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Seller: Embark, Inc.

- Updated Schedules
- Updated Map

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Embark NJ Rail is an application for the New Jersey rail systems. It is essential to all NJ riders — from the occasional to the daily, the tourist to the commuter.

It includes:
- A trip planner (no internet required)
- Station information
- Scheduled arrivals
- A handsome multi-touch NJ Rail system map
- Service advisories (With push notifications)


Feedback is greatly appreciated at support@letsembark.com

Embark is not affiliated with NJ TRANSIT (NJT). The map was not developed, nor prepared by NJ TRANSIT. Data provided by NJ TRANSIT, which is the sole owner of the Data.

Customer Reviews

  • Great travel app

    by Jaymillz22

    This app is pretty straight forward, which makes it easy to use. Since my download of this app within the month of Jan of 2014 the app has worked amazingly. I recommend this app if your traveling NJ Transit.

  • Fantastic app.

    by Robbierobrobrob

    It is always accurate and up to date. I'm normally weary of secondary apps that depend in information from A main source but this one has yet to fail me. Easy to navigate once you browse through a couple of times. One of the better commuting apps out there! Get it now!

  • Really good

    by fritsebits

    And I am critical. Love it.

  • Not

    by Daddyhastwodaughters

    Great app very useful.

  • Accurate & Convenient

    by PaulDenCarm

    I can depend on this app. It has never let me down.

  • Great service

    by Cell44

    This is a really handy app. Would be great if Departure Vision were integrated and if you could save favorite trips.

  • Love it

    by Kyriba

    I love this ap--it does what it's supposed to do.

  • Very convenient

    by On the job market

    Easy fast n' fun

  • Beautiful app

    by CptMondaiJi

    Does what it's supposed to, rarely crashes ever and has no ads that take away or hinder the lookup process. Wouldn't recommend any other for NJ Transit schedules.

  • Excellent app

    by #1commuter

    This app has never let me down. I commute all over NJ switching from one train to the next. I'm very pleased with app

  • Reliable

    by Cantina Crasher

    Great app.

  • A must have app!

    by Mzsandra

    Fantastic! I rely on it heavily as a daily commuter from NJ to NY. Extremely helpful, especially with alternate routes & connections. I love it! I use it daily and would recommend it to everyone!

  • Very helpful

    by mrsamuelsonn

    Very helpful and it's updates have been current.

  • Great App but

    by New iPad23

    This app is great for train schedules but would be better if it could tell you up to the minute boarding info. Also would be great to have a bus section.

  • Great with a caveat

    by tunaterter

    Smooth interface, just needs support for favorite stations or most frequently accessed stations. So, would thus need user account support.

  • One of the better NJTransit apps

    by HexaGonz

    Full of great features but I'd love if it gave platform numbers for arriving trains.

  • I like it

    by JD2345

    If you are like me and don't drive this is a really good app. The transit map makes to really easy .

  • Great App

    by B-money!

    Love it. Use it everyday!

  • Excellent app!

    by KalraSumit

    Perfect for NJ transit passengers!

  • Helps me catch train with minimum wait time

    by Ping_the_postman

    Excellent little app, helps me plan commute effectively.

  • Indispensable

    by Mjgmjgz

    Indispensable to commuters using nj transit

  • Ok

    by Acostanzo

    Better than other NJ Transit sites. 3 stars because it asks me to rate the app too much.

  • Great app

    by jenniffer51

    Would be even better if added live updating arrival times when on train!

  • Super handy!

    by DoroLB

    Helps me avoid running for the train.

  • Meh

    by dubidoobs

    Needs track info

  • Nice app

    by Cer23

    I would be nice if you could purchase tickets in the app.

  • Inaccurate schedules

    by Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Which makes it useless as a travel app

  • Awesome!

    by Howard Carter

    Great for NYC area commuter rail. Functions without cell connection after downloading schedule updates.

  • Reliable app for NJ Trasit

    by Old User

    For the limited times I have used it it has worked pretty well for me. It's nice to have access to train time tables as needed

  • Not there yet

    by Alandrias Scott

    I've tried to use this app several times. New Brunswick to New York and back. Departure times often don't match those on the New Jersey transit website, and many scheduled trains are often missing. Why?

  • Great little app

    by Naresh Vanukuru

    This app is great for the people commuting in NJ. This is fast & simple to use.

  • Great service on NJT app

    by Pami1981

    I am very excited to have the NJT app on my new phone! The up to date train schedule really makes things easier.

  • Great app

    by BetseyMG

    Indispensable . Love it

  • Perfect for getting in and out of the city

    by Andrew5734

    Great interface, easy to use, and always up to date.

  • Quick and efficient

    by Infinteset

    Only Wish the track number would be listed for penn station in NYC(elsewhere too).

  • Amazing

    by Nonye86

    I live in nj and go to school in ny and this app saves my life on a daily ! It's always accurate !!!

  • Very Helpful

    by James Rolfe

    Very easy to use with accurate train times.

  • Helpful App

    by Adoptionmsw

    Very helpful for planning trips to Manhattan.

  • The company's incompetence doesn't help.

    by 27372

    Not sure how useful the advisories are when they aren't posted until an hour after the train they're referring to leaves at it's designated late time. Also rarely is any reason given for constant late running trains regardless of if they even manage to get the alert out in a reasonable time. Awful app, awful service.

  • Great App

    by Michael naimaD

    Always accurate and easy to use....a must have for any commuter on NJ Transit..

  • Always wrong connections

    by XxsecretsxX

    Incorrect connections will caused too many missed trains. Their programming needs too much work. Only rely on NJTransit themselves.

  • Good App

    by Myjhan

    Please makes the app specify if the trains are inbound or outbound under the advisories tab. To merely say a train is delayed from a certain station defeats the purpose b/c you don't know if it's coming or going. Other than that good app.

  • Quite useful

    by AlekUzeus23

    I commute to Rutgers and this app serves all my needs (checking times for arrivals, departures, etc.). However, there is one drawback. I'd like it if they had real time updates for when the train will arrive (I've dealt with a few delays here and there), it's just unpleasant not knowing exactly when my train arrives. Overall this app is very useful in my daily commute, keep up the good work!

  • Love it!!

    by Mw2 pWnErr

    So much better than NJ Transit app.

  • Solid Schedule

    by Justalady035

    It's pretty good most of the time. I noticed it doesn't call out the local trains in the morning on the northeast corridor or the local trains out of Hoboken.

  • Excellent program

    by Kalani Thielen

    Well done!

  • Does its job

    by RahulThakkar

    Simple Well written Wish it would integrate with other non nj transit lines as well.

  • Works Well

    by tfed16

    Accurate, easy to use, and reliable for checking when the next trains coming up are. I recommend it for any NJT train traveling.

  • Love it

    by Caramel00416

    I'm new to NJ an this has helped me tremendously. I would've been lost without it. Thanks!!

  • Great app

    by Tiltallday123

    Very useful and user-friendly.

  • Very useful

    by bslno8

    Great app. Extremely useful.

  • Rail Rocks

    by Doniyel

    Easier than Apple

  • Helpful App

    by NavyJill

    I use this app all the time to plan my trips to NYC

  • Awesome!!

    by SACH78

    Hasn't been wrong once.

  • Correct, even when NJT isn't

    by Czescmarek

    NJT NJCL trip planner has been wrong since Sandy, but after a couple of mistakes realized this app would have shown me the correct times. Does the job and is dependable.

  • Great app

    by WJ-1

    Good job

  • Thanks

    by GF Glass

    Very helpful.

  • Very convenient

    by TomPhd

    This app makes it very easy to check upcoming train times on my commute. Schedule updates are timely. The interface is much easier to navigate than similar apps I tried before this. So, I highly recommend it.

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