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- Bug fixes
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"A thing of beauty" — The Atlantic Monthly

"iBART is the best transportation-related iPhone application I've seen" — LA Times


Embark iBART is a transit application for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system. It is essential to all BART riders — from the occasional to the daily, the tourist to the commuter.

It includes:
- A trip planner (no internet required)
- Station information
- Scheduled arrivals
- A handsome multi-touch BART map
- Service advisories


Feedback is greatly appreciated at support@letsembark.com

Note: Embark iBART is not funded by or directly affiliated with Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART). These applications were made by two Bay Area natives who wanted to make BART easier to use for all riders.

Customer Reviews

  • Overall useful

    by Juicyjwang

    The app is nicely designed, except the estimated time of traveling is a little off. Just buffer another 5-10 min when you're traveling.

  • No Bart times shown!!

    by lanupiniki

    I always found this app useful! But now the times of the trains won't show up!! Does this app need an update??!

  • Doesn't work anymore

    by Lancespare

    Very handy app but now it needs an update for 2014 and new UI. Although Bart's never really arrives on time sometimes they arrive 60-90sec early on what the schedule say if not delayed 2-8mins for minor problems worst wait was 10-24mins. Anyways love to get an update!

  • Great app.

    by HouseStar69

    I love this App. However, the departures section has stopped working, please fix this problem.

  • Good app, but I miss Real Time Departures

    by BlueRhapsodyQAF

    Need to get the error/glitch fixed soon!

  • Fix real time departures

    by SavySabi

    I have used this app for a long time and it has been awesome but lately I see issues with the real time departures and it won't load. Please fix it... I also saw a review complaining about the red and yellow. I don't know if they live in the Bay Area but that is the differ colors of our lines. They need to look at the Bart map and see we have a red, blue, yellow, green and orange. They designate what sector of the bay your going to. Maybe you where going on the bay point to SFO/Millbrae which is indicated by red and yellow. Nothing to do with the how it is operating. Take a look at the map before make review on a transit app. This app even has a tab where you can see the map and the differ colors of the tracks hahaha

  • Was broken

    by Biox

    Used to be great! Then broken. :-( Now works again. TG!

  • Fixed it

    by Ion Mon

    Latest schedule update fixed the issues, no longer broken. The reason this is a 3-star app is that while it provides basic functionality, there are some glaring issues. First, the trip planner strictly shows trips in the future. This means you can't see any trains that just departed on that route: so if the train is running 5 minutes late, that trip is not visible unless you manually roll back the departure time. Since BART is often late, this is an inconvenience. Second, the same trip planner issue is much more problematic for trips selected by arrival time, where only trips arriving before the programmed time are visible. If I enter 1PM as the arrival time, and there is a train that arrives at 1:02PM, I can't see it. So if my schedule is somewhat flexible, I'm not getting the information that I need. Finally, and compounding these shortfalls greatly, there is no option on the trip planner window to "see earlier trips" or "see later trips". This turns the above inconveniences into serious usability issues. I need to navigate back to the data entry window, tap the time, and select a different time, before finally being able to return to the trip window to see what trips are available. So while this app is usable, it's just barely so. The information you need is there, but often not readily accessible.

  • Awesome app!

    by Lifetimer (back again)

    Found out departure times for next 2 trains from my usual station just by opening the app and got on a train 8 minutes later. Wow, this beats BART mobile by a mile. Keep it up!

  • Accurate and reliable

    by YoMel30

    It's great, I find it to be very accurate.

  • More Real-Time Info Please

    by ItsCal

    Attractive app, but more complex than necessary. Cute that you can do stuff like choose Regional Groups, but it clutters up the screen and add extra keystrokes. And how about giving us ALL the real time arrival info instead of just the next two arrivals? That info is available AND useful. Any why put the second arrival time in teeny type? There's plenty of space to ALL the arrival times in a font you can read. Sorry to be critical, cuz your app is beautiful, but as a daily BART commuter I'll take functionality over fancy screens any day. Thanks for listening.

  • Life-saver!

    by Keevman77

    I am re-writing my review. Previously, I had written that real-time departures were not working. They are now! I use this app almost daily, as it helps me plan my work around my commute.

  • Connection error

    by PakElms

    I'm getting connection error. What's going on?

  • Just stopped working

    by jbear1960

    Apparently support for this incredible app has been discontinued. The only thing available is scheduled departures instead of real time departures. Too bad, since it was the best way I had of being able to tell how much time I had to ride back to catch my next train.

  • Worst user interface

    by argphone

    Worst user interface ever

  • Incorrect transfer points

    by Nvengrin

    This app gives incorrect transfer points and I have missed many connections do to the app saying to transfer at 12th street and make a timed connection. Most passengers transfer at lake Merritt or Bay Fair but not at 12th street. Please developers read the Bart Website which outlines the transfer points for each train line.

  • The schedules are wrong!!!

    by Rodolfo_Revelo

    You guys need an update because the weekend schedule is totally wrong!

  • Y U NO WORK?

    by khalua

    Used to be awesome, now the real time departures is not working, an hasn't worked in weeks. Is it the BART API that's busted? Is it that you don't love us anymore? Is it that you are busy? An explanation would be great.

  • Y U NO WORK?

    by khalua

    Used to be awesome, now the real time departures is not working, an hasn't worked in weeks. Is it the BART API that's busted? Is it that you don't love us anymore? Is it that you are busy? An explanation would be great.

  • Pretty good, but...

    by pighuddle

    Too bad the Trip Planner only shows time-of-day departure and arrival times. A count-down option would make it easier to coordinate with other public transport apps, which are all count-down style.

  • Just inaccurate enough to be useless

    by Magicmat

    The overall concept and design of the app is sound, but the schedule (even with the latest updates as of Jan 22nd, 2014) have subtle but important inaccuracies that mean you can never trust the routes it gives you. For example, going from SF to Berkeley on the Pittsburg/Bay Point line, it tells you there is a timed transfer to the Richmond line at MacArthur. Except the transfer is really at 19th St. If you get off MacArthur, you may have to wait a while until the Richmond train comes. There are also bugs with viewing live departures, annoyances in viewing schedules before/after your set time, etc. In the end, I always have to double check this app's data with BART.gov, so what's the point of this app at all?

  • Schedules are wrong

    by Laurajfthvxy

    This app is to help you find out the train schedule so you can maximize your time. Problem is, the schedule is wrong for Millbrae. It lists the SFO airport schedule under Millbrae. I tried looking on the mobile website and it does the same thing. There is no 2:02pm Millbrae train from the Embarcadero. I think the app is easy to use, and decent UI, but if its primary function is to give me the schedule, then it doesn't deserve a good rating.

  • no longer function

    by cleanturtle

    Like so many others, I used to like this app when it would have real time departures. Now, it won’t connect and is no longer working.

  • Not working

    by Nomercy0307

    App stopped working. Would not give time and prices anymore. Please fix.

  • Stopped Working

    by ok so far...

    Nothing shows up anymore, no times, no departures, even the trip planner doesn't work. Fix this please!

  • The only app for BART.

    by OhHamburgers!

    Love the app. I use it daily! As of 11/20/2013, live departures seem not to be working, though.... That's the main reason I use the app!! Edit: As of 1/11/14, live departures still not fixed. Definitely regret paying for the app now. Will be looking for a new alternative that has live schedule. Very disappointed this isn't fixed.

  • Was good, now doesn't work at all

    by CA-Buttercup

    I use to love this app, but then it stopped being able to connect for real-time departures which was my primary use. Now I can't even get schedules. Useless now.

  • Used to be great, now lousy

    by granola357

    Ever since Embark was bought by Apple, it has fallen completely apart. The San Francisco wide app was discontinued entirely with no communication at all. And now real-time arrivals have gone from this app. They were out for several weeks at the end of November, were then restored, and have disappeared again. I did receive one response to my earlier message about this, but have not received a response to my second inquiry. None of the other transit apps are having problems interfacing with BART, which is what they claimed when I first wrote. Why has this company become so sloppy and unresponsive?

  • Used to be a great app!

    by Olejohnnyb

    For the first several months I used it this was a great app. Best feature was the real time updates about actual arrival times at the stations. Since a couple of weeks this function has stopped working. Now I can see only scheduled arrivals which are often off. Too bad.

  • Shows wrong transfer points!

    by Erica Parker

    WARNING: This app WILL consistently show you the wrong transfer stations...it ALWAYS screws up the north bound transfers in the east bay. Use a different app.

  • Connection Error

    by Jonohmygawd

    I primarily used this app to check live departure times, until recently when almost every time I open it it says "Connection Error - Switching to schedules."

  • Use to be a good app

    by Fasholi

    Until the real time broke! Fix it! Please!

  • Real time function no longer working

    by Justdb2012

    The app is now no more than a map and schedule. Fix ASAP

  • Used to be a great app...

    by Rhonda2too

    But I receive consistent errors now and schedules are not alway accurate. Okay app as is, but I rely on Bart for accuracy. Please update!

  • Broken, and no customer communication

    by The_nimmersatt

    Three months after Apple bought this company, real-time departures -- the only reason to use the app as it's schedules are not reliable -- stopped working. Almost two months later, there has still been no communication about it. They just pretend things are working. I personally missed a few trains before giving up on these thoughtless folks. At least when other large companies buy small outfits to integrate, they care enough about their reputation to explain they are ceasing support. But not Apple. Their low p/e multiple reflects Wall Street's view this company is vulnerable to competitors, and no wonder given how they treat their customers.

  • Real Time Departures Don't Load

    by Zofranprn

    The only reason I got this app was to see the real time departures but the app keeps crashing most of the time.

  • Not able to work properly

    by mr.711

    It crashes under iOs 7.0.4.

  • used to be a great app

    by Bhnu

    Now missing essential features: favorite trips--you have to re-enter repeated trips each time, also missing are correct transfer stations... which are available on the live Bart.gov website, but someone inaccessible to this app?

  • Broken :(

    by therealfiresheep67

    Was prompted to download schedule update and the data is empty. Deleted, reinstalled... same result. Sent email. Hope this gets fixed soon - I use this app all the time; especially to see advisories that cannot be heard or read from where one is standing on the platform. One star for being broken. Otherwise five stars when it's working.

  • Don't download the new schedules!

    by P@b1ito

    New schedules are empty.

  • Update messed up app?

    by samanata

    Latest update seems to have messed up the app. Trying to get a schedule between stations and it says No Trips Found. I know BART is running, because I'm on the train now! Please fix.

  • Does not work

    by sappper

    Depart time...soon? Arrival time... Blank

  • Live departures is BROKEN

    by The M Word


  • Times not correct

    by Jjjcwe

    On train now, downtown to SFO.

  • Needs fixing

    by Vicious04

    I've been using this app for nearly two years with no complaints until now: the live departures has been down for at least 2 weeks now. This is aggravating.

  • Out of date and needs update

    by PeterW433

    This used to be great. Not any more.

  • It was a great app...

    by Dcremy11

    It was a great app until it quit showing real-time departures. Someone seriously needs to fix this.

  • Used to be a great app

    by brianrhill

    No longer gives real-time arrivals. Just says "connection error: switching to schedules." Tried deleting and reinstalling. Same deal.

  • Real-time arrivals no longer work

    by Cerambycid

    Real-time arrivals have stopped working in the past few days. This was the best BART app around, but now it's useless.

  • C’mon guys! What happened to real-time???

    by ChopinBlues

    my 5-star review just dropped to 1 star. Sent an email to support days ago about this problem, but no response. Didn’t Apple buy this outfit? What gives???

  • Useless

    by hapaxes

    Useless until real-time updates are restored.

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