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Languages: NB, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Seller: Geolife UK Ltd

- Smooth GPS motion
- Minor bug fixes

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Welcome to My GPS

•Next Generation GPS Satellite Navigation from the makers of Navfree
•Fully Featured – voice guided, turn-by-turn satellite navigation
•No Hidden Costs


•Stunning HD Live Map Display – Navigate by pinching, swiping and touching
•2D and 3D modes
•Full voice guidance in over 12 languages
•Multiple Routing Modes – Fastest, Shortest, Easy, Pedestrian and Economical Routes
•Navigate from Contacts
•‘Take-Me-Home’ Button


•Offline mapping - No need for a data signal to navigate
•Powered by OpenStreetMaps* Data – The Wikipedia of maps powered by over 450,000 people worldwide


•Local Google Search
•POI Navigation
•iPOD music playback
•Automatic Day-and-Night Mode
•Automatic Junction Zoom
•Great Upgrade Options

*OpenStreetMap has become the Wikipedia of maps and is the fastest growing map data set in the world. OpenStreetMap data is always improving and My GPS will be providing you regular map updates to ensure you have the most accurate map data possible. If you would like to become involved in the Openstreetmap Project please visit

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Mulder1013

    I had no problem with this! The only issue I had was I didn't have a car charger for my phone and this KILLED the battery.

  • Good

    by B2h32

    I got it free never tried voice guidance and I only used it to a place I recognized the surrounding area so far the great advantage is offline which helps on itouch this is the only offline routing I found.

  • Voice

    by Link with iLife 09

    The voice guidance doesn't work! It'll lower the volume of the music, and do/say nothing when you're supposed to turn. Also, of you leave the navigation screen, it's almost impossible to get back to it unless you cancel the rough and re do it or go into the route demo then click done. Needs some work, but not bad. Fix the voice guidance and add a button to go back to the map if you leave it and it'll be perfect!

  • Good, but could be much better

    by Clarkl1990

    I got this app for free, so I am willing to go a bit easy on the review. The Good: Well, for one, it's free, so that's a big plus. The main reason that I got it is because it could connect to my Pioneer radio and give me on-screen maps and navigation through the radio. The interface is awesome. The images are clear and of good quality. The voice is clear and easy to understand. The UI is great. It reminds me of Microsoft's Metro UI, which is easy to use and intuitive. I like that I can use Google local search to find a destination and then get a route set up. I also like that I can control my music playback from the navigation screen. The day/night mode also makes it easier to see when driving at night. The not-so-good: Well, for one, the rerouting can use some work. Most of the time, if I miss a turn, the reroute is basically, "Make a U-turn." That's dangerous and illegal. So, no, that's not acceptable. The gps also kind of lags a bit. It takes a while to update. For instance, if a turn is coming up, I don't see it on the map until later, after I've already made or missed the turn. Strangely, though, the voice prompts are right on time, and the distance readout is fairly accurate. Another thing that's not neccessarily bad is the app does not get along with Pandora. If you try to play Pandora in the background, it'll skip to the point where you can't even recognize the song. This is despite the fact that the app doesn't require a 3g connection since it downloads the maps ahead of time (which is also a plus). I'd definitely give this app another star if Pandora compatibility, GPS updating, and rerouting was improved. Those are my main gripes with the app as it stands. Still, for a free app (with all of the maps also being free), it's pretty good.

  • Descent gps. Especially for the price.

    by Wizkid179

    The gps at first didn't work too well but an update came out so it will recalculate when you go off course. It's distances are slightly off but not bad. The interface isn't as good as navigon but you can't expect it to with a 30 dollar price difference. Only real issue I noticed was that it asked me to turn down a one way street. In defense though it becomes a two way street les then a block from that intersection. I think it's worth it.

  • Pass this if you live on a border!

    by 935502115027394

    I live on the border of my State, and often need to cross the State line. This app will not allow downloading multiple states, so unless you live in the central area of your state, pass this one by!

  • "Petrol" stations is not US English

    by GinCalifornia

    If you are going to have a language version called US English you should not be using "British Only" terminology. Would you like us to force the British to call your football soccer? And "ditto" on all the comments about your app's catastrophic failure in AppRadio 2. For the moment I'll refrain from using the word "junk"

  • Black screen on appradio 2

    by Snowy furry

    Will not work on Appradio 2. Just shows a black screen.

  • Would be good...

    by Guidoluv101

    Does not work with Pioneer AVH-8400BH. Please fix!!!

  • Will not work

    by mark101

    Will not work with AVH-x4500bt stereo needs to be fixed please.

  • My GPS USA

    by Orlando hargrove

    Doesn't work with pioneer Avh-x1500 app radio and iPhone. Works great as a stand alone app though. Please fix the freezing issues with app radio!!!

  • What happened??

    by Shaundiesel

    This no longer works. I used this daily. Zero connectivity with appradio, and freezes on phone. Epic fail.

  • GPS won't work

    by bemobile

    This program will not work with latest iOS update 6.1 that came out yesterday . William not display on radio and looks up on phone I used this every day till today . Was a great app so please fix soon

  • Can't dl maps!

    by Bobbob76

    I too can't download maps, so program is untried. It says I have to upgrade, but I have the newest version! Hoping this will be fixed soon.

  • Unable to install Maps, application is unusable!

    by Sneeo

    I installed the app and receive the error: "Please Upgrade Your Application Before Downloading This Product." when attempting to install maps. At this point, the app is unusable since no maps can be installed.

  • Does not work

    by Oppeltdude

    Got this app to use with App Radio, but same as other reviews. Won't let you download maps ( must upgrade first ) no place to upgrade. Very bad

  • Cannot download maps

    by Jdblockhead

    I cannot even open the app as it tells me I need to download maps first. And the maps won't download because it tells me I need to download the latest version... But I just did!

  • Maps not downloadable

    by xyxxyzyxyz

    The app seems nice, but the maps are downloaded separately, and when you try to download them the software complains that you need to update the app even though I'm at the latest version.

  • Disappointing

    by Bottan_05

    Did, get to use the app at all, because they don't have MONTANA!!!!! in their map list....

  • Don't get this for AppRadio!

    by Sweet Greggo

    Says "no hidden cost" but when I plug it in to my AppRadio it says I need to buy an upgrade, which it then doesn't allow me to do. Hopefully there will be an update because right now this app is worthless to me.

  • Not ready for prime time

    by rduatc

    I did not read any reviews before purchasing this app because I thought for a buck, I'll just give it shot since I like gps apps. It could not find basic street addresses that every other gps app I have has in them. The UI is less than optimal and the routing is questionable at best. I deleted this one after 15 minutes. I wish Apple would do what Google does and allow instant refunds within 15 minutes of purchase. Download Waze for free if you're looking for an inexpensive gps app that works well with the most accurate maps of any of them. Save your dollar and pass on this one.

  • Baaaad

    by Chicago cabbie

    The house numbering is way off. It showed me the address that is quarter mile away as it was 3.6 miles away

  • Not app radio compatible

    by nik81818

    Bought this for my app radio 2 and same as the others says I need to purchase an upgrade which is not available how an update fixes this cuz right now it's a waste of a buck

  • Maybe there will be some sort of update

    by Joao,FL

    Bought this because it was recommended by my app radio app. The description for the app says "no hidden costs". Plugged my phone to the radio and right away it says I need to purchase an upgrade ti use the app with my radio. I tried to buy this "hidden cost" but the app goes blank and nothing happens. Oh and on top of that it won't find any addresses I type in or puck from my contacts. I will stick with my old trusty Motion X. Another buck down the drain.

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