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- Bug Fixes
- Updated Schedules

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Embark DC Metro is the best way to get around Washington DC. It is essential to all 'Metro' riders — from the occasional to the daily, the tourist to the commuter.

Embark even works without cellular signal!

– Offline trip planning between stations
– Plan a trip from your current location (requires connection)
– Tap any station to see upcoming scheduled trains & a street map with Capital Bikeshare availability
– A handsome multi-touch DC Metro map
– Directions to any address or landmark (internet connection required)
– Bookmark a station to save it
– Current service advisories
- Share your trip via Email, SMS or Twitter

Feedback? Requests? Please email us at support@letsembark.com

Note: Embark DC Metro is not funded by or directly affiliated with DC Metro or the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. These applications were made by three public transit riders who wanted to make the DC Metro easier to use for all riders.

Customer Reviews

  • DC embark

    by Chacmool2009

    Very helpful...love it!

  • Helpful, accurate

    by Taniaha

    Helpful and accurate; I've tried a few different DC metro apps and this one works best. I rely on it to know when to leave my office. Includes maps, alerts, timetables and a search feature for station to station schedules.

  • Up to date, easy to use

    by Carpetbagger208

    This is the best Metro app I've used. Intuitive and easy to use, with a bike share locator and availability function that works great.

  • Helpful, in a real way.

    by robinista!

    I'm relatively new to DC, and this is such a great help. I love it!!!

  • Awesome

    by If Ok

    So very helpful. This app is very user friendly and updated frequently so info is most accurate. I use this app daily. A must have if u ride the metro rail:-)

  • Awesome

    by If Ok

    So very helpful. This app is very user friendly and updated frequently so info is most accurate. I use this app daily. A must have if u ride the metro rail:-)

  • I love this Ap!

    by K99js06

    So helpful for navigating my commute. It comes up with accurate yet creative ways for me to get home as quickly as possible (interesting transfer/line combos). Love how easy it is to use, the arrival time estimates, the fact that it tells you how long you have to transfer on a given itinerary, etc. love it!

  • Traveler

    by Frustrated ip4 / ios5

    Agree. Wasn't working for a few days but now it is and appears to work well.

  • Used to be great. No longer works.

    by Michaelc3

    No longer downloads the Metro schedules. I emailed them and haven't heard anything back. Is broken. Does nothing. Simple as that. Later: They fixed it and sent me an email. Good Job!

  • Working Again

    by Hunt62

    I can give 5 stars now that the app is working again.

  • The be all and end all of metro apps

    by Thomas Macwright

    They nailed it.

  • Simply the best app for dc metro

    by Julioaduran

    Looks like is down after apple acquisition.

  • Fabulous app! :)

    by Tanglia

    IMHO, this works really well for Red Line riders (Sorry, but I had to clarify this as I have read a very popular Twitter feed where many people are Blue or Orange line riders are furious because WMATA sends BL or OL trains very infrequently, more so apparently during Rush Plus). Anyway, I use this app whenever I need to travel by Metro. I believe, for the most part, this app is pretty accurate; definitely more so than anything WMATA ever produced. The only problem I have is WMATA related because I don't know how this app can guesstimate waiting times when there is track work (which is every night and every weekend). This, however, is not the app developer's fault; it's Metro's (no surprise there).

  • Schedules suddenly stopped working

    by Bettonarts

    I love this app. It has served me well doe a couple of years now for both NYC and DC but it has suddenly stopped showing schedules for DC. Perhaps it's just a reset that's needed but I can't find a place to do that or even a place to call for help. As I said, I love the app when it works but Shen it has a problem it seems to have left me high and dry.

  • Yup

    by Eglueckstein

    I use it everyday.

  • Love it!

    by J90lude

    Shows me all the train times without using wifi on my ipod. Absolutely no complaints.

  • Best

    by e.Lincon

    So helpful. It works even without internet. I use it all the time. Perfect for timing your trip and figuring out how to get there as well as sharing directions

  • Good app

    by Darealist18

    The app works very good, but it to have how many cars on the track from the train coming!

  • Great app, simple & useful

    by NavyJoe

    Very useful app for riding the DC Metro. Intuitive interface; starts with a map because sometimes that's all you need. Loses one star only because the Metro database it draws from is often wrong about scheduled times. If possible, would be better to show current train position (may not work if the Metro db doesn't provide).

  • Great app!

    by Shiiliq

    I use this app very frequently and it's great!

  • Incorrect departure times

    by Abby Kurtz

    This app is no help to me. The departure times are always wrong, which defeats the purpose. I'm not sure if they don't update times based on delays or what. You're better off checking times online or via Metro Trip Planner app.

  • Stop asking for a review

    by Spike8466

    One star for the persistent asking for a review.

  • Doesn't show an available train

    by shepdave

    I live in Vienna. I often take Metro to a Navy Yard/Nats Park. This app wants me to walk to Nats Park from L'Enfant. Shows no Green Line connection from Orange Line, but does show a connection to the Blue Line. Basically worthless. I'll be removing it from my phone.

  • Left Me High And Dry

    by DC Hotel Pro

    I used this app faithfully until it stop working all of a sudden. The maker of this app should communicate with its customers. I've since moved on to another app.

  • Was a great app... Doesn't work anymore

    by IndigenousForeigner

    No longer works.

  • This was the best app until it wasn't

    by LloydBrown

    Like another reviewer said, this has recently begun saying "no trips found" when you try to plan a trip. It's really a shame because this was the best app out there for Metro in DC. Please fix it!

  • Use to work but doesn't anymore:(

    by jnine83

    What happened?! No longer showing trip times!

  • What Happened?

    by Difquo

    This app was awesome but it recently stopped updating! Now it only displays "no trips found". Need a fix ASAP

  • Fall from grace

    by Bored Robot

    This app used to be fantastic, but now it only gives walking times when trying to plan a trip. I will bestow 2 stars only because I have fond memories of its past greatness and I can use it provide impromptu walking tours of the city. PLEASE FIX. I'm trying really hard to get my life organized and manage my time better; this tool always helped me get to my therapist on time, now it's all messed up and I run a huge risk of having to wait some unreasonable amount of time in one of Washington DC's dark metro stations that always seem to be infested with unattractive zombie federal workers or unsavory urban youth who butcher the english language at intolerable volumes. PLEASE FIX THIS APP...In lieu of this I will accept an iPhone 5s because I bet it runs nicely on that. Thank you

  • Use to be good i dont know now

    by Adamenemy

    This app doesn't give u any times that the arrival will be, it used to but not anymore. PLEASE FIX THIS I DEPEND ON THIS APP.

  • Stopped working

    by Yshres

    Recently this app has stopped showing times of departure for trains. It displays the message: "no trips found at specified time". PLEASE FIX.

  • Started Great, Now Stinky

    by Wm.

    Originally was a compelling app. Now it just plots waking instead of using metro. Seriously? I pick the stations and it gives me walking time, no metro involved.

  • Gives walking directions only

    by Whewcyc

    I've been using this app for a couple years with no problems. Just recently it only gives me walking directions from metro point to points. I am not interested in walking from metro to metro, and would really like to know the metro routes and times. Help!!! I really want to get the metro routes and times rather than directions to walk to them.

  • Great app with one flaw

    by Rick_6857463524

    Hands down the best metro app for Washington, but it has one flaw. It doesn't allow me to select "no walking" mode. As a result it always specifies, for example, from Dupont Circle to Ronald Reagan a walking transfer from Red (Farragut North) to Blue (Farragut West). Whereas I can transfer at Metro Station (the next stop) from Red to Blue without the walk. I am usually carrying luggage when going back to the airport and I want to minimize the amount of walking I have to do, even if it means riding a minute or two longer. If I have a settings option to allow walking or not, it would be the perfect app.

  • Probie

    by New Commuter

    Great app!

  • Outstanding app

    by Long-distance commuter

    It is kept updated. Useful online and off. Shows track traffic alerts. Doesn't try to do buses, so it does trains very, very well.

  • Love it

    by Bamn101

    Very easy to use

  • Awesome Metro App

    by waydon13

    Definitely one of the most accurate Metro apps on the AppStore.

  • Super easy and helpful

    by TobleroneP

    Kudos to the designer of this app. I loved using this during my DC trip because of its intuitiveness.

  • This is strangely my favorite app

    by cassieewassiee

    This app is my absolute favorite thing i've downloaded to my phone. I cannot explain the ease and helpfulness this app has created. I recently started college in DC and I had never lived alone in a city, let alone a confusing one like DC, however this simple app has made all the difference. I can easily find the nearest metro station as well a the quickest route within seconds and even more outstanding than that, I can send the directions to people in a concise, clear text or email. However I was most impressed when I recently discovered the walking directions as well. If I am far away from a metro stop this wonderful app offers me walking directions there! I am so happy with this app and I strongly encourage this metro app over others for anyone new to DC, or even someone who needs a little refreshing!!

  • Edwin

    by Padre Salsero

    Very easy to use and sleek look to boot!

  • WRONG Schedule

    by Stan15100

    Nice app with useful features and easy navigation. BUT useless because schedule is wrong for my Sunday trip on red line. Sad to give score so low.

  • Great!

    by Triplereef

    I checked out a few - this is powerful - does it all and is quick and easy. Map overview, finds nearest station, creates full-on routes, has next train and alerts, good search, offers google-like selections for start times - and overall travel time

  • Needs Updating

    by Atomicpunk67

    App was great for awhile. Seems like the schedule needs an updating. Times are way off now. Fix that and it will be an awesome app again

  • Good for on the go map

    by Cub37904

    I use this app constantly just to see where the closest metro stop is and what the station names are. The times are consistently off so I've come to believe that they are scheduled times, not live times. But the metro comes so constantly during the day that I never actually check it for the time, just where a station is if I'm in an area I'm not familiar with.

  • Accurate real-time data

    by P_aldrich

    If you want the same train arrival data that you get on the screens in the station, this app provides that data substantially more accurately than other apps.

  • Stranded

    by DC Tourist1987

    This app indicated incorrect station times and left us stranded. Had to call a taxi. This app was saying the Arlington Cemetary Metro Station closed at 12:00 am when in fact it closed at 10pm. No bueno being a stranger in a strange land.

  • Good App

    by Justined0414

    The only problem I have with this app is that it doesn't show when there are residual delays due to an earlier issue. Otherwise I really like it and like how simple it is to use.

  • Good app

    by Delores112233

    I use Embark in Boston, New York, and DC. It is pretty reliable and gives good alternative routes.

  • Helpful

    by Hollig123

    Great app. Very helpful

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