Find My Car Smarter Pro Navigation App Review (iOS, $1.99)

  • Category: Navigation
  • Publisher: FMC
  • Updated: Dec, 14 2011
  • Version: 2.0.6
  • Size: 6.52 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Christine Yang

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Minor bug fixes

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PLEASE NOTE: Use of the Bluetooth functionality requires an iPhone 5, 5S, 5C or 4S and the Find My Car Bluetooth Smart beacon.

The Pro version supports 3rd party Bluetooth Smart proximity beacons. The Pro version additionally adds logging functionality to keep track of where you have parked.

Please visit our website for more information:

Can't remember where you parked your car? Don't worry! Your iPhone will, AUTOMATICALLY!

Whenever you walk away from your car, the iPhone remembers where you parked your car last. And unlike the other apps out now you only need to turn on the app after you have already misplaced your car. NO MORE JOTTING DOWN NOTES OR TURNING ON LOCATION APPS EACH TIME YOU LEAVE YOUR CAR.

How does Find My Car Smarter Work?

Find My Car Smarter uses a new technology called Bluetooth Smart.
When you start your car, the Find My Car Smarter App wirelessly connects to the Find My Car Smarter Device. After you have parked your car your engine and the Find My Car Smarter Device, powered by your cigarette lighter, turn off. The App realizes that your car is parked and then activates the GPS on your iPhone momentarily to save your car's location. If you lose your car, simply launch the app and it will help you navigate your way back by showing you your current location and the location of where you last parked your car.

Using Find My Car Smarter

The app will indicate where you have parked your car, how far away you are from your car, and how long you have parked at that location.

With Dropbox syncing a communal car's location can be shared between a group.

You can also setup automatic parking meter and sweeping notifications.

How do I set up Find My Car Smarter?

1. Download the "Find My Car Smarter" App. Don't forget to allow the app to "use your current location".
2. Plug your Find My Car Bluetooth Smarter Device or compatible Bluetooth Smart Device into your car and then pair it to your iPhone. You only need to do this step one time and it takes about 1 minute.

How do I use Find My Car Smarter?

1. Rest easy knowing that you have the Find My Car Smarter App on your phone.
2. Forget where you parked your car.
3. Click on the "Find My Car" App on your iPhone and allow the map to guide you back to your car.
4. Find your car.

Won't the app running the background kill my battery life?

No, when you are stationary within a 1 km (0.62 miles) area, such as at home or at work, the app is asleep and the only resource that is used is iOS periodically waking up and scanning for Bluetooth devices. This situation is similar to when your phone is paired to a Bluetooth headset.

However, the app will wake up momentarily every time your iPhone travels a few miles. This is to ensure that the app will get relaunched and is running in the background in case the phone closes the Find My Car Smarter App.

Some power consumption occurs after you park your car and the GPS is enabled to save the location of your car. Under good conditions, Find My Car Smarter can complete this process in about 5 seconds and then go back to sleep. The power usage is equivalent to opening the Maps App and finding your current location.

Generally, running this app in the background will not significantly decrease your battery life. However, drivers who drive long distances and park their cars frequently (e.g. pizza delivery person) may experience a noticeable decrease in their battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Great Utility

    by John Babson

    This has saved me a lot of time finding my car multiple times

  • Thank You

    by GCRaya

    This is a great app. I don't have to worry about turning the app on and tagging my car it does it all automatically. Thank you for removing the request for a review. Those popups bug me to no end! I am writing mainly to thank the developer for removing that. I wish more would do the same!

  • great app and device

    by mNY2

    extremely helpful — app and associated in-car device work extremely well on iPhone 5S — plug in tiny USB to an extra 12V, leave app running in background, no noticeable impact on battery; automatically records where I parked outside when I turn off ignition; pro app creates a log for mileage records incl. distance driven for downloaded spreadsheet; fast customer support when I had a question

  • It just works!

    by jackl2400

    I'm always losing my car in the big parking lots of supermarkets and box box stores...this app has fine enough GPS resolution to help me find it!

  • This version working very well

    by David02140

    Had quitting trouble with earlier versions but so far this version working very well.

  • I use it every day

    by simonCGN

    It works like a charm. This is the most useful app for me on my iPhone. I use it every day. It works great and solves a big problem for me.

  • Use it all all the time

    by kris424

    Works great!

  • Fantastic!

    by actionjohn

    I love that I can easily find my car easily. The fact that I don't have to remember to activate this little beauty is what really makes it marvelous. The $25 Bluetooth widget arrived within days of my having ordered it. I also appreciate the automatic car travel log that measures where, when, how long it took to get there, and how I stayed parked. Excellent!!

  • This is a Winner

    by Iceberg77

    App runs in the background and is always there when I need it. Buy the cigarette lighter plug in if your car powers down the accessory plug when you turn the engine off. It works great.

  • Works great

    by OR Ducks Fan

    I was a KickStarter early supporter of this software/hardware package. It works great and really without me even needing to think about it. I haven't lost my car yet!

  • Works for me

    by Lazyjayz

    4s, iOS 6.0.1, not using Dropbox feature. I like the parking meter timer. Works for me.

  • Works as described!

    by Haboski

    Works as described with USB dongle. It has saved me many times!

  • Great app

    by Desmond B

    This is a great app which gets better with every upgrade. I couldn't do without it

  • Works great! Almost perfect but with a bit of configuration.

    by Keerthi Manthati

    UPDATE: The new release fixes most of the issues I was facing. I added a few geofences at the places I park most like the gym, work, home etc. With this extra bit of configuration the app works really great coz I'm always either leaving from or arriving at these geofences. Any other location I park usually needs 10+ miles of travel and in cases like this the iOS based cell tower monitoring works great 90% of the time, again based on the distance travelled with greater distance travelled being better. Adding geofences was a neat little idea and this app deserves 5 start rating or sure :) I do also feel that the icon is kinda ugly. UPDATE: The app depends on cell towering monitoring. It's got something to do with cell coverage I guess and the app doesn't update my location half the times even when I travel distances around 10miles. I live in San Diego. Waiting for the next iOS update so this problem can be fixed.

  • Works very well-wish location icon not always on

    by 70sKid

    So I just got the bluetooth dongle and bought the app version 1.3.1 It does work very well, as it connects to the bluetooth smart dongle every time. The app also is very accurate when it comes to marking where my car is parked. Best of all I never have to think about it. The FMCS App works exactly the way it says in the description Only reason it is not a perfect 5 star app is the location services icon is always on. I fully understand that it is a limitation of Apple(went to the FMCS forum and read why the icon always appears for cell tower notification). If somehow Apple and the FMCS could find a way to have the cell tower location service run with out the icon.... It would be then a 5 star app.

  • Ugliest icon ever!

    by Geraldine Gener-Jones

    I liked it until they change the icon!

  • Not reliable

    by aahpandasrun!

    This app used to work great, but it randomly doesn't pick up that my car stopped sometimes. Some of those battery life fixes to the program killed its reliability. I think that it is quitting in the background, and relaunching fixes it.

  • Great idea but doesn't work reliably

    by YaMeDa

    First of all the idea is great. So is the developer who get's back to emails in a very timely manner and even accommodated features I suggested. The problem is that this app doesn't work reliably. Sometimes it captures the spot I parked and sometimes it doesn't. If this app would work reliably I would rate it 5 stars...

  • Works Great

    by French Camp 49er

    Just keeps getting better with each update. This is a must have app for anyone parking in hugh lots.

  • Dude, where's my car? Sweet!

    by spratdog

    The app does what it says. The dongle does what it says, the updates have fixed the power consumption problem. The pairing procedure seems to be described as more complicated than it really is. And they added hybrid map mode, so this app is everything I want. As for parking decks, maybe they should install local GPS transmitters anyway.

  • Don't believe the hype!

    by yzinhymer

    Still a major battery sucker and regularly forgets to mark location. Night and day difference in battery life with app removed. Wish I could get a refund. I'll try again in future, maybe they'll have fixed the problems but right now I'd take a pass if I was you.

  • Find any car

    by BobbyP3

    This software crashes at start every time. Bring back the previous please.

  • It works!

    by JustM€

    As an original Kickstarter backer, I experienced the growing pains this system had during its first few months. I'm happy to report that all battery drain issues have been resolved, and I am very pleased with the constant communication the FMC team maintained with backers during the early trials. I LOVE this system...set it and forget it (until you need at it!) at its finest!

  • Works Perfect with 1.2.0 Update

    by Eric Vitiello

    All of the battery drain issues have been completely resolved. Thanks guys, this app is now amazing!

  • Great app and responsive company

    by KirkP

    This app and device are a great thing to have when you are in a large parking area. I don't have a lot of need to use it but when I do (airport, Disneyland, concerts) it's a godsend. Be advised that the previous battery drain issue HAS been solved. I actually never had the issue but some users did. I've used other similar apps but always forgot to enter the location info when I parked. With FindMyCar Smarter it's a no brainier. It just works.

  • battery drain issue resolved

    by DDC09

    This version seems to have fixed the battery drain issue for me… Have a problem now that every so often when I park my car the app doesn't update. this happens maybe 1 out of every 7 times. Not sure why this is happening. Over all I am very please with the way the app performs.

  • Great app! Best parking app out there!

    by Daveandrob

    New version works great!! Battery drain issues are gone. If you park at meter or at different spots this app is for you!b

  • Brilliant! Get one for yourself, friends, family

    by Appepedia

    As an original Kickstarter backer, I've been through the battery issues and all, and FMC really has come a long way since its launch. FMC executed the concept nicely and yes, by having bluetooth and GPS on, sure you're expected to experience 'some' drainage issues but it's not so much to make your iPhone unusable. FMC has great support and addressed many issues already that's come up on the forums, and they're constantly developing the app. Unlike many companies that throws app/services/products out there without support, FMC listens and has been trying to improve upon what they have already. I just hope the spirit lives on :) Thanks FMC!

  • Battery issues are resolved. App does what it promises and does it well

    by Garycalif

    Well written app. Great customer support. This is functionality that should be built into the phone from the factory. Great app.

  • Keeps location service in status bar!!

    by Bakk322

    This is terrible, I refuse to use an app that keeps the location service always alive and showing in the status bar! Until that is fixed this was the biggest waste of $30 I've spent!

  • Doesn't work

    by inw9

    Doesn't remember last location. Location services always active. Hoping I may one day get something useful for my $25 investment.

  • Doesn

    by bljdb

    I bought into this for $30 and waited for the bluetooth dongle to arrive. When I tried it out it worked great - except, I started noticing a tremendous battery drain. Initially I didn't know why my phone was going down so quickly until I started reading about other users of this app who had the same problem. This newest version DID fix the battery drain - except, (there's that word again), now to make the app work properly I'm told I will need to turn it off and on. One of the biggest reasons I invested in this was that we were told this would work in the background and we would not need to access the app until we were looking for our parked car. The developer appears to be very concerned about this and is trying to fix the problem, currently stating that they believe the issue may be a bug in IOS and have asked Apple for help. I believe that eventually this will work well, but for now it simply doesn't work as advertised for me and for $30 I expect it to work. No one else should invest until it is fixed in my opinion. UPDATE 2/17/12 I haven't really been able to try this last few days as my wife has had my car. Now I have it and find that I can't get this to work properly at all! I will wait until the next update from developer but until then I am UNHAPPY to say the least. If not fixed for me by next update which will have to be soon, I'm just going to have to hope I can get my $30 back. zero stars for now….


    by eyeambrian

    This is ridiculous. Before I go to bed at night, I unplug my phone from the charger where it is at 100%. When I wake up eight hours later my battery is down to 24%. ***** DO NOT PURCHASE *****

  • needs fix AND FAST!

    by cini1

    Bought it on Kickstarter and it is a pain: (1) drains battery (2) shows not the current BUT previous last parking spot this iteration is useless and I may consider demanding my money back

  • Still draining battery

    by seannymurrs

    I'm still having major battery drain issues. Phone dies before noon after being charged all night.

  • Thankl you Developer

    by MikeRadio

    Thank you for taking mine and others suggestions and making it so you can turn background locating off. I do not like that pesky arrow on as I dont know what app is tracking me. I dont mind it on when I go to an app, but not all the time just for a car tracker. Thank you!

  • Random battery drains

    by ClintiePoo

    Before the update: My phone has been unplugged for 2.5 hours and now I'm at 82%. After the update: it's been about 2 hours and the phone is at 100% still. I turned off cell tower monitoring. I checked and the app is working correctly. I love it!

  • Works as advertised

    by WGarymartin

    Very handy and fun. Works seamlessly. Note that I haven't seen any significant battery drain. The developers have been very receptive to all issues. If you have an empty power port, go for it! If not, check out Monoprice and get a dual adapter! Really, the price is right and I've really enjoyed it.

  • Typing fast before my battery dies

    by KTPett

    This review will be short out of necessity...ever since installing the app and tiny Bluetooth Module, my battery lasts four-five hours from a full charge. The developer blamed Apple in an official email. Shouldn't that have been beta tested and resolved before their product/app launch? Unless they fix their app, finding my car will be the least of my worries.

  • Destroy your battery

    by Markkg

    This seemed like such a great product. I bought 4 but wish I had bought none. The location service never turns off and drains your battery in the process. I have to turn of background running on the app which means its pretty much useless.

  • Worth the Purchase

    by PWeekley

    The App works as advertised. People have posted about a battery drain which is is it be expected for automation. You can, however, do it manually which is not a battery drain. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to locate their vehicle easily. The App has a nice interface to work with and the hardware is small and easy to use. Even the setup is seamless.

  • Works but drains battery

    by legendofkb

    Yep. Like the others, I have to say that this app has sucked my battery dry due to the constant location tracking. This must be a bug since they claim in the app description that it only acquires the location for a few seconds and then goes back to sleep. This has to be fixed quickly before this app's reputation is ruined... Battery issues aside, the app is great! It does what it says and works like a charm every time. Setup was quick and easy, and I never had to launch the app or do anything to save my car's location; just walk away... 3 stars because it's a great app with a serious flaw. Fix it and it is 5 stars easy.

  • Definitely a bug

    by Austin Flack

    Location services runs non-stop, even when I am 'stationary' within a 1km radius. Battery drain is dramatic. Disabling the app until there is an update.

  • Kills battery

    by Brad from Holly Springs

    I agree. This app drains my battery due to location utilization. Fix that and I'll change my review to 5 stars.

  • perfect

    by ohhmaagawd

    Works perfectly. What else can I say?

  • It eats the battery.

    by Ultrafied

    Wow. Great idea. Terrible battery consumption. By 12 o'clock, downt to less then 40%. I've deleted it.

  • Battery usage is a big problem

    by khuba

    I installed the application one day before I had my USB device. From a full charge in the morning my battery was down to 10% by noon. The GPS Arrow next to Blutooth indicator is always on now. I uninstalled the app & GPS arrow disappeared. Battery life went back to normal. I re-installed app paired with the USB device that arrived today. GPS arrow is back all the time & battery seems to be draining quickly again. Will try tomorrow after a full charge but I expect unacceptable power drain & application deletion from phone.

  • Peace of mind

    by Johnsigwald

    No more worrying about where I parked my car! (at wal-mart much less a mall or stadium)

  • Beyond simple and accurate!

    by joe dito

    Like the instructions state - pair it once then forget about it! Wickedly accurate, although I wish I had it during the holiday shopping season as I spent more time looking for my car that I did trying to find my kids!

  • Works fine

    by undeRliRcs

    After reinstalling and fidgeting around with push notification for mail. My original battery issue seems to have disappeared. Guess it was a ghost in the machine?

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