Mexico City Map Offline Navigation App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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Seller: FidesReef

Fix iOS 4 compatibilty and a lot dosf ufpdate with a tons of features
- Search feature
- Bookmarking
- Park location and retrieval
- iOS 4 compatibility
- iPad compatibility

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Updated : All in One (iPad, iPhone4, iPhone3GS/3G, iTouch, iOS 4 compatible, Searching (street,restaurant,hotel,school,etc), Bookmarking, Parking, Search Filtering, Location tracking using Wifi, and much much more...)

Mexico City Map Offline enable you to use maps offline without internet connection. This includes maps street names detail. This will give peace of mind when traveling aboard knowing you will not be charged with roaming fee.

A lot of new features
- All in one search feature (street, restaurant, hotels, schools, etc)
- Bookmarking
- Parking drop and parking retrieval
- Real time GPS tracking capability
- Much more better GPS detection capability even for place with weak GPS signal
- Smooth zooming in and out just like Google Maps
- Easy to drag and move the map around
- Remember last parking location and exit position

This maps should not be used for mission critical purpose.

Mexico City Map Offline use OpenStreetMap maps and will be keep improving overtime by OpenStreetMap users around the world.
Thank you also for tinou bao for using picture taken by her/him under CC-SA license

Customer Reviews

  • Good!!!

    by jhgbuff

    I used this application to find streets in Mexico City and it worked like a charm the navigation function works with the IPhone 4 so in general I am very pleased.

  • Useful offline maps

    by JCAMP71

    This app worked well as a source of offline maps to find current location and see what street I was on. It's meant to save you roaming charges, so it isn't interactive. Compared to other map apps, this a superior one. I did come across that the gps would not work until you were in wifi or data roaming. Once it locates once you are able to turn data off.

  • GPS did not work

    by David Eich

    The GPS locate function did not work - maps of Mexico City were very limited

  • No directions?

    by LuisCarselle

    The map works, but only identifies you location, but there is no way to get directions or to even look for an address, without that is just incomplete and it does not worth the investment.

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