San Diego Map Offline Navigation App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: FidesReef

A lot of update with a tons of features
- Search feature
- Bookmarking
- Park location and retrieval
- iOS 4 compatibility
- iPad compatibility

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Updated : All in One (iPad, iPhone4, iPhone3GS/3G, iTouch, iOS 4 compatible, Searching (street,restaurant,hotel,school,etc), Bookmarking, Parking, Search Filtering, Location tracking using Wifi, and much much more...)

San Diego Map Offline enable you to use maps offline without internet connection. This includes maps street names detail. This will give peace of mind when traveling aboard knowing you will not be charged with roaming fee.

A lot of new features
- All in one search feature (street, restaurant, hotels, schools, etc)
- Bookmarking
- Parking drop and parking retrieval
- Real time GPS tracking capability
- Much more better GPS detection capability even for place with weak GPS signal
- Smooth zooming in and out just like Google Maps
- Easy to drag and move the map around
- Remember last parking location and exit position

This maps should not be used for mission critical purpose.

San Diego Map Offline use OpenStreetMap maps and will be keep improving overtime by OpenStreetMap users around the world.
Thank you also for peasap for using picture taken by her/him under CC-SA license

Customer Reviews

  • Horrible App

    by 546592635

    I did not like this app. It is very slow. Some of the streets are missing. It's really difficult to move around the map. Don't buy this app, it really needs alot of updates to be any help.

  • No Frills

    by Chadwick, SD, Ca.

    Well, what can you say, you buy a map, you get a map. You can not look up a street, address, or even locate your position off line like the developer claims, you can however, locate your position on line via 3g, edge, or wifi. That's it. I got this app for safety purposes just in case, because the selling point was to use the gps when all else fails. Well, 3 dollars later the gps doesn't quite mesh well with this map app.You get a pop up messege that says "wait another 5 seconds", well 5 hours later the darn thing still won't load a position via gps. I have 3 other navigation apps (used for sailing or hiking) that work perfectly with the gps. Hopefully, if I do get in a bind in San Diego I get stuck near a starbucks with hot spot wifi to load a position on this map. In that case google maps solves the problem anyway. Hopefully the developer of this map app will solve the problem but If not, at least I got a map I can scroll my finger around on and guess where I am at. -Wick

  • Where is North County?

    by Spottty

    If you live in Escondido or Oceanside you don't exist.


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