AR-MAPS with transfer search Navigation App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Japanese


* Passbook support
* bugfix

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AR Maps is an augmented reality (AR) map application that utilizes AR for intuitive map reading.

Google Maps can now be used on iPhone 5 (iOS 6)!

(Users can switch between the standard iPhone map and Google Maps in Settings.)
Search for information on local eateries and find your bearing with AR.

After you decide on a destination, set it as your desired destination and perform a route search. Display the direction or route to your destination and simply hold up the iPhone to intuitively read the map. Perform a transfer search to your destination, and perform another route search from your exit station.

In addition, you can share your current location and destination by email with another AR Map user, which is handy for setting up a meeting spot at a first-time location or during travel.

You can set the destination from an address or station name in Google Local Search. Of course you can also search for places like a public restroom or movie theater.

Recommended devices: iPhone4S、iPhone5
※The iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 are not recommended devices.

【Main features of AR Map】
・After specifying a destination, by simply holding up the iPhone the app shows you the direction to your destination!
・AR tags show the direction so you can navigate to your destination!
・Search for information on nearby cafes and restaurants!
・Easily send your current location or destination to friends by email!
・Navigate the route to your friend’s current location!
・Find information on nearby shops and hotels through a site like Hot Pepper or Jalan and set it as your destination!
・Confirm transfer instructions for public transportation on Google Transfer!
・Map can be selected from the standard app or Google Maps!
【Using AR Map smartly】
Save battery life by normally using map mode and temporarily switching to AR mode as needed. In addition, save even more battery life by diligently putting the app in the background.  

【Services supporting nearby keyword searches】
The following services can be used to perform keyword searches of local information.

・Google Local Search:Address, station name, spot info, etc.
・foursquare:Local spot info, etc.
・yelp :Restaurants, cafes, etc.

【Official website】

【Additional info】
※We recommend you sign up for a fixed price data service since the app will incur data fees.
※Part or all of the app’s functions may be restricted depending on the usage status of all app users.
※This app places a high load on the processor through simultaneous use of the camera, GPS, compass, 3-axis gyro, and map parsing.
If operation response becomes slow, restarting the iPhone can help improve response times.


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