Car Dashboard Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Navigation
  • Publisher: Economet
  • Updated: Dec, 10 2009
  • Version: 2.0.3
  • Size: 11.64 MB

Languages: English, Hungarian

Seller: Economet Kft.

- Minor bugfix: direction will now displayed correctly between 0.0 and 22.5 degrees

- Speed in knots displays fractions (again)
- Settings window now displayed correctly when rotated

- Minimum iOS version set to 5.0

Despite the similar look, the Car Dashboard App has been completely rewritten using the latest tools and features of iOS to make it faster and more accurate.

- Odometer wil continue updating for 5 minutes after exit (during a phone call, etc.)
- Added 4 new cool background images
- Added support for 3.5" and 4" (iPhone 5) retina displays
- Added Hungarian localization.
- The buttons are now shining in the same color, not distracting the view anymore.
- Redesigned icon
- Redesigned settings window

Thank you for the continued feedback!

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Have you been in a situation when it was important to know how fast your car / train / airplane / boat / bike is?

If you are a person on the road frequently, and want to know your vehicle's speed, direction, and other useful trip-related information in a very easy readable form, then this is the tool for you!

Dashboard displays the current speed, distance, heading, altitude and travel time information using your iPhone's built-in GPS receiver.

For example, you can use this app to verify your vehicle's speedometer, or if you want to know your heading and altitude, or if you can't see the vehicle's dashboard (on airplane, train, boat, etc...)

* Extra large speed display
* Altitude
* Heading (8-way N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW)
* Distance (saved on exit)
* Travel time (saved on exit)
* Portrait and Landscape view
* HUD (mirrored) view
* Very easy to read in car while driving
* Units:
Speed: km/h, mph, kts
Altitude: m, ft
Distance: km, mi, nm
* Switchable text colors, accordig to your car's dashboard illumination
(Orange for Renault, Fiat, Peugeot, etc...)
(Green for Fiat, etc...)
(White for Mercedes, Renault Laguna, etc...)
(Blue for VW, etc...)
(Red for Alfa Romeo, etc...)
* Can disable screen auto-lock
* Absolutely free: no ads, no pop-ups...

* Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
* iOS 4.3 or higher is required
* The compass works only while you are moving.
* On iPod Touch, will work only with external GPS receiver. (There are car kits available with GPS receiver.)

A limited GPS signal can have many different reasons:
* bad positioning of the iPhone in the car. Like with every portable navigation device, the iPhone should always have a free view to the sky.
* metallized thermally insulated windshield
* usage of design or protective covers
While using our Car Dashboard Software please avoid using covers since these influence the reception of a GPS signal.
If you have any suggestions, ideas for new features, or problems, please contact us.

*** IMPORTANT! ***
If you have problems using Car Dashboard app, please contact us using App Store's support link. If you write a review like "app doesn't work", we can't help you. We can't reply to iTunes Store review.
*** *** *** *** *** ***

Customer Reviews

  • Works great

    by Ibistony

    Love it. A real all in one app. The only issue is I can't get the timer to stop on exit continues running.

  • Works great

    by Ibistony

    Love it. A real all in one app. The only issue is I can't get the timer to stop on exit continues running.

  • Works great

    by Ibistony

    Love it. A real all in one app. The only issue is I can't get the timer to stop on exit continues running.

  • Great idea

    by gipsy rider

    As a truck driver sometimes u get thrown in different rigs...not knowing how far off the speedos are is a problem. This saved me from at least one ticket, plus the heads up is pretty handy.

  • Driver

    by Songsingerrr

    A great app !!! The speedo doesn't work in the car I'm restoring and this fills the void ( no tickets). Plus we use it in the boat because its more accurate! Thanks

  • Daddy likes...

    by jthomas5150

    It works nice.

  • 3 years of use...and counting!

    by VS Beejer

    I've tried various speedometer apps but this one has always been my 'go to' for 3 years now. I do have a couple of suggestions to consider please as I use this everyday. Thank you for providing a retina icon with the latest update. I do ask though could you please add some more color or pizazz. It's just too 'gray'. Secondly, it seems that if you have this app open while streaming Pandora or playing music in general, the speedometer seems to stick or hang. This never happened on my 3GS but it does on the 4 and 4S. Thanks for listening!

  • Works excellently!

    by RedStatePunk

    Use this app every day; started using it when my Chevy speedo died and would cost 500 USD to fix. Only issue was when I upgraded to iOS 6. Not an issue now though. Keep it up!

  • Works

    by Mtn-man hunter

    I commute from my home in Pine Az @ 5800 ft elevation to Phoenix, @ roughly 1500 ft elevation every two or three days. I down loaded the app when my speedometer in my truck went to hell. therefore this app gets used just about every day for several hours with large changes in elevation. I have not had one single glitch or any type of problem with the app. The HUD is a great safety feature when Im dodging elk up here in the woods. Thanks

  • How to use

    by _rogelio_lopez_

    how do u use it

  • So far the best I've found!

    by JRobi1982

    It's a good, clean, easy to use and easy to read app! And way to read is especially important! Since I dont have a holder it goes directly in front of my original gauges where others are hard to read! So I like this one! And it matches my dash lights colors! I have some very minor gripes though I won't even mention them because their irrelevant! And its free! It's hard to beat!

  • Good app

    by Ferociter

    I'm not quite sure what these people are complaining about. The UI (user interface) is somewhat simplistic but this is a free app, and a good one at that. It does what it advertises, it's free, and there aren't even ads! For people it doesn't occur to, this app will not work on an iPod touch. The device needs a way to figure out information via a satellite and only GPS enabled devices can do so. Pros: -No ads -Free -Accurate to +/- 2 mph -Flexible (several different units) -Easily customisable (different colours) -Works down to <10 mph Cons: -When the app is closed, timer continues but odometer stops -Basic font/boring background -Takes 30 sec to 1 minute to start working when opened -Does not work at walking speed Suggestions: -Have current heading/bearing in degrees -Clean up UI (more polished polychromatic background, cooler fonts, matching buttons etc.) Nothing exceptional, hence the 4 stars; but overall, a good app.

  • Works great, use it everyday.

    by St_Jimmy

    I think all the low reviews are people on iPods, or don't have location services enabled.

  • Great

    by TDoubleU

    Works great! Speed was very accurate

  • Not on a plane

    by KJandBA

    Sure wish it worked on a plane. How to get this app to work in airplane mode?

  • Super!!!

    by anghar13

    Only thing is that the time should pause when one is not moving, other than that is great!!!

  • Almost exactly what I wanted.

    by Dpoirot

    Just withholding that 5th star and waiting for the update where you can set an alarm to go off at a certain speed. My other app has that, and it's the only reason I'm hanging on to it. If Dashboard had that, I'd use it exclusively, and get rid of my other one. Otherwise, perfect app. Almost exactly what I want.

  • Works perfect

    by Sean Kosanovich

  • Works great

    by Brubakes

    Nothing overt fancy, but it works. Great simple speedo app.

  • Works Great

    by Kclubb

    People that are rating this bad cause they have a touch should quit rating apps not made for your device. Uses GPS (not included in touch devices) to determine your speed and altitude. Is accurate but about 1-2 second latency. Used on 3GS and 4S.

  • Used to work

    by Gordonitis

    But mow it starts to open and then just closes. Won't do anything. Hmm. The only feature I really wanted was altitude anyway.

  • Dash board compass

    by Tweeter 1

    The only thing that worked on this thing was the reset counter !

  • What happened

    by *** No ***

    It updated a while back and now everything is way off. ie: speed, odometer, elevation.

  • Awful

    by GeorgeoftheJungle2

    Elevation swings 100 ft. while standing in one place.

  • Stops recording miles when in background

    by Too bad there are no returns

    So if you get a call, or switch to any other app, the odometer function will be wrong. Emailed developer, no response. 4s, Verizon. As for all the 5-star giving "I don't understand the complaints" people: read, then you will understand. Hope dev pays you well.

  • Don't work

    by HBSteve

    Fake reviews? Does nothing. Icon spins never says a speed or anything

  • Very solid

    by thisnamehasbeentaken34

    This app does exactly what is advertised. It displays only the relevant info in a clear manner and isn't over-saturated with useless information like the weather, dates, etc. I would definitely recommend checking it out.

  • Awesome app

    by kjrailfan

    Worked great immediately driving highway speed.

  • Feature request

    by Clarence Westberg

    Show the time of day

  • iPhone only

    by Helperman123

    The iPod touch does not have a standalone gps in it so it will only work with an iPhone. Just thought I would tell people that did not know.

  • Waste

    by Use it when u need

    Buggy.... Works nowhere

  • No Mach

    by RocJenkins

    I love this app. I used it when my speedo on my truck quit. My only question is why no Mach speed readings everything is in mph / kph. Some of us speed demons like to push Mach speeds you know :) Thanks, Roc

  • How do you make this work?

    by Jon Sim

    Help please I really want this app to work I don't want to give it a low rating but maybe it's just because I don't know how to work it. I'm using it on an iPod Touch by the way if that makes a difference please help because my speedometer in my car doesn't work. It just keeps on loading nonstop.

  • Very accurate and useful!

    by Md980

    Does exactly what it says and works great very well done!

  • Can u do an app for the ipod touch?

    by patito17

    Pls make one for the i touch :)

  • Does what it says!

    by lazd

    Functions exactly as described. It would be nice to see the compass heading in degrees, however.

  • Nice One

    by Judithey

    I like this app.......

  • Finally!

    by TexasNova

    Was using BikeMate and it sucked. This one does not have adds & is no non sense. Big mph display too

  • Great app

    by Gvpjared

    Works great on my 4! The HUD option is pretty cool as well.

  • Awesome app

    by Nischall

    Best app ever had!

  • Awesome app! Yay!

    by mr.J$

    This app has it all! No add's! Very accurate speedometer with altitude and feature packed! Great for checking my speed on my motorcycle! Needs iOS 4 update but it's still a must have app!

  • Great app

    by S13_jdrift

    Great app, I just bought a Japanese imported car and the speed reads pretty accurate. For those of u using the HUD they sell a tint for the window so your able to read the mph a lot better during day light.

  • Way to cool at night! Av Mech.

    by One Fish 2 Fish

    + or- 1 Mph but dam close. If you are reading 0 while moving you set it up wrong. You need to use current location. Position phone on dash so reflection isn't in direct line of sight. I recommend Velcro to keep phone from going for a ride during a turn. This is very cool and you won't be looking down at your dash speedometer. H.U.D (Head Up Display) Should be built into every vehicle. P.S NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING! ITS THE LAW! BE SAFE FOR YOURSELF AND FOR OTHERS!

  • Yes, this works fine!

    by Old red Ford

    This app is a great way to check your vehicle's speedometer, especially if you have an older car and the speedo is probably reading faster than your actual speed. And the HUD works fine at night. I just went over the Sierra Nevada mountains and the elevation read-out matched the road signs exactly. This works great for me.

  • Awesome!

    by Gmbo

    Works exactly as advertised!

  • Great app needing some tweaks

    by Trentor

    I really like this app. The data is pretty spot on and I love the color options. I can exactly match my orange dash lights. Two things I recommend to make this app great: one, have a brightness control for HUD mode. I cant see the HUD without cranking up the iPhone brightness and then I have to reduce it when I'm done with the app. Two, make the HUD, flip, and reset buttons the same color. The always white buttons are a distraction to an otherwise great screen layout.

  • As described

    by jsc8997

    Works great, as advertised. The HUD feature is great for night driving!

  • Great app

    by Comepinga


  • Works great for me too!!!

    by iM3R


  • Great

    by Messily

    Works for me!

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