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Cosmic Constellation!

Cosmic Constellation is a new app that lets you see stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and even satellites. It is easy to use, all you have to do is just stand anywhere and hold your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad up to the sky and Cosmic Constellation will display the names of the stars, planets and other objects you are able to see!

Whether it is day or night or even if your view is obscured by clouds, Cosmic Constellation will know which stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and satellites are hiding from your view!

It is augmented so if you point your device in the direction of the sky it will show the objects live!

So what are you waiting for?

Start stargazing now!


Cosmic Constellation is made available under the GPL and BSD style licensees. Cosmic Constellation is based on the open source code for the app 'Star3Map' by Cass Everitt. This code is made available under the BSD license.

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic

    by CousinWai

    This app is amazing especially for those who love astrology. You can watch the stars anytime you like.It's actually a good app.

  • stars are great!

    by recallly

    stars, planets, galaxies, constellations and even satellites.It's amazing!

  • The best for star gazing

    by Patchwork Ninja

    I have tried a few of these type of app and this one works best! It's really easy to tell the constellations apart!

  • nice

    by miha.sava

    this is a very impressive app. Really nice animations and the idea is genious. A must try

  • Cool app

    by iPawn4

    This is a very cool star gazing app. Really informative. Using this on my iPad3 and it works perfectly.

  • Super Cool

    by Catnerd714

    Check out the stars in the night sky! Constellation names and locations right from where you stand. Love this!

  • Cool

    by rgbub30

    Very cool app. I use it a lot. Would recommend to a friend.

  • great

    by Robertappreview

    Very easy to use. Has a overall nice design to it.

  • Very cool

    by Rfrantz559

    Great for people who like stargazing.

  • It's incredible!!!

    by ziangenix

    I love looking to the sky in night and watch, find the constellation. This app was so nice and beautiful, it show me the form of every constellation which i hard to imagine. I love the way it working, walk around and look up to the sky and the star will form the constellation. A recommend app for everyone want go for a walk to relax before go to bed.

  • Good

    by samiecyueso

    Useful, easy to use , and love it! Never waste my every cents to buy this app and it's a must have! It is very good for kids to learn about constellations!

  • Good

    by janczakcu

    Good idea and love it . It is useful and meaningful that for kids! Never waste my money and worth to buy.

  • Love it

    by sdoiazhagao

    Good app that I have ever seen and it is easy to use, useful . My kids love it so much and learnt a lot!

  • nice

    by yaya8558

    In many astronomical applications, I think this is the most practical, simple functions, easy to operate. I believe that many astronomy fans will love this application.

  • Great app!

    by newkelvin

    A great app for iphone to uncover the secret in the sky. The design is beautiful and mysterious. A very special thing is that i can use this software on iPhone can see the stars, the constellations on my iPhone anywhere if i like. Whether during the day or night. This software is very interesting. I and everyone appreciated this application.

  • Great gazing!

    by KaliPhone

    There are other apps with much bigger price tags and less content! Loving the content-to-price ratio!

  • Like it

    by SquintKid

    I love stars. Great app!

  • Good

    by RecklessGamer'sCorp

    Nice, but i dont think its worth $0.99... Needs a better interface.

  • This app is great!

    by Aj3x

    i think this is a really cool app that deserves alot of attention!

  • The universal

    by Mioung

    This is quite good app, which can see the stars. Moreover, this app also supports gravity induction, which is very interesting and have challenge!

  • Great App

    by Ztrovian1333

    Very easy to use and nicely designed, I like it a lot and use it frequently

  • Yeah

    by Bbrinzer

    My girl likes the app so I like the app

  • Augmented star spotting.

    by Creeos

    Cosmic Constellation is a star mapping app which, using location and GPS, lets you point your device anywhere to see the stars and satellites orbiting that area. This is a revolutionary concept in learning astronomy and even geography. The interface is very basic and minimal with just names of the stars, satellites, and constellations. I truly hope this app receives updates as it is an amazing tool. Star Walk is definitely more polished and informative, but even just the minimal version of Cosmic constellation is worth the price.

  • Worth

    by mylovelybabe

    Can find the star direction when using this application. It's worth to buy it.

  • Good app

    by Gabriel Gao

    It is a simple app,easy to use. But not as good as star walk.

  • Great app!

    by haruharujuku

    This app is the app for star gazers. I really loved to gaze up at the stars at night on the countryside, but now in the city, there is a lot of light pollution, so the sky is blurry and it is difficult to see the stars. The app helps me identify each of the constellations and reminds of my childhood. I definitely recommend this app!

  • Review

    by Gagcza

    Very nice app. It's easy to use

  • Can be better

    by Enwizard

    Easy and simple to use but UI can be better.

  • Simple constellation app

    by Bingodate

    Whilst very simple, I find this app mind blowingly clever in terms of the layout of the universe, and all known constellations.

  • Fun app

    by Znawca322

    Very good app to impress girl:-). Works properly and without problems on ipad2. Good purchase.

  • Nice

    by jsvanaulen

    Decent app for identifying constellations and stars. The one downside is lack of instruction in the app. You kind of have to figure everything out yourself.

  • very nice

    by Prystnk

    very nice app, but not the best

  • Just so so

    by Mrzhou4

    There is a lot of app like this.And I have purchased 3 apps like this.

  • Good

    by Crayon.Shinchan

    Very nice app

  • Amazing-)

    by cyruso2013

    The appearance of this app is fun and amazing. It is very nice and easy to use.Please explore starts,planets...!!!!

  • Very interesting

    by Sodaguy

    With the exception on 1 or 2 constellations I have always struggled with being able to identify them in the sky. This is a handy tool.

  • Great app

    by Lone$tar01

    The overall quality and features provide a wonderful experience. Moreover many of the app functions tend to diverge onto many other other avenues further expanding the application uses. Overall this was a great purchase decision.

  • Awesome app


    sometimes hard to get it to start working, but when it does, this app is awesome.

  • cool app

    by horion_yy

    simple to use,cool

  • good


    I love this app, simple and useful

  • Stargazing

    by JustLiikeThis

    This app does what it needs to: identifying those stars. Graphics can be improved but it's still pretty acceptable. However, I am doubting the accuracy of this app.. It showed me weird results once in a while.

  • Really nice app!

    by Ashpol

    This app is way cool! It shows you the stars in the sky how awesome! I really enjoy using this. Worth the dollar in my opinion!

  • Neat

    by Bakiebear

    Very nice app to have. It's so fun you use on the iPad and it makes you look at the sky in a different way. Would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  • Pretty nice

    by rugun

    The app worked as what it say, but I would prefer to have better graphics supported in the coming update. Thanks!

  • awesome app

    by Erickphiho

    shows me where constellations are at.. pretty cool how u can see it on ur iphone and it detects it in the sky.. awesome app worth the 1$

  • This app is cool

    by trickster574

    I love this app . Try it out. Price is right.

  • Not accurate

    by Top-review

    I thought it was really cool at first, being able to see all the constellations, but i became extremely skeptical of its accuracy when it started pointing out constellations even when pointed at other things (apparently my mail box is covered with constellations)

  • Interesting

    by Alw9789

    This app was pretty cool, and a good way to learn about stars. However, I wish the buttons to switch modes were labeled.

  • Very cool app!

    by Weaponist45

    This app is extremely cool! I can see all the constellations now! I can find all the stars in the sky and around the Earth! I love this app! This app is very cool! I am very interested in astronomy, and this app just increased that interest!!! This app has wonderful features and graphics. Every feature is great! What's really cool is that it tells me the direction I am looking. It says down, up, south, north! Very cool! I love this app!

  • Ok

    by Vanglee2

    Good night sky

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