B737 QRG Navigation App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Navigation
  • Publisher: fss.aero
  • Updated: Sep, 17 2011
  • Version: 1.45
  • Size: 5.53 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Flight Simulation Systems, LLC

• Now requires iOS 6.
• Now supports the iPhone in addition to iPad.
• Added Volcanic Ash checklist.
• Supports all device orientations.
• Same QRG content as in the B737 Cockpit Companion.
• New & improved database updater.
• Improved Registration view.
• Improved feedback view.
• Much better memory utilization.

• Rewrote the APU Fire checklist.
• Rewrote the Cargo Fire checklist.
• Reorganized the Memory items (remember, these vary by carrier)
• Rewrote Engine Failure & Separation checklist.
• Renamed the MISC section to "Airplane General".
• Moved the DOORS items to Airplane General.
• General editing fixes.



The B737 Quick Reference Guide for the iPad is an authoritative reference to over 150 emergency and abnormal flight procedures for the Boeing 737-600, -700, -800, and -900.

The B737 QRG app contains the same content as the QRG in the B737 Cockpit Companion app.

Designed for systems study and simulator sessions, the QRG is fully indexed and cross-referenced, with a Memory Actions section, 14 systems sections, and an index. As a helpful aid, if the procedure includes a system alert, that alert is shown besides the checklist title.

When a user selects a QRG entry, a description of the failure is provided as well as checklist procedures required to address the issue. Moreover, airmanship tips are also provided so as to help ensure safe flight.

Throughout, "Fly the Airplane" is emphasized -- aviate, navigate, communicate.

The B737 QRG is a conversion of a print product produced by Bill Bulfer, a retired airline pilot with extensive time in the B737. The QRG is easy to read and understand, and helps unravel the often convoluted flow present in many QRHs.

This product is not certified for flight operations -- the regulator-approved Airplane Flight Manual is the final authority as to the safe operation of your airplane-- but is a great training aid and will help pilots better understand QRH flow and enhance their understanding of systems.

The product is also useful for flight-simmers using advanced B737-NG flight sims.

This is an original work by Bill Bulfer, and has not been reviewed or endorsed by the Boeing Company.


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