Marine: Florida - GPS Map Navigator Navigation App Review (iOS, $5.99)

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  • Publisher: Flytomap
  • Updated: Mar, 08 2010
  • Version: 4.0.1
  • Size: 252.61 MB

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Flytomap

Bug Fix! New Data Screenshots updated!

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Flytomap is a valid and interesting alternative, Benetti Yachts
Top Ten summer 2011,2012&13
Featured in : On the Deck → Whole Florida resident in the app and function WITHOUT mobile coverage! → Worldwide Marine Maps available when connected, thanks to → Worldwide Satellite images overlay on charts → Worldwide Terrain features overlay on charts, thanks to Open Street Map, Open Cycle Map overlay on charts → Use to Explore: √ Latitudes and Longitudes to go to your favorite places √ Search your Favorite points directly √ Zoom, Rotate and Pan fast just by a finger touch √ Quick Object information just tapping, thanks to vector technology √ GPS Heading Vector Towards the direction movement √ Distance Measurement Tool to easily calculate the distance from one location to another √ Route planning, Waypoints - Insert the target/destination and see in real time your speed, distance and bearing √ Magnified Lens for all info √ Unlimited Tracks, Markers, Geo-tagged photos, records and share via email, visible on Google, Flytomap Viewer, KMZ format √ Select Depth Contours "a la carte menu" √ And so much more to come - It’s the only app you will ever need! Our charts are installed on: GARMIN NAVICO LOWRANCE B&G NORTHSTAR EAGLE SIMRAD Learn more about Flytomap : and join us on Facebook or Twitter. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Flytomap is committed to constant improvement. We listen to our users and systematically add the most requested features. Thank you for the feedback!

Customer Reviews

  • OK

    by Enigator

    6th August - the ruler with distance measure and the camera with a new interactive menu is Great! keep it up! but I need multiple tracks on the screen!! please please please. I am a fisherman and I need all tracks on the screen not only WP - 1 track and Markers. 15th July - This update increased the size of the app a lot However the display and details are very nice now! This app is very easy to use. Details are a lot including massive fishing spots but the wow" stuff is the online view Unique overall. Need to improve the search. nice the offline mode, very similar to navionics & jeppesen all remaining stuff Track feature is improved but I would like multiple tracks on the screen instead of just one.

  • Easy Map

    by Ron_2000

    Just Perfect! essential functionalities but simple and very detailed - raster quality like NOAA paper charts, very useful the ICW coverage. fishing spots are welcome! Please add the preferred route as well

  • Worth it

    by Gustofson

    I recently went out into the Inter Coastal Waterway on my jet ski not aware of how shallow the water is. I needed an app that would give detailed depth and this is fantastic. I like the tracking on it and the measuring tool. Very easy to read and clear with bright colors. The only way I could turn off the GPS when I was not using the app was by going to Settings to turn it off. Can you add a button to turn off the GPS so I do not use up my battery? Otherwise, this is well worth the new price.

  • Excellent for ICW

    by Okie Some Day

    This app was great for keeping us in the ditch along ICW south out of Tampa along SW Florida coast. With AT&T iPhone it was very accurate and kept us on course and out of trouble. It would be helpful to add Bridge names and marinas. Was not as accurate on Verizon iPad.

  • Best app, quality vs price !!!

    by Cid Perreira

    This is perfect for my iPhone to go fishing all around Florida. Really all I needed. The right details and very intuitive functionalities. Good !!!

  • I am "just" a fisherman...but I love this app !!!

    by JPillow66

    Essential...not big stuff, just all the information I need...and really cheap !!! I tried other apps, spent more and got the same Nautical chart

  • I like it.

    by MiceToHave

    Much less expensive than other Marine Apps.

  • It worths the bucks

    by hugo1985-best

    Nice update, I love the new viewer

  • Captain's Review

    by Captain Wolverine 2

    App should not be called a GPS. Maybe GPS Map Locator. Very good app for adding a way point and finding it on a map. You would pay a lot more in a store but for 2.99 you can't beat it.

  • Memorable WayPoints

    by mmenas

    This is a super app, It really works well. I'm an old truck driver trying to supplement my retirement income by doing towboat crew changes on the inland waterways. When I talk to the boat captain, he tells me what river mile he's at and what boat ramp in what town and the river mile that he wants me to meet him at. That could be in Wisconsin ( go Packers) or pittsburgh or New orleans or any place in between. With this app and my huge waypoints, I now have the ultimate device. What a great tool to have. Again i thank you for your support. It's really nice to purchase products and receive such great service and support.

  • Handy Digital Maps

    by Jahovah94

    I appreciate the appearance of this compass interface - Graphically, it's well-executed, and it has more intuitive look when you're holding the iPhone vertically. But bear in mind that all you get with this app is a useful information with handy digital bearing readout!

  • Great Help on water

    by C Key

    Downloaded this app recently, while starting I found myself holding my iphone and looking like a tourist. You never want to look like a tourist even if you are one. This one is easy to use with nice features.

  • Impressed In First use!

    by Wilwvee

    "I love this app, it does what it says on the tin, and does it very well to boot! I went to wales for the bank holiday weekend & packed my fly fishing kit. This is the first time I didn't need to research any venues. I feel too clever with this app found loads of venues around me. Great weekend fishing and some for my smoker!

  • Best Features Ever Had!

    by Prent Ivlas

    This is one of the most useful applications I have bought for my iPhone. The best feature of this application I like is the inserting waypoints and sharing them with all the members on my board those are in different locations!

  • Works Great on Outdoors!

    by Mechel Sean

    If you hike or go outdoors anywhere and have an iPhone you need this app. I've used it to save some favorite campsites at the base of 14ers in the ark valley to come back to next summer.

  • Waypoints Are Great!

    by Nlktrkp

    I used this app for a trip to Island last weekend, and it was invaluable! Off course, eyes and paper charts were our #1 and #2 tools, but this app was incredibly accurate and fun to use. I plotted 15 waypoints and plugged them all in.

  • Great Help!

    by Dazzalan

    The price and connectivity easily makes up for the limited iPhone GPS reception. Decent options for customization.

  • Pleasantly Surprised!

    by Brad Brik

    I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of features and quality of the charts when compared to several other charting apps with much higher price tags. The charts are very sharp and the app is very natural and easy to use. I have most every charting app available and this app is among the best.

  • I Love The Support Team

    by Crdiwnra

    It took me a couple of trips to familarize myself with the app. I found difficult myself to set the destinations on map, Regarding this I mail my request to their support team and they had responded immediately and got a solution for me. They replied me as tap the " i " symbol on main menu and go to the " settings" and there you can find the " HELP" button and in this all details avalable about features offcourse needed one is set as destinations so i found it and got what i want, It feels so supported when a person responds to the mail, Thank you from bottom of my heart to the people out there and keep the hard work, Best of luck !

  • Needs some fixing

    by Rush Fan 1

    It's a good app, but it crashes every time try to set a "favorite" as the new destination (menu item "set as new destination"). So, being able to have several favorite locations stored is useless. My work around is to delete all favorites and just touch the place where I want to go then set as destination. That works fine. iPhone 4.

  • Cannot delete destination

    by Moemoe33

    Once you set a destination, you cannot delete, it will still point the destination.

  • Waste of money

    by LeslieFlorida

    App constantly crashes, maps are terrible, you can't input coordinates.

  • Garbage

    by Jtjr78qudhd

    GPS does not function whatsoever..I could go on..listen, do not let them take your money too!

  • App not working any longer

    by Sea-Pro

    Since the latest July update, the App doesn't work at all. It was working for me before. I have 4S.

  • Marine GPS

    by Angelera999

    Updated my app and can't even open it in my phone can't wait to get new update to fix this bug :/

  • useless

    by Nautiwench

    I was hoping I could set routes for coastal cruising and measure total distance, including waypoints. No can do. I was also hoping for marina information. again, disappointed.

  • Not very useful for marking and guiding you to your favorite spots

    by Don't hit the rocks

    As an avid fishermen and diver I was hoping this would provide a way of inputing the numbers for my favorite spots. The problem is once you input your numbers and save, them the app takes it upon itself to change them. It appears it either rounds them up or down depending on its mood. If you looking for an app that will accurately store and guide to your favorite spots this is not the app for you. BTW I reported this months ago without any resolution. Was hoping the latest version would correct it.

  • My sailing now much easier!

    by Jen sturt

    The best nav app by far, people behind this app are adding new features for the better improving situations on board by this one on my device and this is our third sailing season and it makes sailing so much easier!

  • gps map navigator

    by bayoutrash

    This item should not be called a gps, it is really just a map you can't use it to help you navigate.

  • Nice for boating......

    by mnoi1

    I purchased this app and It is very useful tool for active boaters. This app functions brillantly and always accurate. You couldn't ask for a better one.

  • Very good for the price

    by FAtty0203

    I boat in Biscayne Bay (Miami) and occasionally the keys and this is perfect for what I need which is avoiding shallows and unmarked reefs. Very accurate only thing I need now is a charger on the boat and a mount to hold the phone.

  • Junk

    by laso1207

    Can't expect more, $2.99 you get what you pay for! Again bitten, if there's no demo app before you buy! Looking for trouble! Useless app.

  • Florida map

    by j. unk

    downloaded map will not open.contacted customer support no answer

  • Useful

    by Kiaflor

    Installed app and was up and going within minutes. It makes good sense using this app and I’m sure it’s going to make my boating trip significantly better. It’s great to be able to have this app on my iphone.

  • Handy!

    by Nicelet

    It has a great User Interface and way more features than I’ve ever used before. A must have GPS app for any boater. Helpful in offline mode when there was no cell signal or clouds. Easy to read and understand the details, and ability to email my saved tracks is awesome!.

  • Kayaker

    by solermoon

    Very innacurate, Navionics was a much better buy if you need to plan or track your course. I live in SW Florida and found this useless.

  • A Must-Have for Florida Boaters

    by TuRbo cHicKeN

    This is truly my favorite iPhone app! I have used it for a few months now and prefer this app's navigation over the onboard Garmin GPS, mainly since it is so much easier to use. It took me directly to Clearwater Reef and Dunedin reef, and the fish haven boundary lines are right-on. The buoy info is really helpful too. If you cruise the Gulf, get this app!

  • Marine: Florida GPS Map Navigator

    by ctb1950

    Overall a decent app if you go offshore, the level of detail for any inshore/nearshore application is pretty much non existent. I purchased this to use while inshore and near shore fishing in and arround Charlotte Harbor, Pine Island Sound and Matlacha Pass, near Fort Meyers Florida. There is virtually no fine detail on the app for those waters. I subsequently purchased an app containing all of the NOAA charts for the US that will better meet my needs.

  • Recommend

    by John Mke

    I’m totally satisfied with the marine information and the value of this Map is awesome! GPS and track functionality are also cool. I really am enjoying use of this map. Recommend it.

  • Garbage

    by Vigher

    This apps crashes after 3 seconds worst app ever don't waste your money on this!

  • nothing inshore!

    by pcolaskimmer

    The maps do not cover anything inshore, only offshore which makes no sense because most of the boating is done inshore.

  • Marine Fl

    by angler management

    Great app

  • Kcaldwell3

    by Kcaldwell3

    Save your money it does not work and keeps cutting off. Do not buy!!

  • latest version

    by cook441

    Wonderful. I never feel alone boatin.

  • WaterMap v2.2 Marine: Florida

    by Lost Fisherman

    This product does not work on my iphone 3g. After a few moments, the app just kicks me out--whether I attempt to do anything or not--even with a strong signal. Unfortunately the links to Flytomap ("support" and "contact") don't work and there is no phone number or other contact info on their website. Buyer beware.

  • Userful

    by danler

    I went on vacation for two weeks and downloaded this app right before I left. It was wonderful and so convenient to have these available on itunes. It was especially Great having the information I need. Now that I'm home I still using it every day for tracking my paths or finding my location on map mode. It's pretty surprising to have an app like this for a little price.

  • Worth it

    by G6464

    This map does exactly what it says. However I’m rating it 5 ***** because the presentation is awesome. It’s worth tracking routs and adding waypoints also has great detail and easy user interface with multiple functionalities.

  • Pretty good!

    by Kelfut

    This is by far the best GPS marine app available in itunes store. It gives me a run for my money. This app can tap into the much greater power of the iphones processor to do just about anything you would want in a Marine chart plotter.

  • Best app I've seen

    by Betin6r

    This app was originally nice to have to keep tracks, but now the developer has added so much stuff it's an amazing app, keep up the good work,

  • No detail

    by DrFill

    Couldn't find Cabbage Key or any of the other islands in the Gulf Same detail (or less) as google only I paid $3 for it. This app is truly umimpressive.

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