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Languages: English

Seller: Eldar Sadikov

- Fixed the bug with renaming locations
- Fixed the bugs with 4.0-inch displays
- New updated icon and splash screen

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iCarPark helps you remember where you park your car. This is the most functional and user-friendly parking app from the creator of the successful "Take Me To My Car". With just one tap save your parking spot, so that later iCarPark could navigate you back to it! If you park in a garage, it will help you remember the level, section, and spot. If you park on a meter, it will keep track of the time for you. If you have multiple cars and/or bikes or want to remember your way back to some spot without losing information about your car, you can keep track of it all! Moreover, if you get inaccurate location information, you can drag the marker to adjust parking position. Finally, you have the option to use satellite hybrid map that helps you navigate even better!

On top of the functionality provided by the free "Take Me to My Car" version, you get:
- Ability to take notes, including level, row, section, and spot in a garage or lot
- Ability to set meter timeout and track the parking time
- Ability to adjust your parking location on the map by dragging the car marker
- Ability to track up to 5 different parked objects/locations
- Ability to switch between normal and satellite hybrid map

And as always, you get simple clean yet slightly improved map interface of the beloved "Take Me to My Car":
- Minimum taps
- Walking directions
- Exact display of remaining distance
- Exact position accuracy in meters/yards

NOTE: If you have any particular problem (e.g., not being able to install, lock in your position, etc.) or have questions about using the app, visit the web site and/or email me (before leaving bad reviews). I'll be happy to help you. Before using the app, make sure to enable Location Services in iPhone General Settings.

READ THIS: For best results, use the app on 3G iPhone. If you use iPod Touch or non-3G iPhone, you can adjust reported position by dragging the car marker to the position where you parked your car.

If you want to preview this app, try "Take Me to My Car".

Customer Reviews

  • Nice and handy tool

    by jmay214

    The free version was pretty handy, but I love the ability to make notes for a parking garage. I would like to see a feature where a camera snapshot could be taken and added directly into the notes (to use as a reference reminder if needed) , but other than that, this app has everything you could ask for.

  • Great app

    by Meltdownblitz

    I love the app it has eveything an app like this should have.. The one thing it Is missing is a reminder of some sort when the meter is up. So I'll have to give it a 4 star.. Would like to see some sort of reminder and this will be a 5 star app!!

  • Needs a timer warning

    by Matthayes3741

    Great, the next update should incorporate a warning when the timer expires

  • Best apps of its kinds

    by Rami Mor

    I love it. Works as described !!!

  • Works well

    by JimAtVerizon

    But could use larger note font.

  • This Is The Best One

    by Electrical Witch

    I have 4 other paid car parking applications. This is the best one so far. It is the most accurate, and has all needed features. If you have an unusual parking garage, you can always use notes. It's funny because their free application was more accurate than the other paid apps I had. Now this application has everything you need AND it's the most accurate. I give it 5 stars because it is the best. If the developer could add an alarm to sound or vibrate when the timer is (used for parking meters) done, that would just put this application over the top.

  • Much improved

    by nandem

    Works better than the free version. Nice feature adds for meter timing.

  • loving it!

    by geeky-girl

    At this point there are a lot of parking apps in the store. It becomes a little hard to decide which one is the best. I have been using for the last months "TakeMeToMyCar" and was very happy with it. But with all of the new features others were offering I was thinking of buying one of them. Finally, "iCarPark", a complete version of car parking was released, with a very nice interface, satellite view and ability to drag the marker. Thanks Eldar! I'm loving it!

  • Great app

    by Stevennnnnnnnnn

    This app is really cool !

  • Great extension of the most popular free parking app!

    by appverse

    I've been a long time mostly satisfied user of "Take me to my car", but always felt that it lacked notes and meter functionality. So when I saw this app released, I thought why not give it a shot? After using the free app for months, it's only fair to give $.99 back to this developer. And indeed, I was very pleasantly surprised. Very organized clean interface with a comprehensive set of features. As before, works as advertised but now with a whole bunch of new functionality. Great job, Eldar! I hope to see more of your creations.

  • Can't name objects

    by Oregonrunner4

    Bought this app despite any bad reviews on it (very few) and have only one complaint. You can't name anything. When I went to settings to change the vehicle name to my Corsica, the keyboard won't type and you can't exit from that screen either. You have to close the app and re-start it. Fix that and you'll get 5 stars.

  • I love it

    by bluesygy

    Ok, I don't do reviews but tonight I am going to do several because some of these iphone apps are very cool. This is one of them. I have used this app a dozen times at malls and in cities where I do not know where I am and would easily loose track of my car. No worries. Easy to use and works as promised. Drop the dollar. It's worth it.

  • Please change the logo!!!

    by Planetpapi

    Love the app but hard to find it among many apps on the iPhone .

  • The Best Find Car Application

    by musicwiz123

    Few things need to be updated. 1, update the map, an alarm reminder about the meter. Otherwise its great. I don't know how often I will be using, because I have a great memory where I park my car, but just in case if I am out of town or parking in very tall building.

  • Good program, could make better use of 3GS features

    by scaredpoet

    A great program that has helped me find my car a few times already and has pretty much justified its purchase. I do wish it took advantage of the Compass in the 3GS, however. The current version (2.0) doesn't.

  • Halal Olsun

    by Ulvi

    Bomba proqramdir. Halal olsun Eldar.

  • Use to be great but now crashes

    by Mark Thomas

    Loved this app but somewhere it broke. Haven't used it for a whole so I'm not sure if it was a recent version or an IOS update. Really bummed out and hope a fix comes soon.

  • Not worth it

    by Phoenixiam

    It does not properly locate your car. I can be standing by my car and it says the car is a ways away. I can't find my car with this app. A great idea if it worked. This app is being deleted.

  • Huh?

    by This is retarteddddddd

    I can't get It to work or do ANYTHING. It says it can't find my location. Any help please??!?!?!!?

  • waste.........

    by johnny1120

    freezes, doesn't work at all, and they wouldn't even post my last review. i want my money back. rip off !!!!!

  • Terrible!

    by Fiamike

    It never connects! I have five bars right now under a clear sky and it can't connect. Waste of money and the effort to write this review.

  • Problems...

    by Tedhtl

    If you try to rename car1 and car2 the keyboard freezes. Then the app needs to be restarted. The interface is bizarre when dealing with more than one vehicle. I have asked the developer for fixes, but still no update. Get a different parking app. There are lots.

  • Not accurate at all!!

    by all4one_one4all

    For whatever reason the location of my vehicle is precise but the position (location) of my iPhone 3G is always across town and I mean ALWAYS.

  • Not best for first gen phones

    by DKubilunas

    The accuracy of my map is 1.59 miles. This is not something I can easly adjust.

  • Crap crap crap

    by Ml29900

    If u were drunk and crawling on ur knees u would have a better chance of finding ur car than with this app. Spend ur money on booze.

  • Constantly crashes, slows the iPhone down!

    by jmce

    Ths writeup and screen shots for this app are OK, but it crashes all the time, and once loaded, slows down my iPhone 3G to a crawl. they have a lot of fixing to do before this app is ready for prime-time. I know it only cost a dollar, but I feel ripped off. One other small complaint once the app is fixed and usable - the text in the notes field is so small, you can hardly read it while typing. For an app meant to be used "on the run" it's wayyyy too small. I'd also like more flexible numbering/lettering scheme for parking spaces - not all parking structures work with the current built-in scheme.

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