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IFR flight training is complex — we help make it easier!

-- User Reviews --
"★★★★★ This program is great! It has been a big help in my IFR training, I would highly recommend."

"★★★★★ I'm a CFI working on my CFII and plan to use this tool with students."

"★★★★★ Fun Study Aid! I'm using this app to study for an upcoming airline interview. It's awesome! It makes studying the dry, tricky topic of holding patterns fun! I like that the tutorial offers not 1, but 4 different ways to visualize pattern entry."

"★★★★★ Awesome holding trainer app...Highly recommend it."


Save time and money on your instrument flight training by mastering IFR holding pattern entries at the comfort of your own mobile device.

Is the following scenario familiar? You receive a holding clearance from ATC, and only have a couple of minutes, sometimes only a few seconds, to choose the correct entry. By the time you've figured out what's going on, you've already passed the holding fix and don't know what to do next.

If this sounds familiar, then you need not to worry. Confusion during holding entries happens to practically almost every new instrument student. Even instrument-rated pilots occasionally have the same problem — when they don't get enough practice.

Holding Trainer solves this problem and as a result, cuts the time you have to spend on expensive flight and ground lessons. With Holding Trainer, you can practice on your own time and convenience, so that choosing the best holding entry in the air becomes a breeze.


-Entry Trainer - Drills you on choosing the best holding entry. Practice until choosing holding entries becomes second nature and impress your flight instructor with your skills.

-Holding calculator. Solve and visualize any holding scenario by entering your current bearing to the fix and a outbound or inbound holding radial.

-Holding tutorial - learn how to choose the best holding entry quickly and easily.

Holding Trainer for iOS is a complete rewrite based on my popular Flash-based desktop Holding Trainer app available on pilotscafe.com.

***Don't get "stuck" next time you receive a holding pattern clearance!***
For only a fraction of the cost of one ground lesson with your flight instructor, you can practice this important instrument skill at your own pace and save hundreds of Dollars on figuring out holding entries in the air.

This is a great tool for anyone training towards their instrument checkride, CFII, proficiency check, or simply trying to improve their holding patterns.

Customer Reviews

  • It's great for instruction

    by Pilot555

    I regularly give holding instruction using this app. I like it

  • Simple but effective

    by Tin612

    Simple but effective. Maybe a bit expensive (like everything in aviation).

  • Helpful, but with bugs

    by JoeG59

    In practice mode, when you visualize, it draws the guide lines separating direct, parallel, and teardrop incorrectly. Plan view displays correctly.

  • Wonderful visualization tool

    by The cabin bro

    I am a student working on my instrument license. I always have struggled with visualizing how to enter my holds. After using this application straight for one hour. I can now mentally picture the hold without having to draw out the hold and fix on a piece of paper. This is a wonderful tool!

  • Works great

    by CessnaPilotPaul

    Fantastic study tool for IFR students.

  • Must have

    by Flyinghighagain

    I can't live without it. An invaluable tool!

  • excellent a must to have

    by cv3402000

    excellent must have

  • Excellent!!

    by Shut ugly

    Excellent app. Does exactly what you want it to.

  • Two thumbs!

    by Me!17

    Great app for entering holding!

  • Great practice app

    by Ed-iPad

    Excellent for understanding holding entries and visualizing them without drawing it out.

  • Great app

    by Zin94

    Excellent app.

  • Great app

    by Kabera

    Very helpful app. Highly recommended.

  • Great app

    by Noshoes4me

    This app really helped me to visualize holding entries, something I was really struggling with. Using the DG to determine the entry is very logical for me, as that is the instrument used to enter the hold. Having the ability to practice holds outside of the cockpit is invaluable. My only suggestion would be to have a setting that turns bearing type holds on and off. While they are a good mental exercise, they are not something I need to practice.

  • Very useful app for students.

    by Mhchotkd

    I recommend this app to all instrument students!

  • Holding trainer

    by Helorider

    Great app

  • Nice for practice.

    by Shbhalla

    This is a great way to refresh your holding patterns. I wish the app was more than just that though.

  • Great app!

    by Rico172

    Helped me a lot with my IFR class

  • To the user that claimed that the app is incorrect:

    by CFIpilot12345

    I'm a flight instructor and can confirm that the app works correctly. The visualizer is mirrored to the map plan view since your point a view when looking at the DG is different then your point of view when looking at a top down map view. The tutorial in the app explains this. You can verify this by comparing the results from the plan view and from the visualize mode are see that they are in fact the same.

  • Great App!

    by M33cfi

    Great to keep your holding skills sharp. Love it!

  • Great buy, if you are a serious flight student - it's invaluable

    by aide_de_camp

    After an hour you'll have a good framework to deal with holding. Although ATC rarely, if ever, gives bearing holding instructions (they usually give hold as published or hold inbound on some radial). Despite the oddness, the program just makes you think a bit harder. That's ok. When you are in the air doing it for real, you'll nail it.

  • Great App

    by samuel745

    This is a very good learning tool. The in flight application is unsurpassed. But when the app craps out and goes to a black screen after you write a good review, and you try to contact customer service the don't get back to you. I deleted the app and now have to pay again to reinstall. Nothing doing!

  • Holding Visualizer Incorrect

    by FlydogAZ

    The holding calculator and practice answers are correct, but the holding pattern visualizer and tutorial are backwards. The parallel 110 degree sector should be to the right for right hand turns, and to the left for left hand turns. The teardrop sector is always 70 degrees.

  • Great App!

    by Abaker300

    Definitely an app for anyone working on their instrument rating or who needs to brush up on some instrument proficiency. Holds are one of the more difficult maneuvers to be able to visualize, and this app has made a big difference for me in developing the ability to do so. Thanks!

  • Good training aid

    by Snowbomb101

    As an instrument student this really helped nail down my holds and gave me the confidence when my instructor pulled impromptu hold instructions while in-flight.

  • awesome

    by Aetandazor

    this app is really great for training. For new and for experienced pilots, definitely great. A must have

  • Help a lot, anytime anywhere

    by nicoavia

    First purchased app, on my ipad. Definetly worth it so much, good explaination and visualization it's a simple but really useful for students and senior pilots. Please, keep update it with more variety question, i do will keep it save this app, forever :-D

  • Great training aid

    by raywise100

    This program is great! It has been a big help in my IFR training, I would highly recommend.

  • Lo maximo

    by Jose C Pinedo

    Very recommendable.

  • Pilot

    by Mikeontheroof

    Nice, simple app to practice visualizing holds. Saved a few bucks in the sim for sure

  • Pilot, IGI

    by Tbrown4257

    This is a very good app for training purposes. For operational use the fonts need to be larger.

  • It's ok

    by Dealioo

    It really helped me understand entering into holding, which is why it gets three stars. I am having significant trouble visualizing the holding pattern and I'm not getting a lot of help understanding it with this app... It could just be me though.

  • Holding trainer - highly recommend

    by Boomersb

    This is the first review I have written for an app, but I felt it was warranted. As part of my IFR training, holds weren't coming easily - mostly understanding of relative position to a hold. Not a problem any more. This app is incredible as a training tool and explains, shares tips, and allows for practice, practice and practice. I don't understand why anyone would need one of the other "hold calculator" apps if you've learned and practiced using this app. Well done to the designers.

  • Hold trainer

    by Rana pipiens

    Tutorial was outstanding. Practice invaluable. Recommend for students and cfii candidate.

  • My students love it

    by Pick1name

    As a CFI and CFII I use this app with my students all the time to help them learn.

  • Holding

    by Tim 123c

    Great ifr holding training tool

  • Holding Trainer

    by Cessna 172SP

    Well designed and perfect for "drills" to get comfortable with procedures before actually flying. Well designed options before and after each scenario.

  • Great!


    This app really helps my students grasp holding pattern entries. No more "deer in the headlights" looks. Plays like a game which is always good with the younger generation.

  • Great app!

    by Chuckroc

    Fantastic app! Great for students and for CFIs teaching the material too!

  • Excellent

    by Amir320D

    The best and most effective way to learn holds, thorough practical exercise. Keep up good work! CFII, CFIME, ATP

  • Great app!

    by Annoyed pilot

    Perfect for learning the right entry.

  • Good app

    by Bzabadi

    Good app. Very helpful

  • Good app

    by Sha-Shoo

    At first I didn't like it after I used it a couple time a understand it, I get to like it. I'm looking for a better app about holding position, but this app is the best one so far

  • Great learning tool

    by R-44 Pilot

    As a CFI I will use for my students and myself, a picture is worth A thousand words. Why does the app load upside down ??? I have to turn my ipad Upside down to read????

  • Great tool for learning and refresher

    by PPGpilot

    In addition to helping you learn, this app gives sample problems to help master holding procedures. I'm a CFI working on my CFII and plan to use this tool with students.

  • Awesome holding trainer app

    by Jdhess

    This app is excellent for learning holding entry. Highly recommend it.

  • Fun Study Aid!

    by Marco Digges

    I'm using this app to study for an upcoming airline interview. It's awesome! It makes studying the dry, tricky topic of holding patterns fun! I like that the tutorial offers not 1, but 4 different ways to visualize pattern entry.

  • Very well executed

    by adamkova

    Amazing app, suitable both for experienced pilots, and for students alike. Highly recommended!

  • Excellent app

    by juanlovi

    Right to the point, great to understand holding entry in all levels and starting to get the big picture. It a great tool to learn how to do a hold entry in the cockpit, like in real time!

  • Great application

    by Kling9

    As a cfii I am going to recommend this application to all my students! Very well done! Very unique and helpfully application!!

  • Holding training

    by Theonewhodidthetime

    Excellent app. Great training and refreshment tool. Will save you money. Well done.

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