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Seller: Embark, Inc.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will likely be the last version of Embark to support iOS 4.3 and iOS 5. The next version of Embark NYC will be for iOS 6 only. I know we said that for the last few updates to Embark NYC, but we're pretty sure we mean it this time!

- Bug fixes
- Updated Schedules

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Embark NYC Subway makes it easy to get around New York. Embark even works without cellular signal!

– Offline trip planning between subway stations
– Interactive MTA Subway map
– Directions to any address or landmark (internet connection required)
– Tap any station to see upcoming scheduled trains & a street map
– Bookmark a station to save it
– Current delays and diversions
– Push alerts for delays customized to your routes
– Share your trip via Email, SMS or Twitter

Feedback? Requests? Please email us at support@letsembark.com

Please note: Embark NYC Subway was not commissioned by MTA or NYCT. We do officially license the MTA Subway Map and we do our best to provide the most complete and up to date information.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by iPhone 4 User :)

    Use it on a almost everyday use.

  • Unsure

    by G G G Gucci

    It worked great but suddenly it says " no specific trips at this time" I don't know if I'm the only one but even if I set it up for different locations its the same thing. Fix please!!

  • Great ... Handholding tool

    by Dgavo

    This is a great app for assisting you in getting to where you going on the NYC subway system. It takes a tremendous amount of stress away from the quick changes of trains. I use it to go from the city to queens to visit a cousin and it was a delight. This is a permanent plus to my apps for travel. Great job. Much better than other similar apps.

  • Made our trip a breeze

    by SuddenNoiseFromTheStall

    Pros: easy to use, great searching, really smart about its variety of routes. Automatically tracked route changes and announcements to keep you from getting caught in the wrong spot from a closure. Most importantly and best of all it saves the results of your search even without service. So if a c comes before an a you can make last minute adjustments and switch without searching again. It was great. Cons: Sometimes it didn't take into account how you could cut walking with extra time on the subway. (No I'm not walking .4 miles to the 6! I'll take another train a stop and transfer.)

  • Great help for my New York trip

    by Jennymangolu

    Still in NY and using this apps. Hotel is close to LGA. Very helpful for my trip.

  • First app review ever!

    by Azkikr27

    I have never left an app review after years of having an iPhone and downloading apps. This app is so intuitive and useful I had to show some love! Amazing! No need to use any other travel app for NYC.

  • Great for planning

    by LTR2

    My go to source for planning subway use. Nice it is available offline.

  • Soooo helpful

    by chloe409

    Great app! Especially because you can figure out a route between stations without service (in the subway). Suggestions: 1) ability to bookmark addresses 2) map view of the entire route, not just walking segments

  • Map outdated

    by Jdrizzle1

    Good app but the subway map hasn't been updated in over 2.5 years. The MTA has published multiple updates.

  • Most useful app for tourists!!

    by Syd AZ

    Great app!! Works in subways when no service is available on your phone. Super easy to use by just entering your starting point (or current location via gps) and where you want to go. Foolproof directions including walking sections. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

  • Train icons

    by Caaaszee

    Where are they? When I search, for example 14th st. More than 3 different stops show, but the train icon isn't there. After the last update they disappeared. Bring it baaaaack.

  • Awesome. Better "search" needed.

    by christobar9

    This is a great app. Just needs a better search algorithm to look up more landmarks, store locations, etc in NYC.

  • Love this app!!!

    by Yenliva1

    A MUST download app to help ya get around NYC.

  • Notifications not working anymore

    by Little_Mousey

    Great app but for some reason the notifications are not working anymore. It use to let you know if a train is delayed or not in service.

  • Was good

    by Brbtyu

    This was an amazing app until recently. I had to redownload on my iphone and I recently got an iPod touch 4G and the trains emblems won't show up at any of the stops

  • Must Have if In NYC

    by Woodiah

    Excellent app for getting around New York - Without it I am sure my wife and I would have become lost several times!

  • Can't see train numbers & letters

    by Pressure Grafix

    When I search train stations I don't see the train numbers or letters. I only see the name of the train station. It helps when I see the train numbers & letters as well as the train station. Please fix this

  • Help

    by Yasmin210

    I love this app so much but after the update it is not allowing me to see what trains are available at my train station. Please fix

  • Need the train symbols back

    by BPowder

    Previously when typing a station it had the train symbols underneath. Now it doesnt and you have to click on multiple stations to find ur train. Return symbols and return to five stars


    by Uzb3k

    Please BRING BACK TRAIN LOGOS IN SEARCH. When you type in "57" i get 3 results for 57 but the trains do not show next to them anymore. Why would you remove that? Please put it back. Thanks

  • Useless

    by Lizcgjbf

    When trying to get directions the app usually tells me to walk - even when I choose preprogrammed subway stops as my start and finish points. I thought this would be great for on the go estimates of how long it will take to get from one point to another, but this app is just taking up room on my screen contributing nothing to the world.

  • Seemingly abandoned. No point to use it.

    by mrice99

    Was a great app but notifications died months ago. What a shame. They were gold to commute in NYC.

  • Push notifications stopped working

    by Tecerhfefnjt

    I had to change my review to say that all the sudden the push notifications stopped happening...

  • Would be awesome except...

    by theJondal

    I downloaded this app to help me get from Penn Station to Lincoln Center well after hours on a business trip. It put me on a correct train, but failed to mention it was an express that I should not be on, failed to list stations I should be seeing if I was on the local train in the first place, failed to list the correct stations at all. My commute ended up taking me an hour or so longer than it should have once I figured out what had happened. At 1am, I expect an app with such high reviews to work better.

  • Would be awesome except...

    by theJondal

    I downloaded this app to help me get from Penn Station to Lincoln Center well after hours on a business trip. It put me on a correct train, but failed to mention it was an express that I should not be on, failed to list stations I should be seeing if I was on the local train in the first place, failed to list the correct stations at all. My commute ended up taking me an hour or so longer than it should have once I figured out what had happened. At 1am, I expect an app with such high reviews to work better.

  • Good to Bad

    by TTrishh

    The update ruined it. Before you could see the train line associated with the station. Now you have to figure out which of the two or three options is what you're looking for.


    by Sammy Smiff

    I used to love this app, but now it’s completely unreliable for the A, E, and D trains. Major delays are not updated fast enough, if at all. I get more reliable information from the MTA website. Ever since Apple bought this company, it’s gone down hill. Did they replace everyone at the company with day-laborers?

  • But...

    by Musican5

    Great app, I use it every day but... Canal St. for the 6NQRJZ has been messed up since I've had this app (only giving NR) and now instead of being fixed with the update, it only lists the R. At least the timestamps should be corrected now but please have someone to write the correct code by the time DST comes back around?

  • NEW problem

    by ZoeZNov

    Love this app, use it at least 6 times a day. HOWEVER it has a new glitch where it doesn't show the lines, just the station name. So for 23rd st for example you have to click four different stations to get the right one. Please fix this!!!! Thank you

  • Good for tourists, useless for commuters

    by Eee1777

    When I heard about this I thought this would save me from getting down to the bottom of the platform and seeing the train pull away (I was hoping the departure times were accurate). If the times we updated real time that would work, but since the trains run every 10 minutes during rush hour, and the schedule is only accurate up to about 15 minutes... Well it's completely pointless to use it to time your trips to minimize waiting times. However if you are not good at reading the subway map and need a route spelled out then this is good for that.


    by Itzcelia

    Seriously I've tried so many apps to help me plan and time trips and this is by far the best! Easy to use, lots of time details, and the best part is it's accurate!!! Great app, keep up the work!

  • Disappointed since the update 10/18/13

    by BxQt24

    Used to like this app until today when I updated the app. Seems like when you enter a station stop you no longer see all available subway lines at that location. (as shown in the 4th picture of the description) For example, when you type in 7th ave, 3 options will come up but you have to click on each in order to find the line you want. Same goes for 34th and 110th streets if your not familiar with the locations.

  • Really useful!

    by Historydoll

    Born in Manhattan, lived here my whole life, take the subway every day, and find this incredibly useful. My one suggestion is that the most recent already-received advisories remain accessible offline. Otherwise, I love it.

  • Advisories

    by SG NY

    Though nice for offline maps, even when online, advisories are not computed into routes. The R tunnel for example is closed until late 2014, yet the app recommends trips using it. Google maps does a better job.

  • Confusing!

    by Jason Jackson

    The map is jumbled. Deleted after about 10 minutes of use.

  • Ehh

    by Mrs.Lovett20

    It's a fairly good app with directions and etc but the arrival times aren't updated. It will tell me a train is coming in 5 minutes but when I get to the station, it's actually much longer so that's pretty inconvenient.

  • Terrible app, not at all accurate

    by Brett BARASH

    Times change every time you refresh. No idea where their data comes from but it's completely wrong every time.

  • Great app

    by sowell

    Did exactly what we needed it to do on trip to NYC Great details- will use next time

  • Helpful app!

    by Vitaliy Skibin

    Thank you, guys! This app is awesome! Very helpful for people who need assistant with NYC subway!

  • Great

    by voltos

    My "go to" app for subway travel. The notice and alerts are accurate and timely. Easily the best of these apps. Saves time.

  • Superb!

    by Mr. CJD

    As someone who travels to different cities constantly I would love to have all the embark apps in one!

  • Helped a ton on my visit

    by Cheto Flep

    This app got me around during my stay in NYC. For a first time subway rider, it showed me around just fine.

  • Awesome

    by TheOnlyTeen

    This app is so helpful and useful... If you download this prepare to be very pleased.

  • A lot of flaws

    by Kikiiphone287

    This app used to work very well but it has not been updated. The N does not stop at every R stop and the R train is not running to manhattan. This app really needs to be updated because it also won't allow me to make the transfers I need. It is very frustrating to use.

  • Very Helpful

    by Max Thorson

    I visited NYC from out of town an this app was extremely helpful in navigating the subway system. I'm not positive if the departure times are super accurate, maybe that just how the trains are here. But as far as what trains to get on, when to transfer and where to get off, this is pretty much as simple as it gets. It's nice to have the option of using current location and searchable landmarks as starting and ending locations and have the app tell you the closest stop.

  • Great App!

    by VMF426

    Everything you need and super easy to use!

  • Not correct

    by MollyReview

    This app is not updated, some of the trains do not run to each other anymore, like the app says.

  • Best nyc mta app

    by PR Fiebru

    This is by far the best mta metro transit app. It is very accurate.

  • Really great app!

    by The king of pie

    Really simple app to use! I may be the only one having this issue but the advisories won't load at all. They work in the Embark Boston app and all the others I have but this one. I'm still going to leave a 5 star review. It's a really handy app to have!

  • Great transit app

    by swamidigital

    Used a few while I was in NYC, but this was the easiest, most intuitive and most useful.

  • System advisories unavailable

    by Od Sonnn

    System advisories unavailable

  • Best travel app

    by rockindude207

    Excellent app, but advisories wont show up for some reason

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