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- Updated Schedules
- Bug Fixes

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Embark Metra is a transit application for the Metra commuter rail system. It is essential to all Metra riders — from the occasional to the daily, the tourist to the commuter.

It includes:
- A trip planner (no internet required)
- Station information
- Scheduled arrivals
- A handsome multi-touch Metra map
- Service advisories


Feedback is greatly appreciated at support@letsembark.com

Note: Embark Metra is not funded by or directly affiliated with Metra or the Regional Transportation Authority. These applications were made by three public transit riders who wanted to make the Metra easier to use for all riders.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Frewdaddy

    Great app!

  • Useful if you commute to Chicago

    by Mr. EJ

    It seems useful enough. I will keep you posted if it breaks.

  • Great app!!

    by Reed Rizzo

    I love this app! The only thing I would add is the track number.

  • Awesome

    by Fire Fenix

    Great app

  • Nice

    by Geaiblue

    Basically amazing--fast and simple. Just one thing: the app has some difficulty in finding my location. Otherwise, great.

  • Useful app

    by Fresh098564

    You have an error with your Sunday night schedule from Ogilvie. There is NOT a 5:35PM unless there is a show at Ravinia. Fix this!!

  • A must for Metra riders

    by BNSFfan

    Easy to use. Has everything for full timetable to system map to contacts page.

  • Metra made simple

    by Schwarzy18

    This app does everything you'd expect it to and boasts great usability and clarity.

  • Great app

    by FilipK5794

    Fast way to find out train times. Love the app!!

  • Finally something I can use!

    by @pasq

    Thank you! Much easier to use than Metra's website.

  • Fantastic app

    by Mattinil

    Infinitely easier to use than the metrarail mobile website.

  • Cool. Add a train tracker!

    by AlChandel

    Cool app, nice graphics. It successfully planned my metra trip today. It can search for a station nearby, but it can't search for stations based on a destination address, so you have to know which stop you're getting off at. Also, add a train tracker! I believe the CTA has a tracker on their website.

  • Love this app

    by Lovepics2

    So handy and easy to use.

  • Not quite there...

    by Meh little bit a lot

    The only qualms I have about this app is, the issues of it finding my location, finding out the addresses of where the stations are located and the schedule itself. I can't just have access to choose an option immediately to see what I need ,from one screen, there's always just a few more steps to go back and have a vague sense of what I need, or would like to know.

  • More reliable than Metra

    by Whitefam

    It's funny that a 3rd party offers a faster response time than Metra's own mymetra announcements. Sometimes you even provide updates faster than the conductors.

  • Good app but bad schedule

    by Osh12321

    Yesterday I went downtown, using the app to plan my trains to and from. Unfortunately the app said there was an 11:30pm outbound train for my trip home, which was not correct and I ended up waiting another hour for the 12:30. Also didn't give me the $7 weekend price, but gave the normal fares instead. Like the app, but it needs some improvement.

  • Most reliable app I have

    by Jimzzz89

    Great app. Never any problems. Good, simple, usable features.

  • Excellent

    by CarolinaDiego

    Gret tool if u use Metra everyday


    by Ayoo swagie LOL

    This app is just amazing, helps me get around easier.

  • Solid app

    by Adiann

    Good app to tell you what stops to use. Could use a geographical map overlay function. Reason for 3 stars is bc its good but not amazing but not bad either

  • No Express Train Indicator!

    by Libertyforall

    Add an express train indicator in the trip planner and I will raise my review. Local trains (stopping at all stops) vs. Express trains should each be distinguished visually somehow! This is an easy fix, please implement it!!!

  • Notifications Do Not Work

    by RobbyB123

    This app is fine for displaying train schedules. It also allows push notifications for train delays. Unfortunately those do not work at all. As I write this my train is 10 minutes late with the App displaying it as being on time.

  • Ineffective

    by Kmunited

    The one time this could have been extremely valuable was during the irregular operations in the cold weather. This turned out to be useless for service advisories which was the information most needed. You cannot rely on this app for anything other than basic schedule information.

  • Wrong info!

    by mgrocha

    Lost my train today, app not reliable! Outdated? Avoid!

  • Won't even open...

    by I don't write reviews...

    The app was working for a while but has been inoperable recently. I can open it, but it crashes within seconds on my iPhone 5... Should be optimized...

  • Good but fare calculator is just wrong

    by Tranzit Geek

    I've mostly used for schedules and it seems pretty accurate and well designed. However some of the fare information is totally wrong (and unfortunately in the wrong direction meaning it underestimated the fare by about $4). This is after updating the app and schedule info. If you know to ignore this info it's probably pretty reliable, if not, you can get caught without enough money for your trip. It also means you end up having to use this app for schedule and metra website for fares - easier to just use metra then.

  • Garbage

    by mitch (real one)

    App has false timetable information. Thanks a lot for making me late today. Use other apps such as Metra onTime or Metrack instead. Deleting this app.

  • Just plain wrong.

    by M.wes

    I used this app all last year as a commuter, so I tended to trust it. I no longer commute, with the exception of this morning, and the schedule is wrong. Does not match the .pdf online and I am behind schedule today because I relied on this app. Get it together.

  • Useless

    by Mrjes

    Does not show stop along the ride. Does not differentiate local and main line. Does not let you see more than a couple times at once. A PDF of the actual schedules would serve much better! FAIL.

  • V1.6 is buggy.

    by CCC2

    This is a great app when it works. I've also had intermittent issues with the schedule not showing up.

  • Not working

    by Juicyfruit81

    Says no scheduled times. This info is wrong map not loading correctly.

  • Download issues

    by Ashley Fenton

    Won't download updated schedules =/ this is stupid

  • Love this!

    by Bri guy11101

    Awesome, couldn't be any easier!

  • If you ride Metra, you need this!

    by Fancygirl31

    So fabulous. Been waiting for an app like this for a long time!!! Tons of information, well organized and intuitive. Love this app!

  • Soooo Easy to Use!

    by pgsjoe

    This is the first time I've actually liked an app enough to write a review. Been using it for about 4 months now and it's just, an all around, solid setup. I always get scared they're going to stop updating it and then I'll have nothing. So, decided to write a review in the hopes of talking more people into downloading it.

  • Nice!

    by DDK111

    Very nice, better than calling and the website!

  • amazing!

    by commie.cole

    i cannot believe this app has bad reviews. i've used it religiously for months and haven't had a single problem. it's incredibly user friendly and the schedules and other info are completely accurate.

  • Love this!

    by ECSharp

    Love this app along with the Ride the L app! Exactly what you need to navigate Chicago!

  • Does not work

    by Zeryab

    The plan schedule does not work. Useless to say the least.

  • Doesn't work.

    by eksheikh

    Cannot download schedules. Trip planner not functional.

  • Broken

    by Dakodeh

    Relies on downloading updated schedules, but the feature is broken. Useless as is. Please fix.

  • Love it

    by Cici6240

    Works just like it says. The schedules are accurate and easy to look up

  • Stopped working!

    by Hatedoingreviews1

    Loved (past tense) this app! Stopped working can't update BNSF schedules...app now shows "trains not found". Frustrating/ disappointing as this was a great app. PLEASE FIX IT!

  • No longer works

    by Dad Defelice

    It no longer works and download updated schedule button does not work. It would also be infinitely easier if you could mark stations or routes as favorites versus having to plugin everytime

  • Good design!

    by am.kheradmand

    Does not depend of AT&T 3G, that makes it useful! Good interface, easy to use.

  • Schedule no longer works

    by Dsidnt

    I too have used this app for about a year now. As of 6/5 it is no longer displaying the schedules for any station / train line combo. App does not work without the schedules so it would be great if this could be fixed.

  • Schedule doesn't work after 6/4/2012

    by Keith-IL

    I've used this app for over a year and truly enjoyed it. However, as 6/5, this app does not appear to work. Schedule shows no scheduled trains for any lines as of 6/5 and later. Would appreciate it they could fix this problem.

  • Great

    by Naybe Baby Bobba

    I've been using this app for like a year now and it's never given me any problems. It is VERY helpful and easy to use.

  • Awesome... But..

    by Bert.5

    This app is great and accurate I have no idea what some of you ppl ate taking about! Anyway my only wish if this app is it should have a reverse trip button under where u plan a trip instead of having to scroll all the way thru every time other then that awesome

  • Very handy!

    by RastaLulz

    I used this app this morning, and I must say it was very easy to use and 100% accurate. I look forward to see further development with this app.

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