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- Improved compatibility with iOS7

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My Altitude uses GPS signals to determine your current location, altitude (height from sea level) barometric pressure and water boiling point.

This application does not need an internet connection and works best in outdoors.

By default, it uses device sensor to determine the altitude, but you also have the option to use NOAA data files to get the altitude of your location. On newer devices, using device sensor is more accurate.

It also allows you to get a picture of where you are and save it in photo album. Picture will be sealed with coordinates of current location along with altitude and local date/time.


Customer Reviews

  • Great app, Pebble watch support?

    by mjbrancato

    It would be nice to display this on a Pebble watch. Maybe even replace the Elevation Tracker app because it's pretty horrible. Thanks, Mike

  • It works!

    by Qyasogk

    Very helpful in tracking your progress during a long climb, and the ads are inobtrusive. Never bothered looking for another altimeter after I downloaded this one, because it gets the job done.

  • Clean and simple

    by JLuau

    Just the basic metrics you need.

  • Sensor not as accurate as downloaded data?

    by MindStorm

    You have the option for downloading data, which prompts a warning that it is probably not as accurate as the sensor data. When I check the sensor, it says I am at 8200 ft +- 8m (aka 24 ft). No, make that 8264. No, it is 8312. No, it is 8254. No, it is … jumping all over the place, way more than the stated variability range. When I check the downloaded data, it says 8257.87 ft +- 3m (aka 9 ft). While I cannot swear to my altitude to that many digits, I do know that I am at roughly 8250 ft, so the downloaded is actually the more accurate for me. FWIW, I am in Cuenca, Ecuador at the moment...

  • Few issues

    by Wombatmatty

    Only thing I would change is the +- x meters. I'd like it to be in feet just like the altitude. Instead, the altitude is in feet and the error rate is in meters. Otherwise, the altitude is constantly bouncing back and forth even though the device is sitting unmoved. It shouldn't he bouncing back and forth so much. I've seem the data version to be much more efficient because it doesn't fluctuate.

  • Just ok

    by Derek the Great

    Altimeter not very accurate. I'm a surveyor and have very accurate instruments. I needed an app to have something more portable but when I check it against my expensive equipment it was more than 70 feet off.

  • Great app

    by MattGachi

    Awesome app. Must have for the outdoors people.

  • Fantastic and does what you expect it to do

    by Ahmedgak

    This is a great and accurate app. I love it!! .. Thumbs up

  • Sweet & Simple

    by South Yuba

    The app gives you your lat/long and altitude which seems to be reasonably accurate. I have several altimeters but they require constant recalibration. This app seem just as accurate but requires no recalibration. Sweet!

  • Great app

    by Matthew Rudolph

    Easy to use and shows what it is. No problems at all.

  • Thanks for making this!

    by Dify85oo

    Was accurate within a few 100ft

  • Where are you?

    by Crusty liver

    Brilliant!!! So Accurate!!

  • Simple and fast

    by an0m0ly

    Great little app.

  • Simple and easy

    by Norman in Norman

    The app is simple and accurate. Works every time. Well done!

  • Fantastic Altitude App

    by Condorflick

    Does what it claims, easily and accurately.

  • Great

    by UHaveN0Friendz

    Usually reads +or- 10m, sometimes more accurate, but when you're 7,000+ feet up +or- 10m isn't really that much of a difference. Cool boiling point and barometric pressure feature. I don't the reviews from people who live at sea level; you know your altitude what do you want the app to do? Oh gosh I hope the next version can make me a waffle

  • Nice

    by shirlinmt

    Great app, one suggestion. Add an altitude alert that you can set yourself. Thanks great job!

  • Wonderful

    by Gazalfar

    It's dies everything what is required of altitude app well and does more. Well done.

  • Great and fast

    by Sacha728

    Wonderful app. Very accurate and fast. Even with low coverage!

  • Overall: very good

    by StraigtUp

    Simple, accurate and dependable. Great!

  • One star

    by Kevinabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy

    Not accurate at all. I know in south Louisiana we r not 90 feet above sea level.

  • Used for pain Managment

    by Buenocoffee

    I love this app. I use it to chart my pain vs barometric pressure.

  • Happy with this App

    by Nola Huckster

    App does exactly what it says it will do. It is intuitive and easy to use as all the best applications are. Simple easy interface with just the basic information. Good tool for accompanying other navigation and GPS tracking apps.

  • Awesome app

    by Dennypo

    I have used this app a number of times and its great.

  • Awsome

    by kathytracks

    This is a great App. Thanks so much to the developers.

  • Altitude Bad

    by Barkingspaniel

    My altitude fluctuates all over even at sea level.

  • Clean fast and elegant

    by bromoab

    This app is excellent. It's fast and the design is elegant. One minor nit - on the iPhone 4 you have to scroll to see the boiling point display.

  • I really, really like it!

    by Ardant

    For general informative purposes, it is perfect. I especially like the boiling point correction.

  • Mr

    by MONIR Zinnah

    It is a great apps

  • Poor App

    by Buddy JJ

    This app is not accurate. Standing at the 13 ft above sea level mark, it thinks we are 72 ft above sea level. As I travel around to other areas where we know the height above sea level, it is just as bad! Don't waste your time.

  • Not accurate

    by Wabbitworld

    Looks good but its too inaccurate to be of any real use. Every reading is +/- 8 or 12 meters

  • Tells me the altitude, no web connection needed

    by dmcstern

    An app that does its job.

  • Professor

    by Cemalbasaran

    Excellent app.

  • Great

    by uncle-salty

    I was up in the mountains in Montana and needed an app that would give me correct elevation. Once the datafiles are downloaded the application really shines.

  • Does what it says on the tin.

    by JohnDeHope3

    It tells you the altitude. Thanks! Also a few other nice features. But really, isn't that what you wanted? The altitude? Yes. Okay this app does that. Thank you.

  • Highly Recommended

    by Mt. Swag

    Really a great tool for tracking your altitude for the amateur mountain climber. With its simple setting you do not waste precious time having to navigate through the app.

  • Love this altimeter!

    by Bruisergato

    What a handy dandy app to have right on my iPhone. I knew there had to be an app for that! It is great. I've been up high in the Colorado Rockies and was very interested in knowing the altitude. I love that it even gives you the boiling point for water. Very useful app. Many thanks!

  • A great app-for hiking!

    by EJLap

    This app accurately tells you your altitude and coordinates. It is very useful for hiking and camping. I highly recommend this app!

  • It works!!

    by communicating

    What else can one say? Yes, it works and it does it well. Barometric pressure and water boiling points are also displayed as altitude changes. Nice.

  • My altitude

    by Margaretbob

    Works very well for me.

  • Great App! iOS 7 Supported!

    by Dasmithman:)

    Showed me that we were at 30,xxx feet whilst in an airplane... awesome! Also, works with iOS 7 on my iPhone 4S.

  • Great app!

    by MikeO65

    This a great app to let you know your altitude wherever you may be.

  • The ONLY elevation app with offline data

    by FreedomToMarry

    There is a hundred apps for GPS altitude, nearly half of them support map-based elevation estimate, but this is the only one that will work in areas without cellular Internet. Map caching is ultrafast! Kudos to the dev.

  • Awesome!

    by Woofer Wolf

    Very accurate!

  • Works like it should!

    by Troy Leis

    Fun app!

  • Cool app

    by PersoninFl

    Its nice to know the altitude when you are not at sea level.

  • LIKE!

    by GirlLikeRacheal

    App worked at 9000 feet.

  • Great ap

    by Deserttat

    Tested while traveling. Exact accuracy when passing marked altitude signs along road. Amazing ap

  • Doesn't display negative lat/long

    by cbrackenak

    Shows my latitude/longitude, but only in positive numbers (the decimal versions). Plug those numbers into any other app puts me in Russia, but I am in Alaska. Way off. Altitude is fairly accurate, wouldn't use to navigate in an aircraft, but accurate enough.

  • Simple and clear

    by Peter40B

    Does exactly what it should. Gives altitude, long and lats, barometric pressure and estimate of boiling point of water. Nice.

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