Hunting Map - Pennsylvania Navigation App Review (iOS, $7.99)

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  • Publisher: Flytomap
  • Updated: May, 25 2009
  • Version: 3.5.5
  • Size: 162.74 MB

Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Flytomap

• New Scrolling Toolbar with Camera button.

• Heading Vector in the Direction of movement.

• Distance Tool to Measure Distances between 2 points.

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iHunt - Pennsylvania is the best hunting map product available today on the market.

You can Navigate in real time looking your position on the map, you don't need internet connection, switch off the 3G and double your iPhone battery life.

It is a collection of best hunting maps available for Pennsylvania.

- State Game Lands
- State Forest Lands
- State Parks
- the Allegheny National Forest
- the Erie National Wildlife Refuge
- Cooperative Farm-Game Program
- Cooperative Forest-Game Program

A full hunting guide that you can explore like an internet page, BUT WITHOUT ANY INTERNET CONNECTION:

- Hunting in Pennsylvania general information
- Where to Hunt ?
- Seasons and Limits for each hunting activity
- Laws
- Licensing (License Applications, License Types, License Fees)

All the above fully integrated in a very detailed topographic map, using the same symbology of the best local hunting paper maps, including:

- Parks and Forests boundaries
- Natural areas boudaries
- Elevation contours (10mt step)
- roads
- trails
- very detailed Mines areas
- rivers and lakes
- Mountain peaks
- Point of Interests

Imagine the above mapping data, fully availabe on your iPhone, without the need of any internet connection, used in conjunction with great application functionalities like:

- Shot your favorite picture and store its position on your map. Add a name and comments and retrive it in the future (....shortly you will be also able to share both pictures and position with your friends....)
- Search for any place, including hunting areas, or your favorite spots and retrive them on the map together with your pictures
-Track and store your path.
-Use latitudes and longitudes to go to your favorite places
- See your position on the map in real time, using your iPhone GPS and without any internet connection
- and many others


"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

"Turn off GPS when not in use"

Customer Reviews

  • It's time to move on!

    by Mizon

    """That's another reason you really want to scout and find as much ground to hunt as possible, because you might potentially be moving around a lot in a single night"""

  • Great peace of information.

    by Rum-rum


  • Ultimate data!

    by Dinchikker

    The information helps you with all your questions and lets you where the best places are to get your choice of weapon. I like this application for it's great hunting Information.

  • Helpful

    by Hellions

    Useful for a great travel hunt but don't expect a lot of hand holding. Be patient and go with the flow prior to your hunt.

  • hunt is at the peak

    by Liskan123

    This is a true value app.

  • Planning for my next trip

    by Eddy Jungle

    I've already given this app a pretty good go over and really look forward to using it hunting. No more need for my gps or topo maps of areas I'm hunting. Plan on taking it on my trip this year.

  • Well Designed!!

    by Nlktrkp

    I don't do much hunting, but I have family who will love this app. Maybe they'll actually bring something home this year! Great information you'd have spend hours searching to find, and I think this is a perfect hunting companion allowing to document your entire trip. It is very well designed and easy to use.

  • GREAT APP!!!!

    by Steveg71

    As a PA hunter and trapper this is my favorite app. It show public and private places to hunt on a map with gps to find them.

  • Great App!

    by Tonyael

    Grab a rifle or shotgun, pick your target and start blasting away at your target of choice!!! Thanks for the map!!!

  • Very Useful

    by Bollen Roer

    Used it last week on my hunting trip. App is not only perfect in what it does, it has to have by far one of the best designed interfaces of all the iPhone apps out there. It seems like a lot of work went into this. Built in features always support well.

  • Disappointed

    by PaCowboy

    Was very disappointed to find out when I went into the hunting regulations seasons and bag limits it was for 2008 not this year. This app is nothing more than Google earth with a few minor features added. Will play with it a little more maybe I will find a reason to rate it a 4 but I doubt it.

  • Update!

    by Strreter Callis

    It's been such a long time there is no update! When is your next update we are looking for...

  • Bad App!!!!

    by trrrw

    This program does not work as stated ,It shuts down while you are trying to use it .Don't buy it you are wasting your money !!!!

  • Nothing like it says

    by T2113

    Don't waste your money. This app shuts down it doesn't work like the add states.

  • Not a topo map

    by Polywogg

    I have a flytomap marine navigational charts that has ocean depths and other data that is great, so I expected a topographical map for hunting. I was disappointed. Too bad, because it would be a great app if they included it.

  • Only bad app I have purchased

    by Bill22229

    Useless. Nothing good about it

  • Hunt

    by PA hunter

    Not up to date with limits and season dates. interface not very easy to use.

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