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Seller: Eightyone Labs, Inc.

Fixed a bunch of bugs, including a nasty crash affecting iPhone4 users.

Sorry about that!

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Mapkin is the ultimate way to create a route or share directions. We're combining turn-by-turn GPS with human storytelling, allowing you to create a navigation guide with the best route, a great looking map, and personalized voice instructions. You get to tell the GPS where to go and what to say.

• Set the route. Know a scenic shortcut? Planning an epic trip? We let you pick the exact route.
• Explore our maps. They show just the important stuff, clean and simple. It's like a napkin map for your route.
• Add markers and text to the map, such as the secret parking spot on your street, or your favorite coffee spot.
• Tell the GPS what to say. Yep, that's right - change our prompts or record your own voice. Your friends won't believe it.
• Easy sharing. Send a Mapkin however you want. Your friends can check it out on the web or in the app.
• Watch your friends travel along a route.
• Navigate Mapkins with the convenience of turn-by-turn voice guidance.

Mapkin is currently only available in the US, and requires iOS 7.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • Great navi system !

    by ShellyRR

    Mapkin has neat little visuals to see on the map! Very helpful!

  • Easy

    by Drwass2

    This is super user friendly. Love the customized feature.

  • Very slick

    by Avra437

    Easy to create and tweak maps, fun to personalize directions. Road trip, anyone?

  • Neat!

    by JW_bos

    This app is doing stuff I can't find in Google Maps.

  • Awesome app

    by Rgmhr1234

    Love the ability to share maps and see people's travels.

  • Awesome

    by rogupta

    Really great for sharing routes! Awesome UI.

  • Simple and new

    by DulcetTone

    Being able to tweak a route for friends is truly unique. It combines well with the spare map display which judiciously leaves out smaller streets to focus you on your route (zooming in reveals them)

  • Great!!!

    by David Kuchinsky


  • Very slick

    by Avra437

    Easy to create and tweak maps, fun to personalize directions. Road trip, anyone?

  • Cool App

    by StuartAdame

    Very useful..easy to navigate. Love iOS7 updates. I'll give it 4.

  • A new way to navigate

    by Grdeken

    Mapkin is pushing the boundaries for mobile navigation. I used the app to help friends and family get to my house for Thanksgiving and it worked like a charm. The custom turn by turn also allowed me to provide them with witty remarks throughout the journey :)

  • Our go to ap for directions

    by Mrs. Van Dellen

    This ap is excellent and fills a void for those of us who hate relying on google maps, etc.

  • Finally Something Different than Google / Apple Maps

    by Apocralyptic

    After looking at Google Maps and listening to the same kind of navigation for so long, it's great to use something that looks and feels so different. The maps look really sharp and it's fun making them for friends.

  • Fun new way to make maps

    by Nboatwpi

    Mapkin allows you to add your own voice prompts, which I love. Being able to add landmarks to maps makes giving directions to my friends so much easier. Plus, I like the look of the maps - just the basics!

  • Easy on the eyes, easy on the brain

    by Asibtroy

    Nice looking maps that make it easy to follow what you really need to know to get from here to there.

  • The mapping app that iOS needs

    by William Holler

    Mapkin is easy to use and does what I want it to do, not what the phone wants. Making a map on iPhones became worse after upgrading to iOS 6 and 7 after the whole Apple/Google fight. Mapkin fixes those problems.

  • Great app

    by Ekh77

    I used this for my housewarming party and my guests loved the personalization. I can't wait to use it again.

  • Best way to navigate

    by Corsan

    Great iOS7 redesign. Please keep up the awesome work! ---- Tired of stupid and robotic map app. This app is great!

  • Easy

    by Drwass2

    This is super user friendly. Love the customized feature.

  • Great update

    by Sofie677

    Love the iOS7 update!!!

  • The best peer to peer map sharing app just got even better.

    by Coquesmyth

    I'll take comfort in knowing that, with this update, my parents, siblings, or anyone else I share a Mapkin with will have one less reason to get lost as they'd now be able to see my every move as we all head to our destination.

  • Cool personalization!

    by Greg605

    Used it for my son's 1st birthday party. Guests loved it.

  • Perfect for tricky directions navs can't manage

    by Shagans

    This is great for areas with tricky directions, construction, new development/roads or just when you know something your navigation doesn't. Great idea!

  • Found it!

    by John John

    I can honestly say, I've been looking for navigation like this for over five years. Not the fastest route, not the shortest route, but the exact route I wish to take.

  • Great App!

    by Eric Rotella

    Finally a navigation app that allows you to easily customize your route, and navigate thru dead zones. Worked awesome for planning out a motorcycle route through the country side and share it with the other riders. Awesome job right out if the gate!! Looking forward to seeing what's next.

  • Best navi app...

    by Furiousgeorge33

    Best navigation application I've used. Love the personalization features!

  • Finally a great map app for sharing routes!

    by .oO Wass Oo.

    This app is brilliant, it lets you design your own routes and instructions and share them, with optional audio comments. For example, my wife and I made a nice scenic route for some out of town visitors that took them past a few special places, eg the park where I proposed to her, and our old house, with our own customized tour bus-style commentary. They loved it! More generally it's useful to allow visiting guests to bypass that often-congested highway intersection, or clarify how to actually navigate through a confusing intersection. Eg, "make the hard right turn just after the church and keep the diner on your left" instead of the generic and often ambiguous "turn right, stay in the right lane. Go straight, then turn right."

  • Fun and intuitive

    by VentAboutHim

    I downloaded the app and created my first Mapkin within 5 minutes. Holy shizz. So fun.

  • great

    by Take Fox

    really nice, glad to see this update is a success cause this app deserves it.

  • Something different and refreshing

    by Real reviewer for real

    Nice to see some innovation happening in this space. Go go Mapkin.

  • BestKIN

    by Mike1234())8@"

    This app is a lifesaver finally a real navi tool that works! I wish i could down load it twice!- MP

  • Thoroughly impressed !

    by B-Boomer

    I just wish that this had been available before we went on our cross-country vacation this past summer.

  • Great App!

    by Sweet Catoline

    Great app to share maps and directions with friends or the directionally challenged! So easy to use and very innovative, love it!

  • Directions with a twist

    by jcalme80

    Cool app. Interesting ways to personalize directions.

  • Awesome app!

    by David Goldstein

    Maps look great went sent.

  • Great software but...

    by goingtotahiti

    Wish I could use this on my computer though, making maps on my phone feels awkward but overall great look and feel using maps.

  • Great software but...

    by goingtotahiti

    Wish I could use this on my computer though, making maps on my phone feels awkward but overall great look and feel using maps.

  • Great software but...

    by goingtotahiti

    Wish I could use this on my computer though, making maps on my phone feels awkward but overall great look and feel using maps.

  • Great navi system !

    by ShellyRR

    Mapkin has neat little visuals to see on the map! Very helpful!

  • Awesome personalization!

    by Vertigo180

    Finally - my new go to navigation app! Mapkin lets me personalize directions w my own voice and tips and tricks. Perfect and easy for getting directions to and from family and friends.

  • Amazing app!

    by Tbronson3

    I love that you can add your own voice prompts!

  • A godsend

    by kazlaw

    I'm not sure how I found Mapkin because apparently it just came out. It's awesome. Finally, a way for me to build simple maps for my parents and grandparents to follow. Ever since they got iPhones helping them use GPS has been a nightmare. Mapkin is easily the best way to share directions with friends and family in a format that's easy to follow.

  • Bringing human guides back to navigation!

    by bob-o-rama

    Google and Apple Maps are perfectly fine for uneventful journeys between any two locations. But when I'm planning a party, inviting family to join me on a ski vacation or share my travel insights with friends then I can use Mapkin to add those special touches and instructions that the automated algorithms will never understand.

  • Awesome way to map

    by @jedbreed

    Finally I can really customize directions to my apartment with all the little secrets only someone from here would know. Thanks Mapkin excellent app!

  • What an incredible app!!!

    by wassy606

    I'm glad I found this today. What a superb idea!! Certainly a step above other mapping apps because I can add my own personal touch to what is otherwise an advanced navigation app. I love it!

  • Great idea for events and specialized directions!

    by InNoston

    This app has so much potential. Just made a mapkin for my wife to find the car dealership for picking me up tomorrow. I can see uses for wedding directions, parties, get togethers, etc. Can't wait to make another mapkin.

  • beautiful view of the world

    by Davundo

    this is the most innovative map app I've seen... insanely useful. definitely worth checking out.

  • Love the attention to detail

    by Investor Eric

    So many little things to love about this app, like the shake feature to flag bad directions. Nice work devs!

  • Easy, Creative, Fun!

    by TakkoBole

    Making personalized GPS maps is a breeze! You can add in your own landmarks and even voice notes along the route. This is the coolest and most innovative GPS app to ever hit the market!

  • Easy to use & cool graphics!

    by MePet13

    I love this app! It's so easy to use and a refreshing change from all the other map apps.

  • Best map app!!!

    by Lynetter31

    This is the easiest navigation app out there, and it is so fun to personalize your maps!

  • Mapkin's great!

    by Michael Watson

    Perfect for sending personalized directions as well as getting to where you need to be. Love it!

  • Sketch it on a Mapkin!

    by 1337 steve

    This app is great for mapping shortcuts, in addition to showing my friends the *real* way to find the ski cabin! The interface is easy to use, and this is the first time I've ever found that maps could be intuitively social. Simple, useful, and a great way to connect.

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