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1. New graphical speed and distance display.
2. New mini speed and distance display.
3. New signal and location display.
4. Map performance improvements.

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► Professional Cycle Computer ► Navigate using Cycle Maps ► Record all your rides ► 12 Hours Battery Life (1) ► Share your rides in Facebook ► Animated Preview in Google Earth ► Live dashboard ► Add Photographs ► Runs in background ► Offline maps ► No phone or data signal required for recording (2)


Bike Tracks is an advanced cycle computer that can record your cycle ride but also includes Open Cycle Maps that give much more information for the cyclist. Attach your iPhone to your bike and use the 3 live easy to read dashboard views that are easily accessible with a simple swipe of your finger or simply put your phone in your pocket/rucksack and go ride. Navigate using Open Cycle and Open Street maps that provide Terrain, Cycle routes and trails information. All Open Cycle and Street Maps are automatically stored on your phone as you view them.

Cycle Computer:

► Speed (Live, Max, Average)
► Distance (Total, Climb, Downhill)
► Vertical (Total, Climb, Downhill)
► Elevation (Live, Max, Min)
► Slope Angle (Climb, Downhill)
► Duration HH:MM:SS
► Split your cycle ride - climb/downhill, distance or time - display stats and profile graphs for each split.
► Complete speed and elevation profiles.
► Google Maps with map tools displaying your ride with different split information.
► Preview your ride.


► Cycle Routes.
► Trails, Paths and Cycle Ways.
► Terrain information. (Cycle Maps)
► Stores all viewed maps on phone.
► Live recorded track.
► Live direction using digital compass (or direction of travel).
► Live Distance and Speed.

Great ride even better:

► So you've had an amazing ride - why not share your experiences including any photographs taken en-route with the Google Earth preview feature that allows you to view your ride animated in 3D!


► Checkout Bike Tracks on Facebook for the latest information.
► Twitter @BikeTracksApp
► Download the User Guide from our support link.
► Dedicated support email:


Note 1. iPhone 3Gs (9 hours), iPhone 4 (12 hours) - actual recording length dependant on battery condition, temperature, background applications and phone usage.

Note 2. Recording your ride requires no data or phone signal. However some features require data such as maps (if not already cached) or sharing. SET DATA ROAMING OFF IF YOU ARE CONCERNED ABOUT DATA USAGE AND COSTS.

As with all GPS receivers the quality of GPS signal can vary depending on the amount of visible sky, satellite positions, foliage, weather conditions etc. GPS will not work indoors. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Customer Reviews

  • Extended user report

    by RudeboyRobbo

    Been using this for a couple years, loving it. Just now tried the Facebook share feature and experienced my first and only disappointment. All my buddies told me to try Strava so I could share the map.

  • Mapping and Facebook

    by Austinski

    Great ap but wish the route map would post to Facebook That is more what you want to share with friends not stats.

  • Great App but some glitches

    by Lounge2fly

    Love it. Have the ski version too. However, the camera feature can be buggy. Sometimes it opens the camera and its just all black, have to close and reopen. The units on the second screen keep going back to metric, have to go into settings and cycle back. When you post to Facebook it doesn't post the map. Other things would be cool like theme colors. Other than that it's very reliable and accurate.

  • Really good... almost perfect.

    by My2fuzzNuts

    I really like this app, its look, its features and functionality. But, it's a twitchy app! Certain things cause it to close and it needs to be relaunched. I have done my best to determine its triggers to avoid shut downs. Most surrounds using music while using on new track. Once this is fixed will be perfect. Please fix soon... frustrating when happens even once on a ride!!

  • Love it

    by Allenp109

    I am new to cycling but it does everything I would like. Makes my bike monitoring easy to use and easy to share. Maps routes, calculates my speed and distance, perfect App.

  • Needs update don't but yet

    by emm bee

    Great app but needs a update to fix bugs, don't buy untill they update it

  • Easy to use!

    by Samuel Payton

    My girlfriend and I go on a lot of rides and decided we needed a way to track a ride we were on half way through it. We took a quick water break, read a few reviews and decided to go with this one. Downloaded quick and easily, and accurately tracked the rest of our ride. There are some nifty built in features we haven't fully tested out yet, But I will update this review if do find any errors. All and all a cheap alternative to a more expensive bike computer and fairly accurate to boot. I recommend it.

  • Good but Could be so much better

    by MikeBikes

    Love this app when I first got it. Battery lasts more than seven hours on the trip. There is a Software glitch where kilometers is swapped with miles but they said they will fix that. Still waiting for the software update. Now my program doesn't run.

  • Good App but Needs Update

    by Flyen Burger

    I have used the app for over a year to track mountain bike rides. Generally it works well but it needs an update.

  • Only 1 thing missing.

    by Dannydsmv

    Love it. Only wish it would auto start/stop so it would give both moving time and elapsed time.

  • Works for dirt bikes

    by Fish stick Camano island

    I use this app for off road dirt bike riding (motorcycle). It works pretty darn good for it. Even though it is for bicycles. I have tried other trail trackers. Which drains the battery quick I ran this app for 5 hours and had 66% batt. Left when done. Marks out trails nicely. I love all the tech. Info. Best app for dirt bikes I have found.

  • Saves your battery, great app.

    by Mark Dougherty

    I came to this from ski tracks and love it. I agree not sure why not more reviews. I have used since it first came out last July. Four stars because no updates since then. Very accurate and great user interface. Used map my ride and it killed my battery in three hours, Bike Tracks lasts all day. Needs update to give moving average, sensor for ant devices for cadence and heart rate, leader board to keep track of your totals. Will give 5 stars if they add these features. If no update may switch to Strava.

  • Awesome

    by Longboard Shawn

    This app is the shizznit... Completely awesome.. You should add a long-boarding option.. That is what I use it for

  • Moose

    by Solo Rider

    This is a great app very worth the price. I used it today for the 1st time on a ride and was totally happy with how it worked. Looking forward to using all the time....A+++++

  • Intuitive

    by Mister_Burns

    Amazing app for easily tracking your bike rides. You get a detailed map of your route plus tons of stats like ride length, average speed, vertical gained, max elevation, etc.

  • Great app

    by yuefei217

    After messing around a few apps, this by far is the best. Love the dark profile, makes it easier to see on the road and overall it runs great. It just lacks the calorie burn which I would love to have.

  • Meh

    by Downhiller Tyler

    Pretty cool I guess but the speed and mapping aren't totally accurate

  • Best on bike app out there!

    by DanFirda

    I've tried a few bike apps and this one by far the best.

  • The best yet

    by jww4th

    I can't believe there's isn't more feedback for this app. At least it's positive. This app is by far the most accurate I've used to date. I've used MotionX-GPS and Cyclemeter they have great reviews, but those people much be smoking something or have nothing to compare the data to. The altitude on those apps are way off. By like 400 feet. The speed is right on, but not good enough for me. I have pretty nice equipment to compare the data to, but I only want to bring my iPhone with. This is the first app that can make that possible. Thank you. Now make it even cooler.

  • It Rocks!

    by BigDaddyRabbit

    made this purchase based on prices and reviews and I'm so glad I did, couldn't be happier!

  • LPadrino

    by L Padrino

    If I could give this app a zero, I would. When trying to install to my iPod 4th Gen iOS5 with external GPS, I am told that the app is incompatible with this iPod. I don't see any caveat on the app page regarding the iPod. Other iPhone apps work with my iPod. An email inquiry to their Support five days ago has received no response.

  • Dissatisfied


    If you don't ever go over 40 mph and like AbandonWare this app is for you. I was told there would be an update months ago addressing certain usability issues; unfortunately that never happened. I tried contacting the developer and received no response; I recommended looking elsewhere, since this app probably won't ever be fixed.

  • Abandonware

    by exodus242

    This app has a major flaw, when you pause a trip it keeps calculation the time against your speed. So if you stop to eat during a ride your 16MPH drops down to like 7MPH, which is really annoying. Plus there hasn't been a single update since I purchased this.

  • Does not save entire ride

    by Telluride Mtb Guy

    This app is great if you are using it for a short ride (around an hour). But the data from longer rides gets clipped. Yesterday, I did a 2 hour 20 mile ride. It seemed to track ok, but as soon as I hit save, it clipped the data down to 1:45 and just 17 miles. Also, it failed to recognize a major climb and descent (more than 900 vertical). It recognized the first two, which were around 500 feet each, but missed the big one at the end. The map function is really cool and helps a lot for navigation. However, the problem with data clipping is really disappointing.

  • Great app. Slight improvements and it'll be golden!

    by Young H K

    UPDATE: 2/8/12. Had high expectations for this app. It started out so good but now there hasn't been any updates/ support for this app since August of 2011. I don't know what happened to the developer but a similar app (ibike coach) uses the same bike speedometer. Hmmmm UPDATE: 10/15/11. I'm changing my rating down from 4 to 2 stars. The promised update that was supposed to be released over 2 months ago is nowhere to be seen. Tried emailing for status over a week ago and still no replies. Until I see an update, this app will remain as 2 stars. App is good but support is very lacking! This is the latest bike app I have purchased. Been disappointed with the last few I have bought. I have to say this app is visually pleasing and very functional. It is almost the perfect bike app. Few improvements need to be made which are minor. The display screen turns off automatically during the ride, It does save on battery life but needs to be over ridden because I would like to see my status at all times. However going to the iPhone display settings will allow the user to keep the display on, but find this inconvenient since I then have to change the settings back. Duration time needs to be added to the main track screen, and I believe the developer has informed me that this will be added. Great app! Keep up the good work!

  • Great app, well worth it, almost perfect

    by Kayakchop

    I agree with the above reviews. It tracks very well, multiple rides on same trails are pretty closr to each other. Impressive because a lot of the trails are in canyons where service isnt that reliable. Occasionally the plot points are too far apart and s-turns at speed get straightened out. I also got a response from the lead developer and he is all about input and responds accordingly. I hope a furure release adds the ability to drop placemarks so you can split up a ride into your own data blocks. It tends to miss label descents and ascents but thats a small detail. Awesome app! Get it and get out on the trails!

  • Close to perfection

    by spodaddy

    Great app! If you're a skier you need these guys' SKI TRACKS app. All in all, this bad boy is almost perfect - especially for a phone app. 99% of riders don't need a GPS if they have this. A few improvements I'd love to see: 1)Position plotting - selectable intervals: I find that on tight switchbacks it misses turns because the interval is too long. It would be better if you could select the interval according to your riding style, knowing that this will affect battery life. 2) Proximity sensor: SKI TRACKS uses the proximity sensor. Why not BIKE TRACKS? 3) Position tags: It would be sweet if you could tag the beginning and end of sections you wanted specific data on - and if this could be done with voice-recognition that would be ground-breaking.

  • Best app out there so far

    by xero87

    A lot of bike apps on the app store are decent. But this has topped them all. The others either lack the one thing you really need, such as offline maps, or they're just too cluttered and filled with junk you just don't need. This however, has just about everything you could ask for. The plus for me is having the ability to store maps offline and be able to use them when on a ride. Right now, the only thing it's lacking is a calorie counter. I sent and received an email from the lead developer himself and was informed that a calorie counter would be coming in a future release. Once that comes out, this would pretty much complete the app and have everything you'd really need. So far, this app is worth re 3 dollars, and I don't buy too many apps from the app store either.

  • Great app!!

    by Neil Schilling

    Best bike app yet!! Trialed during Ironman Triathlon training...way better than any of the other bike apps for battery life.

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