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If you are a traveler in the US Interstate highways, whether for business or pleasure, this App makes easy to find highway exit points & will be of great help!

Use this App while on the road to make your trip safer and more enjoyable!

Everything you need is right here!

Exiting a highway should be a very simple and safe maneuver for any driver, the exit ramp or exit lane is designed to assist drivers in slowing down as they exit the highway.

"This Map functions to identify & Smart search of highway Exit Points of curiosity (POC)."

"You can access your preferred locations anywhere throughout your journey."

"App Discovers Highway Exit Points traveling inside any metropolis"

Benefits to Users:
•Helpful especially during the busy part of the day or in heavy traffic!
•Helpful in maintaining your speed until you reach the lane or exit lane!
•Helps use proper signals showing the other drivers you intend to exit the highway!
•Helps enter the exit lane smoothly and without cutting in front of the other drivers!
•Helps Maintain adequate space between your vehicle and the other vehicles on the road!
Using Highway Exit Points App will surely prevent Highway traffic confusion and accidents.

Be prepared to use this App!

Customer Reviews

  • Worthless app

    by Sam222333

    I was looking for something that would tell me what services are available at upcoming exits. This app does NOT do that. All it tells you is how far from an exit you are. Something you could figure out on your own by reading the mile markers on the road. Do not waste your money on this worthless app!

  • this app does give any informatio

    by Chtr-bustr

    what a useless app! i was looking for an app to get restaraunts or what is at an exit. this is just a map w exit numbers marked! what a rip off. i want a refund!

  • Stupid App

    by Hillbillyhoppers

    Just when I thought I could not buy a worse App I bought this one. Not sure what the point of the app is. Save your money!


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