this app is getting his data from. You can go to Google Earth and see the physical towers and they're not shown anywhere on their maps,or even close. I drive to a Cell Tower, see the name Verizon on one of the doors and the site is not even shown on the map.

  • -5 stars

    by joe b h

    Apple must've had a brain fart if they had this listed as a hot app this app would not be hot if you set it on fire, The only thing that works on it are the pop ups for other apps

  • Useless trash

    by Yakondafone

    Says found but doesn't display. Nags to buy features. Waste of time!

  • Application crashes a lot

    by Mind001

    Too many application crashes

  • Technology Consultant

    by PBalloon

    Have me constant updated info so I was able to I stall mobile boosters in my home. Saved a service call an contractor from coming to my house. Great app!

  • Light on AT&T towers

    by darkride00

    Shows a lot of Verizon towers but almost no ATT towers. Two towers with in two blocks of my house don't show up either

  • It's pretty cool

    by Gabecj27

    I think it's pretty cool and it seems to be accurate of course it's hard to know for sure

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