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Seller: Excelltech Inc.

Accuracy meter now shows accuracy of most recent signal, instead of average of last two.

Fixed small visual glitch on compass.

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Have Compass PointMeThere point you to any location in the world!

Compass PointMeThere provides you with an animated compass showing your current heading, and a red needle pointing towards your selected destination.

Hit 'Add' on the 'Home Location' screen to add your current location to your list of locations, or enter the latitude and longitude to add more exotic locations such as the North Pole, Mecca, or the Western Wall. Store up to 30 locations. Select the location and the red needle will point you there!

Hikers -- Find a good spot to camp for the night, mark it, and then go exploring. Compass PointMeThere will point you straight back to camp no matter where you are!

Travelers -- Mark where your hotel is and you'll never have to ask for directions again! Make sure your cabbie really is going in the right direction!

Boaters -- Mark your dock and you will always have the shortest path home. Never get lost at sea again!

At a large event -- Mark the location of your car and know where to walk no matter what exit you use!

We are sure you can think of many more uses.... Here's how it works:

Compass PointMeThere uses GPS data to calculate the direction you are moving. To activate Compass PointMeThere with an initial reading, move in any direction for 10-30 seconds. The compass display will rotate to show your current bearing and the needle will rotate to point to your selected location. Continue moving in any direction and the compass will update accordingly.

Compass PointMeThere also provides you with the most control of your phones GPS capabilities than any other compass application. In the 'Settings' screen you can choose from our pre-defined GPS settings for walking, bicycling and driving, or you can use custom settings and have fine control over the Movement Threshold ( how far you must move for the compass to rotate), Accuracy Threshold ( how accurate of a GPS signal the application will insist it gets), and Distance Filter ( how far you must move for the application to request an update, larger distances saving battery life).

---Tips for Optimal Performance

*If you are not finding a signal, switch to a GPS setting with a higher accuracy threshold. The bars and number in the upper left of the compass screen show your current GPS signal strength and how accurate it is. The number should decrease until it is below your Accuracy Threshold.

*Use a 'Custom Profile' to increase the 'Distance Filter' for increased battery life, but less compass updates.

*When using a 'Custom Profile', set the 'Movement Threshold' to around 1/4 to 1/2 of the 'Accuracy Threshold'. Any lower and you risk the compass wandering incorrectly.

*2nd generation iPhone required for best performance

The recent 2.0 update provides greater compass accuracy. If you are having trouble with Compass PointMeThere email for support.

Customer Reviews

  • Works well - hoping for more improvements in the future

    by geoCache1

    Let me tell you something - you need to use the application properly to get it to work. The iPhone is not a compass. You need to be moving to get the GPS in the iPhone unit enough data points to calculate the cardinal direction. That said I've found this helpful enough when I'm wandering the woods and not sure exactly where I'm going. It can't replace a handheld Garmin unit but that's why the app only costs $2.99 and not a couple hundred bucks. Get the update - much improved.

  • Really Great App and Even Better With the Update!

    by shabooza

    This is so awesome, I've been using it to remember where I parked and its really great. I thought it was useful before, but the update makes it so much better. I can't wait to use it when I go hiking, it will be amazing because it can remember my exact location (where I put up my tent) and I'll never get lost...which is much better than a regular compass.

  • best compass app out there

    by ladykyt

    i love being able to have so much control with the custom profile. i'm surprised others are complaining it is slow ---- just lower the update period! when I'm hiking the needle is always pointing straight home, it meets and exceeds my expecations. i wish i could give 10 stars!

  • FAIL

    by Pagock

    App needs to update when started. It won't. No update means no work. Bummer.

  • Only updates

    by Bigmanhtown

    App only updates and runs out of time. Starts updating again, runs out of time. My first wasted purchase on my phone.

  • unhappy

    by clif6010

    this does not work with the Ipod my bad so I lost 2.99 don't buy it for the Ipod

  • waste of money

    by zalephoto

    Slow and unresponsive. Constantly updating never working. No matter where I try to activate it. If I could get my money back I would.

  • Gps

    by dch1186

    Works poorly. No good

  • Not like a real GPS

    by emiyes

    I always noticed that the GPS receiver in the I-phone wasn't as good as the one in my purpose-made GPS. I didn't expect it too be. It makes up for it by being always at my side. But this app is too slow to be of any service. I don't know if its the program or the receiver, but the app can't keep up with the demands of differentiating course and speed, a job my regular GPS does with ease. I think I'll use my I-phone GPS for glancing at maps and write off this app to lessons learned.

  • Terrible

    by yasso1234

    Very slow

  • Hmmm...

    by pcg

    Ran a test on this app outside & in an open area, deciding to try something easy as a first shot. Unfortunately, I found it to be slow & largely unresponsive. After walking a loop of about 200 ft, the compass moved once, rather than shifting as I shifted direction. Sigh--what a wonder it would be to have anything approaching a standard compass. But this app doesn't meet even that low standard. Perhaps future iterations will improve. Other comments? The compass units can only be set to meters or yards--options should include feet as few of us think in yards. The setting can be set for Walking, Bicycling, Driving or Custom. But there is no explanation of what changes with each setting. Are accuracies increasing or decreasing? Who knows? Font sizes on all displays are too small & should be enlarged by at least 50%. There is only one compass face option--the designer should provide several, based on classic compass faces. But my biggest irritation is the lack of response when walking a site. Clearly the compass should shift and move its needle as the course direction changes. But even in an open field, that expectation was dashed.

  • Compass

    by MsKacy

    Not at all what I expected, deleted it

  • compass pointme there gps

    by buxtonboy

    I thought I was downloading an electronic compass! whoops! Costs about $2.99 too much.

  • Go compass

    by Ibbirdy

    This app is a complete sham!! In the description it says works like a actual compass. It does not!! Shame on apple for allowing this app!! Always updating...says not moving or GPS has timed out & this is crazy I am moving & have set it for walking mode but this piece of crap doesn't work. Why won't apple give me my money back!! They need to refund everyones money back that has downloaded this worthless app!! Last time I believe the commercial on TV for there apps!! This is like highway robbery for there customers!!!

  • It's crap !

    by HWRUM9

    This ap has not worked since I spend the 2.99 and an email to them had got no response. I would rate it 0 stars but it will not allow.

  • Altitude measured in yards??

    by G5Ron

    It worked fair to find my way back to the hotel but distance to and altitude are displayed in yards???? and speed in MPH! What were they thinking? I sure hope there's an update in the works!

  • Doesn't work like an actual compass.

    by Croomster

    The red arrow points to your selected destination, not North, so if you know how to use a real compass, you might be frustrated by this comparatively expensive app. Don't let the stars fool you. Hopefully this will keep them from doing so. If you're compass-literate, choose something else.

  • Junk

    by Pastor Eddie

    Won't stop updating... Waste of $3.00! Do not buy!!!! I will change my review if they fix it!!!!!

  • Compass?

    by Kinzlee

    JUNK. JUNK. I want my $3 dollars back

  • It's a sham

    by jimcar11

    Tried it maybe half a dozen times....I have never seen it quit updating....pretty much useless. Can't believe Apple lets someone put a sham app on here to rip people off.

  • Never works!

    by dclionva

    It's constantly updating, and can rarely find me. Wish I could get my $$ back! Awful!

  • Sid

    by DCH1108


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