Extra Mile - Voice Navigation with GPS Trip and Mileage Log Navigation App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English, German

Seller: GammaPoint LLC

- iOS 7 improvements for logs, manual entries, trip details.
- AppRadio iOS 7.0 update
- iOS 7 UI improvements
5.11 - Ready for iOS 7.0
5.10 - Changes for AppRadio3, Pioneer update and screen issues.
5.9.1 - Defect fix for spreadsheets under Reports.
5.9 - Metric units in weather for non-US users.
5.8 - Google Street View.
5.7 - AppRadio2 users: App ready for iPhone 5 lightning connector.
5.6 - Map rotation based on user's direction (heading). Just tap on the location button to go from No location-> Location -> Track heading.
5.5.1 - Reports defect related to naming of the reports.
5.5 - Improved UI, performance improvements.
5.4.1 - Performance improvement for location error on bad Satellite reception and improved auto trip stopping.
5.4 - Critical update for voice instructions in iPhone 5 (armv7s).
5.3 - Fixed critical defect for AppRadio2 users where GPS didn't update location after a long stop.
- Fixed issue were some parts of location tracking were not registered.
- Fixed performance issue while getting weather data.
- Added Trip name edit while saving the trip.
5.2 - Fixed location error problem while finding directions and getting weather if the user moves out of the map.
5.1.1 - Fixed crash from Voice setup from Upgrade screen in iOS 6.0
5.1 - Updated help files & weather logo update.
5.0 - Ready for new iPhone 5 - longer display.
- iOS 6.0 Maps app Routing app search list update.
- Moved to a newer weather API. This fixes the issues with weather on Dashboard
- Help files included in the app. No need to download the files.

4.8.1 - POI searches with search range option - 1 to 31 miles
4.8 - iOS 6.0 update: Transit (Bus, Walking, Train etc) directions.
- Added setting to reduce GPS accuracy to increase battery life.
- Enabled launching of the app from Maps app in iOS 6.0
4.7.16 - Added a Settings entry for the user to show the trip cost using the Federal Mileage Reimbursement rate instead of Fuel Cost.
4.7.15 - iOS 6.0 fix for Manual Log entry.
4.7.14 - iOS 6.0 fix for settings.
4.7.13 - Updates for iOS 6.0 & new Pioneer SDK for AppRadio2.
4.7.12 - Issues in Searches under Navigation tab fixed.
4.7.11 - Address improvement when intersections contain letter "&"
4.7.10 - Changed the default setting to Manual Re-route.
4.7.9 - Performance improvement. Faster loading of Trip details in the log and calendar tabs.
4.7.8 - Fixed a crash when Navigation tab was used.
4.7.7 - Updated to latest Pioneer AppRadio2 software library.
4.7.6- Defect fixes for Costa Rica.
4.7.4 & 4.7.5: Improvement to the music player and navigation voice control. Phone call interruption mutes the voice & alerts.
- Online Help - FAQ & Tutorials under Settings.
In 4.7.3: Critical defect fix for people with large trip database.
in 4.7.2: - Defect fix related to custom mileage & fuel price in settings.
- Select destination address from iPhone's Contact's address book.
-Fix for AppRadio2 users for the Facebook & Twitter bar, hiding problem
in 4.7: - Full Auto Re routing support.
- Improved Dashboard with driving analysis graph and local weather.
- History of last destinations with Search.
- Share your trip details on Facebook and Twitter.

In 4.6.1 - Auto saving of Trips.
- Fixed a crash on Trip Detail view close.
- Defect fix for the Upgrade Screen
- iPhone sleep disable in app settings.
- Improved direction routes to POIs, like Airports.

in 4.6: - Traffic cameras for a large # of cities world wide. App allows to view the cameras for 5 times for free. After that users need to buy yearly subscription.
- Reports: removal of currency & distance symbols from data entries.
- Improved saving of trips.

in 4.5.1:
- Adjustable thresholds for alerts in settings
- Report defect with extraneous characters in addresses
- Trip saving problems, fixed.
- Fixed GoTo view for AppRadio

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Car Dashboard with Real Time Fuel Cost, Weather, driving analytics, and Voice Guided Navigation. Records and Saves all trip details!
*FEATURED NAVIGATION APP. Drive less, drive responsibly™

- Fuel Consumption Cost and driving Behavior in real-time
- Traffic Cameras for a large number of cities world wide.
- Mileage log (US and Metric units), driving pattern, speed alerts, full route tracking and KML export of map
- Dropbox Syncing
- Complete turn by turn voice directions for driving or transit(bus, train, ferry)
- Google Street Views - easy drag & drop Pegman pin on Map to view and explore in Google Street View.

Simply start the app when you start your car. It will automatically record distance traveled, fuel expenses, trip duration and driving pattern. When you reach your destination, just press the end button. View the trip details in a log or view every day’s total on a calendar. If you forget to start your app, you can always add the trip details manually. Extra Mile features an easy-to-use mileage tracker, gas expense logger, driving habit analyzer, mileage diary for your business or personal expenses, and voice-guided navigation.

Extra Mile will be with you all along your trip and even after your trip ends.

. View fuel cost, speed, distance traveled in real time. Get sound and visual alerts on your driving pattern
. Once the trip ends, just tap on the end button to save all the details to the log.

. Voice Guided Navigation with trip recording (Mileage Log and Driving analysis) for business and personal usage.
. Traffic Cameras
. Single tap POI search
. Get estimated fuel cost before you make a trip
. Use voice guided navigation to reach your destination. Full auto rerouting and manual rerouting.
Note: Julie's Voice is now a $1.99 in-app purchase.

View live traffic video from over 10,000 traffic cameras spanning 200+ cities. world wide. Please visit http://trafficland.com/mapnav.jsp to view cameras in your area.
Users can purchase 2 versions of camera feed.
. $0.99/year - manual traffic cameras feed.
. $1.99/year - automatically(refresh time less than 2 seconds)updating camera feed updates the images automatically.

. Save home, work addresses in settings for single tap navigation back to home or work
. Update the last fill-up price.

. View trips; manually add trips; swipe on a trip to delete it.
. Analyze driving pattern graphs and improve your driving habits

. View fuel expenses on a monthly calendar

. Generate and share trip log reports
. Reports can be generated in HTML or as a spreadsheet document (MS Excel, iWorks Numbers, etc).
. Include driving analysis as data points or graphical bar chart in the report.
. Create a personal report having consumed fuel costs or as a business expense using the Federal(IRS) business travel rate. Preview the report before sharing the reports via email.

NOTE for iPod/iPad users: If your device doesn't have a in-build GPS receiver, you would need an external GPS, similar to Pioneer's AppRadio.

NOTE for Rerouting: By default the app is set to let the user know that the route has been deviated. Then the user can choose to refresh the route. For full auto rerouting, change the Dashboard->Settings->Rerouting type to Auto.

FULL BACKGROUND process supported. Start the app and switch to other apps like Phone or Maps. Extra Mile app tracks the trip and records the trip details while running in background.

Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Weather powered by Zypr connects (http://www.zypr.net/).

Extra Mile can be used as a GPS Voice Navigation app, Gas Logger, Trip Logger, Mileage Tracker, Fuel expenses, Green Mile, Vehicle Log, Live Traffic Video or Camera, fleet management, driver behavior.

Customer Reviews

  • Does work with Bluetooth on iPhone 5 & AppRadio

    by Amit Jain 2011

    I was able to make it work with bluetooth. Seems like AnnoyedConnecticutMom has left only one star reviews for all the apps in her review history. If you are unable to use the bluetooth, please contact the developer instead of false claim. In fact the Bluetooth technology is used to capture the touches on the AppRadio screen for iPhone 5

  • It's OK

    by Beer4Cheer

    Have issues with getting it all setup with the touch screen. And, the boice nav prompts are WAY TOO LOUD!!!!

  • Excellent

    by Kmillerx2

    This app does everything you need it to and more! I live very far out in the country and had no trouble getting directions or connecting. Customer service is also excellent and very quick (I simply asked a question about how to link to my contacts). I received a response back within 30 minutes... On a Saturday! I highly recommend this app,

  • Finally an app, with real thought behind it.

    by 121909

    This app. is the best app if you need to log your miles for your taxes, with the ability to keep up with your milage expenses. it tracks your daily route and all your stops on GPS , with the easy to create log reports on daily basis and ability to send all reports to your email or dropbox. Finally an app with real thought behind it.

  • GPS sensitivity

    by captaincluelesss

    The latest release notes indicate that the GPS sensitivity has been decreases, to increase battery life. Does this mean that the app will assume that you are following the calculated route, until it accumulates evidence to the contrary? I have had a lot of problems with this app failing to give voice directions until it is CERTAIN that I am on the road I should be on, or recalculating when I have not made a misstep. I greatly hope that these issues have been fixed already.

  • Good

    by Rock-N-rolla79

    I really love it,that is until the update had to take place now it won't update or work,now deleting and moving on.

  • Excellent tracking App!

    by TheGeorgeDougherty

    Helps me track mileage and the accessible map reminds me of where I've been previous days to double check my client invoicing. Support has been terrific fixing some minor bugs and adding a few handy features. Users that don't know how to use google or apple support to figure out basic operation of their own phone ie Location options, shouldn't be leaving 1 star reviews.

  • Good

    by Nicky822246

    Works great

  • Love It

    by Chrisbaird

    Never used the GPS Map, didn't know it had one, but I love the way it tracks mileage, driving habits, and expenses. My wife was shocked to see how much a "little" trip can cost. Definitely worth the cost.

  • Very pleased

    by Felipe and Ada

    I got this at the last minute because i needed a GPS with voice since I was traveling alone AND I was very pleasantly surprised. The only thing was the it spoke a little too late. It doesn't tell you with enough time when you have to do a turn or get off on an exit. I did miss a couple of turns but overall it was very accurate and it got me to my destination.

  • Ninjajo

    by Bacardi Bat

    Four out of five, it's almost there.

  • Coolest App ever…

    by Momof8

    Ok, so that's rather enthusiastic, but I'm an enthusiast. I love this app. My problem is that I hate tracking mileage for business, and this one does it for me with no thought on my end. I push a button, go to my destination, push another button. Type in a brief description/title, and I'm done. Hooray! My only request is to be able to differentiate between various trips (i.e.: business, personal) and vehicles. Hopefully that will be added in the next version. Oh, yeah, one more request - a little bit better documentation on all the features. I have a feeling I'm missing something...

  • Terrific App

    by Benitaapplebum

    I use this app a lot because I travel about an hour away for Doctors and Ortho appts. I have to track mileage for tax purposes and travel for my job. I've been using the app since 01/12 and I really like. In fact I have recommended it to all my friends.

  • Works great...till I updated

    by Dolkimas

    It work flawlessly!

  • Awesome

    by footballl

    Really awesome!!!

  • Gets stuck

    by mtblaguna

    If it has trouble finding your location it states to try again but gets stuck so you have to uninstall and reinstall to get it unstuck..... For free it's okay ....

  • Great for tax deductible trips

    by srland

    I use this app to log tax-deductible travel. It's the best app I've found for that purpose. It logs the trip source and destination and it calculates the rate of reimbursement. I admit it's not the greatest app for navigation, but that's not what I use it for.

  • Great!! Buy it. Genius!!! You will love it!!

    by Dvdeugene8

    No subscriptions!!! At all!!! Come on people.... This developer is only asking a lousy 2 bucks for a genius program. You are paying 1/100 of what you would pay for a subscription navigation program for something that works GREAT!!! I blew a car fuse on my garmin while on the way to an important appointment and started "extra mile" as my backup and it worked flawlessly!! Mr. Developer,, thank you so much for your contribution.

  • Great app

    by Southtexasguy

    This one really goes the extra mile! Gas prices, fastest routes, and excellent reporting! This one is a must have!

  • Great!

    by ginostef

    Does exactly what it says it does, smart router, excellent instructions.

  • No good

    by Tomd1164

    No stars. Map does not show up on head unit. Waste of money.

  • First Idiot

    by +8+

    Doesn't Apple even test these apps to see if they work. The developers should just be ashamed of themselves. First the app froze and I had uninstall and reinstall to unfreeze it. Next I put in a 316 mile trip I planned to take the next day. It routed me in the opposite direction along the Mexican border for almost 800 miles. Each time I tried to reroute I got a message asking me to buy "Julie's voice" for $1.99. Apparently I was the first idiot that bought this app--don't you be the next one!

  • Bummed

    by AnnoyedConnecticutMom

    Does not work through Bluetooth so won't work with iPhone5 on my radio. Waste or money for me.

  • Not great out of the gate

    by Bmac73hates people

    After attempting to set up all basic info, not able to return to map screen. Very frustrating.


    by P dizzle-dot

    Not a good option for someone wanted to just get around town.

  • Odometer view is not enlargeable

    by CharlesMchuck

    View too small.

  • Useless

    by CArlosxxxxxc

    Do not buy. Pointless and useless.

  • Mm

    by Jkkkkk1267

    Essentially useless.

  • Disappointed!

    by Hawaii Realtor

    I upgraded my iPhone then realized their new map function didn't work in Hawaii. So I tried this app but its just as bad. I'm a Realtor and rely on navigation every day. 9 out of 10 addresses come up with no info, not recognized! I'm looking for a new app after a few days.

  • Frustrating

    by Marie12355

    I purchased this app to keep track of my mileage and as a GPS. It failed on both. It is not a user friendly app. Too much typing just to start. Does not respond easily. The navigating voice is super annoying and speaks repeatedly saying the same thing over and over. Really gave it time to try to figure if out. Not worth the time and money. I believe that if you really want a good app be prepared to pay for if.

  • Does not work

    by Nunya65

    Even using wireless the FAQ and tutorials are blank. The voice files don't download. Instead when I try the app just closes. My whole reason to buy this was so I had a VOICE navigation aid. Very disappointed.

  • Help?? Where is it!

    by Hitching Hearts

    Not a very good purchase. Can't get the voice to speak. Have to figure out without a tutorial....says there is one but none to be found. Waste of your money!!!

  • Not happy

    by Sugarlou

    I needed a SIMPLE speaking GPS to use with headphones while on my motorcycle. I can't figure out how to select my present location for a starting point. Should be simple no? There's no instructions to speak of. I can't even tell if the app is stopped or running. Where's the instructions?????Also I don't need any of the other features in this app. Just tell me how to get to my destination!!! Not happy with this app at all.

  • App and customer service are awful

    by Spirit625

    I downloaded this app and pressed no by accident when it asked to allow location. Well apparently that question is never asked again. App has never worked. Contacted customer support who made inane suggestions and when I asked for more assistance and explained the problem I never heard back. Spend your money on a coffee instead of this app. You'll be much more satisfied!

  • Not what it says it is

    by Hyper Knight

    Tried getting used to the way this GPS app works for about 2 months now and I've got to say I've had enough. Yesterday I took a two hour drive for a one day vacation and what better time than then to use this app. Needless to say I ended up using the factory installed map app on the iPhone. The voices in this app are so terrible and robotic I couldn't understand what was being said. Secondly, if I was to pass under a bridge while going down the interstate the app would always think I got off at it and would start "re-routing" my current route. Very frustrating... Thirdly, the voice guided navigator wouldn't tell me to turn where I should until AFTER I turned... I even adjusted the time for it to tell me to a higher setting and this did nothing to remedy the issue. Aside from other glitches and issues I've had with this app over the past two months I've now had my fill and am deleting it from my phone. Luckily I only wasted .99 cents. If you want a good GPS app I do not recommend this one, but to each his own.

  • Route address screen does not work

    by Jefe440

    The address box does not work correctly on this app. It has sent in the wrong direction for the last time. It will now be removed from my phone!

  • What a Joke

    by NIC no K

    If you are like me and excited about using this app for your appradio, stop now and save your $. I downloaded this app a month an a half ago and it had not worked yet. It won't register my car as moving. So yes you can see all of the great features and nice GUI, but it is completely functionless. I tried to contact their "excellent" customer service and got a form letter about how they'll fix it in early July. This was early June. Now the update is here and now the app just crashes. Every time. Worthless

  • Hate it !!!

    by Kikim331

    If you were a droid user and had the free nav from google this is not what you are looking for ! Not sufficient with turn by turn and rerouting . Really slow and hard to follow ! Total waste of $

  • Crap

    by Ray2cool

    Very difficult to use. Does not sync with contacts list do addresses must all be entered new. If you want to increase mpg slow down. Total waste of time and $2 Very disappointed.

  • Huge Rip-Off

    by Jdsaun

    This app is a HUGE RIP-OFF...save your money. It is not very user friendly and lacks navigation features many of the free apps have. So don't waste your time or money with this app...wish I hadn't.

  • Quirky

    by Manacat

    Can't get a few of the features to work as advertised. (email log, drop box). Frustrating that there seems to be no instruction manual and their web site is not so helpful either.

  • Wrong direction!

    by Celtics in HK

    Yikes! Just tested it and it sent me to the wrong address. Lucky that I had my older GPS with me. Voice also sounds funny. NOT impressed at all.

  • Owner

    by boydclark

    Great app for small business expense tracking

  • Excellent app

    by digitalgimp

    Love the new projected arrival time!

  • Best of the rest.

    by Otness

    Best milage/trip tracker available, great navigation with auto retorting, even knows traffic reports and closed road detours to best get you where you need to go. Wish there was a 3d mapping option with a hybrid filter... Maybe someday. Iv tried several several other milage trackers and this app by far has the most tools in one app, the easiest automated recording data tracker, and most efficient services for a busy business owner as myself. A+++

  • Great app

    by yzkracka

    Wish it had hybrid satellite map option

  • Rate app.1.2.3

    by aclaire82

    Thanks, this app makes things easier, I know and keep updating.

  • Awesome App

    by Elleg0712

    I'm a Realtor and love this app. Is there a way to set it so it calculates only government miles and the audio warning stay off? Other than that it's awesome!

  • Person

    by Maryshad

    Love it. Could not change voice preference though

  • Did not work!

    by Wildchild_94

    This app did not work - asked it to navigate to the next town and it 'churned' for 5 minutes and then just stopped without giving me anything.

  • Great app

    by Amit VP

    Free and voice are two things that i wanted in navigation. Map is free by google, voice is no big software development cost, i am paying for data to cellular provider, I always wondered why nobody brought Garmin and tomtom down. You have a promise. Great going. Loved the app so far.

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