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Seller: Cobra Electronics Corporation

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Previous update release notes:

The next big leap for iRadar is here. We celebrating iRadar’s 4th birthday by completely redoing the map and adding great new features.

1. Follow-Me-Mode -- A new rotating map and automatic zoom based on vehicle speed allows iRadar to show more of the road ahead of you. This greatly improves your driving experience by allowing you to see alert locations well before you get to them.

2. Simple Navigation -- Enter an address and iRadar will plot the best route to your destination on the map. This is a great supplement to, or even replacement for, running a separate navigation app.

3. Live Traffic Information -- Real-time traffic information is now shown directly on the map so that you can avoid congested areas and hit the open road.

4. Map Controls -- Now you can zoom, pan, tilt, and rotate the map to your heart’s content.

5. Macro View -- Alert icons are now shown on the map even when you zoom far out. This allows you to see where iRadar alerts are concentrated or spot isolated alert locations on long stretches of road.

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iRadar Takes Detection to the Cloud!

Cobra iRadar is the world’s first and largest community-based radar/laser/camera detection system. Now you can share and receive alerts in real time from other iRadar users! With access to live radar/laser detection, user reports, automatic alert reporting, and Cobra’s AURA speed and red light camera database, iRadar users are the smartest and most aware drivers on the road. Download Cobra iRadar to see how social networking revolutionizes detection.


Cobra iRadar App:

• Shows visual alerts from the Cobra iRadar detector on the iPhone *
• Allows you to submit and receive locations of Live Police, Red Light Cameras, Speed Cameras, and Caution Areas from other members of the iRadar community
• Displays live radar and laser alert information from all iRadar users
• Warns of upcoming speed cameras, red light cameras, known speed traps, and dangerous intersections with AURA, the industry’s premier 100% verified camera database.

Cobra iRadar Detector unit:
• Detects all radar & laser guns used by Law Enforcement
• Provides full 360-degree protection
• Reduces false alerts with City/Highway Mode

Award Winning App

• Mac | Life's Most Innovative Product, CES 2011
• 2011 IDSA International Design Excellence Award
• 2011 CES Innovations Award Winner
• 2011 Chicago Innovation Award Finalist
• 2010 SEMA Best New Product in Mobile Electronics Runner-Up
• 2010 SEMA Global Media Award Winner

"Saved me from no fewer than five different tickets already. It is fantastic." -Clayton Morris, Fox News Channel

*Note: Certain functionalities of this app are only available when linked to a Cobra iRadar Detector unit. To purchase a Cobra iRadar detector unit go to or enter the store page on the app.

Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Customer Reviews

  • More than 1 application sounds

    by Gonkle

    while driving my car, i listen music by ipod. Sometimes iradar annoy me and i need a mute button for all alerts. i can see the alerts on screen and sometimes i dont need sound alerts. Please add this feature. Thanks.

  • ok app needs night mode

    by Solid77

    and quicker buttons to mark the threat type

  • Great app wish list

    by El Pelegrino

    Great app. Wish list to get 5 stars: (1) Automatic night mode swittching, like the GPS apps do. (2) Max posted speed limit info right in the window.

  • Audible turn by turn will be great

    by Smooth v99

    A complete Audible turn by turn will be great and will complete this app. Full nav is needed!!

  • Wonderful update

    by cagalindo

    Shows the location of common speed traps... Priceless app

  • Good Stuff

    by LikesToSpeed

    Like the new heading up view and routing to destination.

  • Nice app. Great detector

    by PBRMerican

    I love the new maps! Great update.

  • Nice app

    by Speeder87

    Nice app I just bought the new cobra 7800 bt max and I'm loving it easy to pear and works great the only thing missing from the app is the ability to save destinations

  • Great Driving App

    by Junior795

    It’s nice to have a companion app for a radar detector that can tell you what’s going on. However… It really needs a “NITE” setting. At night, my screen lights up like a flashlight. I have other ‘road’ apps that have this type of setting, and it helps, mostly at night. If it had that setting, I’d give it 5 Stars! Other than that, it is really informational!

  • Awesome

    by Roadster7107

    App is awesome except it needs the posted speed. Then the app would be unbearable.

  • I radar

    by Homerroamer

    Great product

  • No issues for me at all. Works awesome.

    by JRS12345678

  • I-Radar

    by Greg Gaskin

    I love this this app. It save me from unexpected radars, red light cameras. If you live in the DC, Virginia area you can locate all speed cameras, red light cameras. It also locate speed traps.

  • Flawless

    by valkyrie155

    Works fine with me! You guys probably need to upgrade to newer devices..

  • Decent update

    by Aaron Wright

    If the app is freezing on the opening, delete the app then reinstall. Worked for me. The update is nice, I love my Cobra radar detector.

  • Really Cool and it cuts down on paying out

    by marcellas

    You know who you would have to pay. Great app. Only one thing. They have a new rad. Gun out and when it gets you, you are stuck so keep reporting and I will. Fun for the highway.

  • Fun and Informative Driving

    by Pfg23

    Clear and understandable display. Love the new directions feature.

  • Great product!

    by Stoneebalony

    I like the radar detector system . I set it up to my liking and it has saved me from a ticket at least 4 times since I got it about 5 months ago. Only reason I didn't give all 5 was due to having to switch screens so much . The map screen has the tune controls why? I keep mine in dashboard 80% of the time.. Please put tune control on the dashboard . Thanks

  • Needs an auto shut down override

    by Brandon Monroe

    I don't like that it shuts down after being stopped for 5 minuets. I'd rather be have a reminder to close the app myself or nothing at all. It was a better app in previous versions.

  • Good hardware. Software needs work

    by Cooky94

    The system itself works great. I just wish Cobra would work on the software's user-interface a little better. It's still very "clunky" and could be improved quite a bit just by updating the UI.

  • Doesn't Pair

    by CriticReview

    The iPhone will pair with the detector every time; however, the Iradar App seldom does. Have tried everything possible to get the App to work and it just will not do it. Returning for a refund and will never purchase another Cobra product.

  • Need ability to use with a real navigation app like Garmin

    by Trek25

    The Cobra app is really not all that helpful. The maps are not that great and don't really even show you where you are at. There is no way to bookmark an address that you want to save. There is no night mode. The maps apparently get downloaded as you get to the location and it does not really show you where you are at while using it. Also, the find my car feature is not helpful at all. My advice would be to pair up with Garmin and use their map features along with your social feature for live police etc... That would really make the concept better and make the process so much more useful.

  • Too many false positives

    by BradBBBBB

    Over-reporting / false reporting to the point App is almost useless. Users don't know the difference between red-light and speed cams. Reports based on GPS, so since you're driving and it won't let you post from another location, location of cameras is always off by at least a block.

  • SAFETY REQUEST. Update Works

    by Thomas Lunney

    SAFETY REQUEST Now that maps has limited navigation there should be no excuses why iRadar CAN'T automatically switch the CITY to HIGHWAY setting. iRadar CAN'T automatically change the City setting and Highway setting based on the Geographic location of the car. A simple request yet the software does not offer an automated solution based on the cars current geographic location. Why? It would be kinda cool to here the iRadar say "Highway" or "City" as you enter the exit ramp or entrance ramp off I290, I57 or I294. Hay Cobra I am getting local with you. Let's get it together Cobra. Automatic switching from City Driving or Highway Driving setting would be safer. A simple safety feature request. The iPhone knows the current geographic location. Change the City and Highway setting AUTOMATICALLY FOR THE DRIVER! What gives? FEATURE REQUEST!!! There needs to be a "Home Location" meaning each time I open or close my House Garage Door iRadar alerts me. Why? The app is aware of my GPS coordinates so why can't I tell iRadar to automatically MUTE when I OPEN or CLOSE my own garage each time? Simple stuff that would help a lot.

  • Update Does not Work

    by SNOLA

    Please fix ASAP.

  • Why?

    by Richs1016

    I can no longer open the app. I've done everything to try and fix this problem. Please fix...

  • Does not work!!!!

    by Derek Evers

    Just got unit in the mail and the app freeze every time .....really!

  • Won't work after update

    by dgventers

    After I did update, the app freezes at the opening graphic and does nothing else.

  • Fail

    by 49th dee

    Does not work after up date


    by MidnightMark

    Warning!!! Do not update. App Update freezes at opening splash screen on Sep. 2012 iPhone5 running the latest IOS7. Very poor quality control on this software release from Cobra Elecronics.

  • Does not work!

    by leskie80

    Since the update, it no longer opens. Please fix ASAP.

  • CEO

    by Wm Hodges

    It works great, one of the very best items I have ever invested in.

  • Push notification error

    by Ace 08

    Updated Apple software causes an error in push notification that will not go away

  • Ok

    by Kurtrupee

    I've own this product now about 4 mths now and the good thing about it is that it's very good at alerting you to camera enforced intersections. The downside is that the radar trips off every time it senses a radar. Example: driving past businesses w/ the commercial roll up doors. Those for some reason trips it off and it I annoying b/c you can't tell if a cop is out there scanning as well.

  • Mr

    by JPD III

    Good app it seems to work well.

  • Room for improvement

    by Rufus is the bomb

    Great app. If they can make it to where your phone vibrates when the radar goes off that would give it 5 stars.

  • Ok

    by Grinch15

    Make then app better

  • Not working

    by Lighterhigh

    No local speed trap warnings and I live in a major metro area! No help from Cobra either.

  • Wish it worked!

    by Lucitx

    This is a great concept. The first app worked so well I bought a second radar unit for another vehicle. Then they offered an upgrade which I loaded. Now the app constantly shuts down after a few minutes of operation. I've tried rebooting, etc. If it worked it would be a great app; it needs debugging. Please fix!

  • Works sometimes and some not at all

    by JethroJdog

    Speed and compass dot ever work. Sometimes when initiating the app it just shuts down, seems to not like to start in landscape mode. Positioning on map is poor.

  • works when it wants to

    by Chrislo8121

    app will only work sometimes. it will go to load it and never finishes and goes back to the home screen. when it does work it works as described. but when i cant get it to load it may take an hour or so of restarting the app and the ipod until it will finally load. makes no sense.

  • Usar iradar 200 en México USE IRADAR 200 MEXICO

    by Shavachivahotmail

    I bought the iradar 200 in USA but I couldn't use it in Mexico. Do you recommend to keep it because I could use it in a future or return it?, because you are not able to do it for Mexico?

  • Missed opportunities

    by Tibdriver

    The Cobra iRadar app has made many great improvements. However, I feel it is not reaching its full potential. I would hope in the near future this app will be able to also control the music played off of Pandora. Lastly, I would like to see Cobra iRadar app have the capability to collaborate with Apple Maps app especially when using the navigation. I strongly believe these improvements would be an asset to this already intuitive app.

  • So far so good

    by HD100th03FatBoy

    Seems to be working good now. The only thing I would like to see now is North going up all the time

  • Not bad!!


    Great concept! Two features I wish cobra would work on, night mode feature & I wish it was compatible with the Pioneer Appradio (like Escort live).

  • Works ... Sometimes

    by RoadWarriorDave

    I've had this app and the new atom radar detector for a few weeks now and it's great when it works. But on my iphone4 a lot of the time it fails to connect and just freezes. I close and restart the app several times and sometime I just give up after several times. I hate when I see a speed trap and I try to report it only to find I can't bc the app is frozen. Please fix this bug!!!!!! Or at least give us a work around until you do.

  • Needs shut off

    by Needs shut off

    I guess the app is good as far as radar etc goes but a major hang up is that it stays active and keeps the GPS going on your phone after you exit the app. EXITING THE APP ABSOLUTELY SHOULD SHUT OFF THE GPS ON THE PHONE!!!! What a major power sucker.

  • HUD display mode?

    by PappaLitto

    How bout a mode to mirror image/reverse the dashboard display so I can throw the iPhone up on the dash and have a head-up-display (HUD) of speed and alerts reflected,off the,windshield. Maybe reverse the map too.

  • It's good but needs tweaking.

    by wuchano

    I like it. The idea of a community of users providing real time data is pretty cool. The app needs the following crucial updates........remove the true north setting on the map and allow it to rotate so that your direction of travel is always up like a GPS does; night time mode so that it doesn't blind you either make it a darker background or add the dim option by swiping finger from top to bottom of screen; make the street names a little larger. Very difficult to read. Great radar unit, fix the aforementioned issues and this is a great app.

  • Crappy 'Reverse/Opposite' Map???

    by FoodOps Consultant

    Maybe it's just me and I'm sure it's an easy 'programming' fix but the direction the map moves is the reverse/opposite of ANY navigation systems I've had. I know it's NOT a Nav Syst BUT the mapping should at least work the same way as it's based on the same GPS. On a Nav Syst, your icon is centered and the map moves down as you pass streets (as if you were moving up on the map)...because you are moving 'forward'. So far it seems, there are no options to change how this map makes it look like you are moving down on the map because the streets move up instead of how they move on a Nav System. It's especially a mind-fcuk if you have a Nav Syst beside the unit and the maps are moving in opposite directions!?!?!?! Super easy fix I'm sure. Somebody in programming needs to pay attention to their Nav Syst or set them side by side in transit and they'll realize this unit is totally BACKWARDS! Simply MUST be fixed.

  • Upgrade Needed

    by Rescineto 4s

    Since i cant use the app and my GPS app at the same time it would be nice if there was an upgrade to the app that included GPS. Also would like to be able to change the map view while driving

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