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- Fixes for iOS 7
- Moved this function to the General Aviation App

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CFI Tools Weight and Balance

PURPOSE: The Weight & Balance App is used to save weight & balance information in a simple format for easy reference.

When you fly many airplanes it can be difficult to keep track of the weight & balance for each one. But of course it is critical to perform these calculations before each flight and to verify the results.

The iPhone is a terrific platform for keeping this information.

This App makes it simple to maintain this information for a fleet of training airplanes or even for a single airplane.

Check out the screenshots to see how simple this process can be.

The W&B data is fully customizable. You can enter the specific data for your airplane. There is no limit on the number of stations.

You can create an airplane using a generic version of one of several popular GA aircraft including Cessna, Cirrus, Piper and Diamond.

The CG can be plotted in inches, as in the Cessna, or in moment as in the Diamond.

The CG is plotted with both full and empty fuel so you can see the range of CG's that may be experienced during the flight.

Also shown is the "Excess Capacity" - the difference between current weight and Max Gross. This is a number I often need to know if a student wants to bring a passenger along for the flight.

The Moment Arms and the Envelope are fully updatable and can be customized to fit your airplane's numbers.

CAUTION! Please consult your Pilot's Operating Handbook or Approved Flight Manual for complete Weight & Balance Information

DO NOT! rely on the generic W&B information provided here.

About CFI Tools

I'm a Pilot and a CFI. I build these iPhone apps and other software for my own use.

Some other pilots saw them and said "Hey you should sell those".

So here they are for sale. I hope you enjoy them. Any suggestions for improvement or new apps are always welcomed. Have a good flight.

Customer Reviews

  • Superb

    by Flat Spin "heading out to sea"

    I'm a CFII, retired Air Force pilot, electrical/computer engineer, and all around geek. I fly several different single and twin-engine aircraft daily and think this app is very useful and well thought out. You can specify your weight & balance envelope and can continue to add points to outline various categories. With this, I can easily identify if I'm in the aerobatic, utility, or normal category. Enter your fuel in gallons or pounds, your choice. To address previous comments, you CAN add and name your own aircraft, it is NOT limited to what's already on the list. Just use the update button, you can enter all the detailed parameters you want, like a unique aircraft name, v speeds, and a detailed weight vs CG envelope. You can also choose the weight VS moment chart if you prefer. And, yes you CAN sort your fleet to put it in your preferred order. My only suggestion for improvement is to provide an option to lock certain values that don't change, like empty weight and arms.

  • This is the one!!!

    by The Flying Diode

    Finally a perfect weight and balance tool that is easy to use with all the different aircraft most of us pilot's fly. It's so quick and easy to use I find myself doing a quick weight and balance when I fly with another pilot in his or her airplane just to be safe. They always appreciate it and after seeing the graphs that come up in the app after entering their data, most admit they have not done a traditional weight and balance in quite some time. - Very easy to use. - Clear operating window with take off and landing points graphed for you. - Every option and variable you would ever want to use in a weight and balance. - Promotes safety because you can do a weight and balance so easily. Very well done and always with me when I fly my plane, rent a different plane or fly with someone else in their plane.

  • Intuitive Useful App

    by D. Rogers

    This is a quick way to calculate W&B once the basic aircraft numbers are entered into a profile. Good interface. Customer support is excellent. Suggestions: Be able to lock-out moment/location fields to prevent inadvertent entry and place the version number in the About screen. I'm a part-time CFI and I thoroughy recommend the app.

  • Good Start, Needs Work

    by oldracer

    There don't seem to be many dedicated W&B apps around. This looked like the best, so I bought it. And maybe it is the best, but it needs work. First, as previously mentioned, it is too easy to change important numbers like moment arms. They are simply data fields like the weights. This is a safety issue. Second, also a safety issue, the app does no sanity checking of input. It will happily take 300# of fuel at a zero moment arm. The input for fuel is a little goofy, too, with the choice between entering #s and gallons a little clumsy. Finally, the airplanes in the "fleet" are listed in the order they were added. No sorting options. Well, when I get done I am going to have a dozen airplanes entered and every use of the app is going to begin with a hunting expedition to find the tail number I need to work with. Give me some sorting options please. I look forward to Ver. 2 with a little more thoughtfulness in the UI.

  • Helicopter?!?

    by Ddonaldson66

    Great app, I was hoping to find a way to use this for a helicopter, no such luck!

  • Good start...

    by scottb613

    Update: Increased to 4 stars. Great job on the copy function - it is sooo much easier now - thank you! Only suggestion left would be a simpler screen for adjusting just the weight which are subject to change on every flight. I like the look and feel of the app - it's a good start - but - it could use a few improvements... As per the previous comment - we need the ability to "copy" an aircraft as we may have several loading configurations for the same plane... It's very tedious to keep entering all the same information over and over for multiple configurations of the same plane... An additional field to identify the load configuration would be helpful... I would also suggest a simplified load screen where you can only change the weights at each station... Once the profile is built - "Station" and "Mmt/Loc" should be locked in - as it rarely changes and it is very easy to click on the wrong field and erase the required information...

  • Excellent until the latest revision

    by LeGrandMechantLoup

    Not compatible with OS 3.1.2 any more Waste of money

  • Nice little app

    by Paulie_P

    It needs one thing. A way to copy an aircraft you already configured. I fly 10 different Piper Warriors. It would be great to copy those and just adjust the starting Weight and Balance.

  • Good start but could use a few tweaks

    by OReillyP

    The program is well designed and pretty easy to use. I set up my Baron (which has 4 seat configs) as different profiles and it is fast and easy to select the right config. The "I", "M" or "A" calculation is a nice feature. My suggested upgrades would include: 1. Allowance to enter fuel as gallons instead of having to figure out the weight of the fuel (saves a potential calculation error) 2. Have the second displayed WB point capable of being calculated at a pre-selected finishing fuel quantity rather than just zero fuel weight (I know what my calculated fule burn is so I can estimate my finishing gallons) 3. Display alarms for exceeding maximum weights for various parameters (e.g. - nose baggage cannot be greater than 350#, max fuel is 196 gallons, etc) 4. Allow entry and then display compliance for all types of the weight data based on the entered data (e.g - max TO, Max Landing, Max Ramp, Max Zero Fuel, etc)

  • Delivers accurate results

    by mitchalan

    Updated with parameters for my Cessna 206 in just a few minutes and got exactly the same W&B results as my spreadsheet program. Would be nice if it subtracted the Start/Taxi fuel allowance before calculating the Takeoff Weight and CG.

  • mr

    by ws1

    great app. pretty accurate,easy to use,convenient just before take off ,to verify /adjust updated weight.

  • Excellent app

    by skyknight john

    Works quickly and easily. I was able to input the POH information and draw the CG envelope for the Cessna 421C in about 5 minutes. Updating the passenger/baggage loading takes less than 1 minute and the accuracy is better than my expensive mechanical graph & plotter. Completely customizable, you can add as many stations as you need and name them as you like. Suggested improvements might include: the ability to input fuel as gallons instead of weight, and the app calculate the weight based on the fuel type assigned to each particular aircraft; zoom/expand the graph for a closer look; numerical display of the calculated CG. Overall, an excellent app.

  • Not so happy with this program

    by TR182 driver

    I bought this thinking I would give it a try. It might be fine if you have one of the half dozen or so standard models listed but won't work with any other plane as near as I can tell. First I tried to enter my TR182 in the Blank Generic window but the program won't work with the touch screen in some areas on the ipad. I did a hard reboot of the ipad and checked with other programs and touch screen worked in the areas I needed to manipulate. Next I tried to write over a 172 with the 182 data but the program won't handle a plane with a gross of 3,100 pounds. Not to get long winded, I spent entirely too long trying to make this work and never did.

  • Problem immediately

    by usmcfastmover

    Why can't I name aircraft I add? There's no warnings for being over max weight. You guys have work to do if you want people to feel like their $10 was worth it.

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