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Embark Boston T is the best way to get around Boston on the train. It is essential to all 'T' riders — from the occasional to the daily, the tourist to the commuter.

Embark even works without cellular signal!

– Offline trip planning between subway stations
– Interactive MBTA (T) Map
– Directions to any address or landmark (internet connection required)
– Tap any station to see upcoming scheduled trains & a street map
– Bookmark a station to save it
– Current "T Alerts"
– Push alerts for delays customized to your routes
– Share your trip via Email, SMS or Twitter

Feedback? Requests? Please email us at support@letsembark.com

Please note: Embark Boston T was not commissioned by and is not associated with MBTA. Transit data is provided by MassDOT.

Customer Reviews

  • What's up with the bad reviews?

    by Endless Ike

    I recently moved to Boston and downloaded 4 or 5 MBTA mapping/scheduling apps. After a week of use this one is by far the best for daily use. Sure, it doesn't have schedules available out into perpetuity, but what's really the utility in planning a trip down to the minute two weeks from now. It uses the actual MBTA system map, allows you to use GPS to find which station is the closest, and does a good job indicating when you need to make connections. Maybe doesn't have all the features of some other apps, but it's extremely easy to use and does the basics. Navigating mass transit in Boston.

  • Cool Like But Could Be More Useful

    by RoseSox

    Hmmm, it gave me a 3 min window to make my connection between N. Station and the Orange line, which is of course is impossible to do. Worse though, is that it didn't give a few subsequent times to make the Orange line. Instead it just listed the arrival time at my final stop based on the 3 min window for my connection. Not useful. Also it requires you to put in a start and end destination, which is okay. However I would like the option of listing just the schedule times not just in real time but for the next day or weekend too for planning. I did like the look, feel and color however which makes it more interesting to use than other apps.

  • Excellent

    by kkDem

    Seriously the best app ever if you need to use public transportation! Love it and use it daily. Thanks embark!

  • It works fine

    by T_J_Z

    Other comments are saying how it is not working. All one has to do is reinstall. I did just that and it works great :)

  • No schedule

    by gettheduckboatsready

    Whenever I try to plan my trip it gives me no schedule...it says there is no schedule available for that time, no matter what my starting or ending point is or what time it is. Could you please try to fix this

  • Great idea but...

    by MoisesZPineda

    The schedule is inaccurate.

  • Great for Travelers!

    by Andrew Brown

    If you are visiting Boston for the first time, or don't use Transit very often this app is a life saver! Easy to use. Great directions and saves you a lot of stress about how to get one place to another! Fantastic app by the developers! Thank you!

  • Great app

    by PT 25

    Good app to have! Never used the subway before but this save the day. Times are a little off but I was in Boston on the 4th and I think they re-did the times for the weekend.

  • No use without alerts

    by black.macleod

    App needs to be updated for the new MBTA alert system. It's pretty useless without this feature.

  • User-friendly and helpful :)

    by Summer intern 2013

    I just started an internship in Boston and this app is very useful for navigating the city. I really like that when I look up a trip I can click to a street map for walking directions to and from the T stations. I also elected to get push notifications for alerts for the line I ride to work.

  • Awesome App

    by Jr1023oooa

    I used this to go into Boston and it got me to my destination the exact minute it said I would arrive. Schedule was accurate and up to date. Great app!

  • Great app!

    by bubblefriend

    always helps me find my way into the city

  • Would be 5-stars if it had real-time data

    by batsonjay

    This app is good because it: - Let's you put in start/end stops, and gives you recommended transport, including subway & bus; tells you the expected duration, and where you need to make connections. - Pick the time you want to do it - either departure, or arrival - and gives you choices around that time - Easily reverse direction, for return trips, etc. - Works when you're underground on the T and don't have any mobile signal. All in all, a really great application … much better than most of the alternatives. Except that the information it gives you is only _scheduled_ times. It essentially gives you a general recommendation on what to do; but your reality may differ. Embark does NOT use the real-time position information that is available, and used by other apps. Sadly, though the trains run pretty well on time, the bus routes - e.g. the Silver Line - are usually off by enough minutes that it matters. This matters when you have a choice of trains, or buses that alternately might be reasonable. My favorite other app that has real time info is OpenMBTA; but _that_ one won't do the routing that Embark does. So my usual usage is: - Look at Embark to look at recommended route, and _scheduled_ times - Switch to OpenMBTA and check the actual expected station arrival time, and see if I need to adjust the route. If Embark would just show the real-time info, _and_ (better) use that info to calculate / suggest routes, it would get 5 stars from me. I realize it would be complex, since it would have to handle both the connected, and disconnected use cases (e.g. test whether it has data network connectivity before it tried to route). But I'd pay up to $4.99 for an app that's good enough to do that. Hmm - maybe it's time to go build that app….

  • Awesome

    by Johnh76

    I don't know my way around Boston at all and this app helped me get around to every place I needed to go and it was extremely accurate. Any negative reviewers must have used this on a day the T wasn't running on schedule.

  • Gives you the general idea

    by FlowOfTime

    This app is helpful in the way that it will (generally) alert you to delays on a line or mbta announcements. But the times it displays are only the schedules times the MBTA plans to run its trains, not the ACTUAL times they are coming and going. VERY big deference. The user interface on this app though is just wonderful, extremely easy. And like I said in the title, it does give you a general idea on when the next train will come, just don't depend on it too much.

  • Boston

    by Hydrous


  • Best free app I've found.


    If you already know your way around the T then this app isn't really geared to you but for tourist trying to get from one spot in Boston to another while using the T then this app is the best. If you just want live locations of subway trains, I prefer Catch the T for its simple interface.

  • Nice Interface, Needs Buses

    by CozmoTC

    Great functionality, and a fantastic interface. Works well for Subway and Commuter Rail. I wish it had an option for buses that would overlay onto street maps. I had to find another app that would do this

  • Great app

    by Acftmechus

    This app saved us during our first stay in Boston. We used this app to find our way around the T and Boston and other out lying areas.

  • Great App!

    by guitarinsane

    Smooth touch, clean design and easy to use. Detailed schedule and transit alerts make it even better.

  • Timing is way off

    by UM09

    The scheduled arrival times is seriously inaccurate. Today, for example, it indicated the next inbound D line to be at 11:56 ~ it didn't arrive until after 12:20. It hasn't been accurate once since I've downloaded it a few weeks ago. But if you are new to the area and simply in need of knowing the closest stop or a map then it's fine

  • Was great until...

    by rcherny

    This was the best MBTA app out there, no question. Seems to have stopped getting real schedule updates though. The Worcester/Framingham schedules are *just wrong*, sad to say. Checked the news and it appears Apple bought them in July 2013. Updates have been sporadic at best and no support or Twitter presence to speak of. Sadly, this makes the best app unreliable.

  • Used to work fine

    by Super link

    I don't know if an update broke it or my switching to an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 did but it always crashes on start up now

  • Schedule is NEVER RIGHT

    by Late for work thanks to embark

    I am standing at downtown crossing waiting for the red line to alewife. Embark says there is a train every five minutes today however the next train is 15 minutes out. I am now going to be 20 minutes late to work. The schedule is wrong A LOT.

  • Good start, but...

    by dosabatter

    I used this for a couple of days after arriving in Boston, and it was great. I can see using it all of the time. However as others have commented, over the Labor Day weekend it stopped supplying route information, no matter what I plug in as start and stop destinations or times, I get "no trips found at this time" I deleted the app and reinstalled it with no effect. If not for the fatal bug, I rate it a 4

  • App not working

    by saratwodogs

    Schedules are not loading. Please fix!!!!

  • Confused

    by Marcosv1

    It says no schedules available

  • Schedule not showing up?

    by aw04lfan

    Please fix Franklin line

  • Glitchy

    by Newshound1900

    App seemed very confuse about where the screen was being touched. Give no good info on schedule or trips form the air port station. I just deleted it and went back to the printed maps and time tables.

  • Useless on B line

    by Greenline commuter

    When trying to route from stops on the B line to downtown, this app never gives any times for B line trains, instead asking you to walk to the C line. If I wanted to see the C line schedule, I wouldn't have used a B line stop for my starting point...

  • No real time info

    by Commuter0146

    This would be great if the t actually ran on schedule, but it doesn't. There are no real time updates or information: the times it gives are wildly off. Not useful.

  • Ok, but 2 major issues

    by LupusNoctis13

    Ok app, except for 2 major issues: 1. The Commuter Line is not the same as the T (not by a long shot: different scheduling, different ticketing, different uses in general), so it isn't very helpful to stick several transfers from Commuter to T and back again (3+ hours travel time) in a trip that I have frequently walked a large portion of (walking plus T travel: 30 minutes). 2. Needs to include bus service. Buses should be used in lieu of Commuter service for in-city transfers.

  • Wrong directions at Copley

    by Dbeipi

    You cannot change from C inbound to E outbound at Copley. App should know this.

  • Doesn't work

    by Dr. Nutjob

    Bad directions; no info on train arrival times I got rid of it

  • Terrible directions

    by Yllom1989

    This is the worst app I've ever downloaded. The directions are shockingly bad. Example: I wanted to use the app to see how long it would take to get to my doctor. The doctor is right on the 77 bus route, which stops a block from my house. I just needed a time estimate, not directions. I plugged in the address and was told to walk a mile to a stop for a different bus, which would let me off half a mile from my doctors office. I was given four options, but NONE of them included the 77, the ONLY logical rt.

  • Great concept; failed execution

    by Ulmer2

    A train schedule app that does not have an accurate train schedule is worthless. This version needs to be updated with commuter rail schedules for 2013.

  • Schedules not accurate

    by bolongobay

    Title says it all. What's the point?

  • by mzKruzz


  • Google is 200 times better

    by Oxford-commas-n-Oxford-shoes

    UPDATE: google map is out!!!!!!!!!!! Save your time and get the real deal instead of this uber lame wannabe app App is ridiculous and bad. Totally useless. I searched for south station to Watertown square. Instead of red line then 71 bus it told me red line then commuter rail then WALK 3 MILES. Crazy stupid. 71 bus is 1 minute away from destination! Just use safari google maps. DELETE. Next phone upgrade I will stay away from iPhones as well. After jobs is gone this company has no clue what it's doing.

  • Not too bad.

    by D-Million

    This was a decent alternative to figure out local transit while I waited for Google Maps to drop. The app always worked great, but some of the directions I was given took me on a much longer course than was necessary. The use of more of the bus lines could help this app out immensely.

  • Great app!

    by GiaAa127

    This is a great and very well designed!

  • I will be using this app a lot!!

    by Shonimus

    This app is not only functional in the best way possible, but also BEAUTIFULLY done. Very good job. I'm not one to usually rate apps, but hats off to you guys!

  • Not useful

    by Neil7564

    This app is pretty decent from a software perspective, modulo a few minor issues. However, anybody can figure out how to get somewhere on the train system without an app. The structure is simple and most trains are frequent. However, most of the area covered by the MBTA is covered by buses. Buses, in general, are less frequent, have more stops, are more numerous, and have more complicated routes. There is no point in using a transit planning app in Boston that does not have bus information.


    by EJ020

    Simple, clear and easy to use!

  • Great app!!

    by MbtA+!

    Great app! Easy to use!

  • Amazing App. Very Helpful.

    by D Halps

    Great app... Not a frequent public trans user and this was a godsend for me... Works really well couldn't find any bugs/problems. The updates for delays & etc is helpful. I like how it has navigation that can help you walk to the stations too. Overall 10 out of 10. This app gets the job done and if you need to know your way around Boston via public trans then download this app without hesitation.

  • Must have app ... A+

    by Govind90

    A great app if you use public transportation. Easy to use and attractive interface. Suggestion: Would love it if you can display next three train schedule in notification for your current start and end stations.

  • Great app

    by Donte Cook

    I have no complaints. This is a great app. Very clean and simple. Gets the job done.

  • Great for Trains

    by PoppyRed

    Works great for Commuter Rail and Subway. Waiting for the latest updated Commuter Rail schedule (Worcester line).

  • Great app

    by John Held

    Works great. Very helpful when I've forgotten where certain stops are or coming back from games/events and am too drunk to know where I'm going. No bugs or freezing as of yet. Works great!

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