Hunting Map - Texas Navigation App Review (iOS, $7.99)

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  • Publisher: Flytomap
  • Updated: Jan, 20 2010
  • Version: 3.5.5
  • Size: 237.46 MB

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Flytomap

• New Scrolling Toolbar with Camera button.

• Heading Vector in the Direction of movement.

• Distance Tool to Measure Distances between 2 points.

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iHunt - Texas is the best hunting map product available today on the market.

You can Navigate in real time looking your position on the map, you don't need internet connection, switch off the 3G and double your iPhone battery life.

It is a collection of best hunting maps available for Texas.

- State Game Lands
- State Forest Lands
- State Parks
- National Parks and Forests
- Wildlife Management Areas (WMA)

A full hunting guide that you can explore like an internet page, BUT WITHOUT ANY INTERNET CONNECTION:

- Hunting in Texas general information
- Where to Hunt ?
- Seasons and Limits for each hunting activity
- Laws
- Licensing (License Applications, License Types, License Fees)

All the above fully integrated in a very detailed topographic map, using the same symbology of the best local hunting paper maps, including:

- Parks and Forests boundaries
- Natural areas boudaries
- Elevation contours (10mt step)
- roads
- trails
- WMAs
- rivers and lakes
- Mountain peaks
- Point of Interests

Imagine the above mapping data, fully availabe on your iPhone, without the need of any internet connection, used in conjunction with great application functionalities like:

- Shot your favorite picture and store its position on your map. Add a name and comments and retrive it in the future (....shortly you will be also able to share both pictures and position with your friends....)
- Search for any place, including hunting areas, or your favorite spots and retrive them on the map together with your pictures
-Track and store your path.
-Use latitudes and longitudes to go to your favorite places
- See your position on the map in real time, using your iPhone GPS and without any internet connection
- and many others


"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

"Turn off GPS when not in use"

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome Graphics

    by Stan Kd

    The graphics are leaps ahead of the latter, allowing for more varied and intriguing game play. This is one of those apps you will not put down for hours.

  • Awesome For Hunting!

    by Mizon

    I've already given this app a pretty good go over and really look forward to using it hunting. No more need for my gps or topo maps of areas I'm hunting. Plan on taking it on my trip this year.

  • Great app.

    by Kivimat

    Hunting information is cool! Tracks position, records your direction, routes and very easy to share with friends. I’ve been using this app occasionally but I find myself using this constantly for hunting. It proved great!

  • Well Worth the price

    by rmanzo

    This app has everything I have ever wanted in a hunting app. I’m using it since 6 months and it’s been extremely accurate and supportive. The tracking feature is very useful to keep mark the path already visited and next time can try another route. It leads me right to any location by entering co-ordinates.

  • The Best map

    by mrris

    I've purchased each modern hunting app & this is the only one that gives you “scenarios & situational”.All the others either have copied the manual or each other. But this is fantastic.

  • I regret buying it

    by Hornedlizardman

    This app is not worth the money! It is primarily a mapping app with some hunting info (that is freely available elsewhere). There is a clunky "hunting" part to this mapping app that feels like an afterthought. There are other apps out there that are more useful and cheaper. Also it absolutely sucked the life out of my battery and is a hog in memory space. I know the gps function is what drains the battery but I don't want to have to constantly be turning the feature on and off nor do i want to be in the middle of nowhere and have no battery due to this app.

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