Embark LIRR - Long Island Rail Road Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)


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Seller: Embark, Inc.

- Updated Schedules
- Bug Fixes

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Embark LIRR is a transit application for the Long Island Rail Road. It is essential to all LIRR riders — from the occasional to the daily, the tourist to the commuter.

It includes:
- A trip planner (no internet required)
- Station information
- Scheduled arrivals
- Service Advisories
- A handsome multi-touch LIRR map


Feedback is greatly appreciated at support@letsembark.com

Note: Embark LIRR is not funded by or directly affiliated with LIRR or the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. These applications were made by public transit riders who wanted to make the LIRR system easier to use for all riders.

Customer Reviews

  • Great, but could be better

    by mikey_n

    The app does and functions as advertised. Though, there are some improvements that could be made to enhance the user experience. For one, I think that being able to push train schedule notifications to your phone is a MUST! I don't like having to reopen the app and update the schedules. If I was able to star or push a certain schedule to my phone, and have it remind me what time the train will arrive would be great. Another problem would be to fix peak and off-peak awareness. Showing if your catching the train on peak or off-peak hours is important, and should be highlighted on the schedule. Other then that this app is good. I've tried others and they don't display as simple as this one.

  • A+

    by meecrob247

    Great app. The best of the bunch hands down. Embark NYC is recommended also for subway.

  • Slick interface but not as good as competitor

    by racatalano

    OK interface (not a big fan of black backgrounds) and not as intuitive or as easy to use as onTime LIRR. No saved routes, no easy way to look up reverse route.

  • Great app

    by aahpandasrun!

    This is the best LIRR navigation app I've used. Simple and effective. Very informative.

  • Wonderful but...

    by Lovin NYC

    Because of the black background it's to dull. Also the prices for on peek and off peak trains should be included. Hopefully in next update theses two things are fixed. Then I'll give five stars.

  • Great app for novice and veteran train riders

    by Brad Peck

    Great application, the only thing is it doesn't have employee stations like hillside, other than that it is a must for everyone.

  • Great App for commuters!

    by Vzwflipshot

    Very well designed app. Simple easy to use and everything is pretty quick too. Could use a little clarity on when the train time leaves at origin. Other than that, great app compared to the others I tried! Defitly download

  • Great app but....

    by ecualoko

    It would be nice if you could fix the app since I have my iPhone set up for military time and the AM and PM wheel still pops up.... please fix ASAP

  • Very good!

    by LirrLor

    The graphics are consistent with an LIRR schedule and it's easy to use. Wish list items are adding fare info and peak/off peak times.

  • Excellent app, currently needs some corrections to schedule data

    by Jeremy4665

    Generally an excellent app but currently (3/10/13) is providing some erroneous information. For example: - results of a search for travel on Monday 3/11 are weekend schedule trains (long beach branch) - a search for Tuesday 3/12 results in "no trips found" (long beach to atl terminal 7:30pm) Please fix....thanks

  • Nice app - BUT

    by Sholom Fried 360

    Easy to use, good design, but I learned NOT to rely on the schedule. Which is really the most important feature of the app. The penn to Far rockaway train schedule shows a 3:07; just off enough s

  • Best App for LIRR

    by LIRR Traveler

    This is by far the easiest, most accurate app for Long Island Rail Road Users. The ability to SMS and email train times is a huge help.

  • Solid App But Lacks Key Info

    by ACM1212

    I use this app a lot to work out my trips from Manhattan to various LIRR stations around the area. One issue I find with it is that many stations have multiple tracks. Huntington, for example, has a Track A and a Track B. It's important to know which track your train will be arriving on or departing from because that info affects which parking lot you should use. It's not a major issue, buy knowing this info would improve the convenience factor of this app by a lot. Fare info would also be valuable.

  • Better than LIRR onetime

    by Tip NYC

    Good app with accurate times... I used the other app ... Onetime and the schedule was off multiple times. This one hasn't failed me yet. One suggestion ... Could you make the design/ colors more attractive. The other app looks sexier and sex sells (even if it's free).

  • Great app!

    by Its All Greek to Me

    Always accurate. Only improvement would be to add the ability to get fare info.

  • Embark LIRR

    by D. Hill

    This is another great transit app from Embark which offers a slick modernist design interface, a route branch map for the LIRR service, favorite destinations, starting points from any station, offline information and the ability to look up almost anything regarding travel on the trains.

  • Excellent

    by ddoron

    I prefer this over the website any day.

  • Great app for the LI commuter!


    I use this app regularly to get to and from work. Great app with everything a monthly commuter needs for the LIRR. Thank you!

  • Would be nice to have fare calculator

    by code4life

    Looks like a great app but I still end up going to the LIRR website to calculate the fare cost and then I end up double checking the schedule again, so no real advantage for me at this point.

  • Great UI, easy trip planning

    by beatanoelle

    I have their app for the NJ Transit system, and love it, so I was glad to see they have ones for the LIRR and subway as well. It's true that it seems I be a new app, so there might be a few buggies that need fixing: after I initially downloaded the app (today), it couldn't find any trains at times when I knew there were trains, and i also got the alert that new schedules needed to be downloaded. Tried w/out success for a few times, but then I force-quit the app, and when I restarted it, got a message about the download and was able to successfully update the schedules. It works perfectly for me, and I find the interface much more intuitive and quick to navigate than other transportation apps.


    by Looking for a good LIRR app

    This is the worse app ever! It doesn't work properly. Don't waste your time downloading!

  • No train schedule?

    by Me1976085356

    What's up with this app. No train schedule from Sunday midnight on?!?!

  • Loved the first version, but...

    by Frosty722

    The update says it has no trains for my regular commute, which I know is not true because I'm sitting on a train right now that 25 minutes ago this app said did not exist. Please fix!

  • Wrong Schedules

    by Shime1026

    Not really updated...missed a train tonight cause it gave me the wrong time...moving on to another app

  • Waiting around

    by Penn Station Bound

    Currently waiting for a train a half hour because the one I was recommended by Embark doesn't exist.

  • Can't download updated schedules

    by Six so xxjksns

    Just downloaded the app, won't let me look anything up. It says I needed to download the updated schedule. Ok. But I hit the link and nothing happens. So right now it's worthless.

  • Great app

    by Flyer747400

    Times were spot on showing the same schedule as a paper one.

  • Schedule inaccurate

    by Fan_Apple

    Schedule did not reflect the holiday schedule (July 4th). There was only one train per hour from Penn to Port Washington but this app shows two.

  • Needs a fix

    by Eastonpro

    Was good up until yesterday when it had the wrong time by 10 mins. I missed the train. Another annoying thing it constantly updates the same update.

  • Great app

    by Ahmed EId

    Use it daily, this app does what it does it does very well.

  • by Chic Nettles

  • Updated schedules still WRONG!!!

    by Davelee212

    Updated right before heading out and still received inaccurate info. Was hour late due to this app. Checked similar app afterwards and the other one was correct, so not LIRR fault. Please correct your info for those of us that rely on your app!!!

  • Not accurate!

    by Pattyny

    Just deleted app. I relied on it to get correct time of departure but it was 20min off! thx for the missed train! This was bayside to penn on 3/17/12

  • Please Update Train Schedules

    by Nyclouie21

    This Is A Wonderful App If It Has The Right Schedule!

  • President

    by Busted Fitness

    Needs better updates. March the schedule changed and my wife had to take a later train. They need to update the app when the schedule changes.

  • Do Not Download!!!

    by Dbuda

    Do not download this app! It's not accurate. I've always used the mta website but for some reason decided to rely on this app. First time I used it, it didn't tell me that I had to transfer at Jamaica. The app thinks its better to go to Penn station then go back east. Cmon really?!?! I am deleting it as soon as I finish typing.

  • Commuter

    by Rob M. NYC

    A very, very well put together (and FREE!) app. Simple interface, great trip planner, station locator, and even notices from the MTA. For something like this, there's no need for a paid app. This is all you need.

  • Great

    by axcxc

    This app is pretty precise and so efficient with times, stations and transfers. Convenience at its best!

  • Works just fine

    by Beatiny

    The app works as advertised I only wish it could tell me when it is Off Peak and On Peak otherwise it's fine I recommend it.

  • Turns off booooooo

    by Petty pets

    Keeps shutting off as soon as it turns on. Not worth even the download

  • Info usually wrong

    by Yankees368

    At Least for my branch (far rockaway), the information is usually wrong. This will in no way help anyone. It constantly makes me switch at Valley Stream instead of Jamaica, which is wrong and adds 15-40 minutes. Even right now when routing through Jamaica, it's still wrong. Just use coocoo

  • Great delay updates

    by Frk040

    Up to the minute delay reports - great app for lirr riders

  • Great clean app

    by Dances With Electrons

    Add peak / off peak info and this app is PERFECT. quick clean and easy. Good work.

  • Even when its free, people gotta complain

    by Pnxnotded

    It would be impossible to show track info....it's generally determined 10 minutes before the train pulls in

  • Best free one I've found

    by Professor Dr. Sir

    So far this is the best free app for the Lirr. It could do more, like show the stops when you click a train, or show how much time is left before train leaves (not necessary but a nice touch). But I definitely recommend. It's simple and fast. To the guy below me asking how it's better than the mta site. I don't know what site your using, but this takes 2 seconds to use and you don't need wifi. The MTA site requires you to input all the info every time, and takes minutes! Not to mention its not formatted well for mobile devices.

  • How is this better than the MTA web page?

    by Dr.Carl

    So I downloaded the app and it works fine but I don't see that it offers me anything over simply bookmarking the LIRR link from the MTA web page. Neither offers track information and both should. The printed schedule offers some.

  • Good job

    by $korpian

    Great App!

  • Peak/off peak

    by bzhen0915

    This app is great!!!!!!! This app however also has room for more features. One important information that the app missed was the peak/off peak info. When the peak/off peak is up in the next couple of updates, it would be a perfect 5 star app

  • Excellent!

    by Tegalos

    Super useful. Very accurate and easy to use.

  • Feature request

    by Noam Katz

    Great app! Would be awesome if it showed which times were peak and off peak!

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