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We are all Berliners! Except for those of us that are not (such as those of us who are caught in a tube strike and wish we were Berliners).

Welcome Berlin, city of two cities, arm aber sexy. We have the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn and the boom-bahn. We have buses, bears, ferries, trams, and even metro trams (whatever they are). We have live times for buses and trams (or you know "Ist-Abfahrtszeiten" because everything is Always. On. Time). [Please be warned that easier availability of live transport-info may lead to further increase in heavy nightlife and recreational activities in Berlin, which could result in negative effects to the German and European economy, with drastic consequences for the Euro. We accept no liability.]

The app is also now fully translated to German (you know how hard it is to fit those long words into small spaces? Go on, try Bushaltestellenwegbeschreibung). Only works if you have your entire phone's language setting set to German. Which you should really only do if you speak German or would like to act like you do. 

We would like to take this moment to apologise to all Parisians for our previous notes. We did not realise that you are able to decipher UK English (a niche vernacular, normally requiring subtitles). The transport gods of poetic justice have punished us for our transgressions with confusing London tube strikes. We have decided to make it up by adding Transilien trains! Trains, now live in Paris. Please forgive us and ride a train today.

And everybody! We have added auto refresh in the nearby map. Just move the map and e.g. the bus stop pins will automatically update. Less effort for you. Win.

So, what comes after 3.9.? What comes after 3.9...

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The ultimate transit app! * Apple Editor's Choice * 2013 App of the Year Runner-Up * New York City, London, Paris, Berlin

- "Citymapper is quite simply the best travel app to be introduced to New York City"- New York Times

- "The most useful app I have on my Phone."
- "Its reason alone to get an iPhone. It's that good."
- "Life changing. This app really changes the way you travel."
- "I never thought I could love an app so much."

Citymapper is reinventing the everyday urban transport app and making the large complicated city simple and usable.

A to B journey planning, real-time departure info on all modes of transport where available, weather, alerts, disruptions and everything you need and may not even realise that you need to manage your life in the city.

Constant updates. We improve the app regularly.

Thousands of 5-star REVIEWS (in London):
- "Best app on my phone."
- "It has it all. Everything in one place."
- "This is simply the best app I've come across."
- "This app makes me warm inside"
- "Literally my favourite app. If any of my friends are looking for new apps, this is the one I suggest first."
- "The only true five star app."
- "Don't know how I lived without it."
- "Get these guys on the Queen's birthday honours list."
- "It's become a weird and possibly sad fact of my life that waiting and receiving Citymapper updates have overtaken Christmases and birthdays on the anticipation and excitometer."
- "I'm practically married to this app."
- "Just when you think it can't get any better. Boom. New amazing features are released."
- "By far the most useful app I have and have ever had."

We use open data from Metropolitan Transport Authority, Transport for London and lots of other sources. We update the app regularly. Write us to tell us what you want: support(at) Please note the app requires data access and works best with GPS on.

Customer Reviews

  • Incredible transit app

    by Sarah B R.

    Hardly ever write reviews but this one truly deserves 5 stars. Just download it - you won't regret it!

  • The most complete map app!

    by Carlos D Santiago

    This is by far the best app of its kind, I tried a few other map/transportation/metro/bus apps before this one but they are all very inferior to citymapper. It has a beautiful and user friendly interface and there is so much precision and detail that is overwhelming. Amazing work.

  • Number 1!!

    by Stew_Peas

    Of all the transit apps I've used, I must say this is the best of them all. There's so much detail, can't complain. Gives me more than what I ask for.

  • Fantastic app

    by Luis748

    Beautiful design! Works great offline (which can be very helpful!) Overall a fantastic app! Download if you want/need a metro map app

  • Best navi app ever

    by Haifeng Li

    This app is all u need to go wherever you want. Train, Bus, Car, Walking... Trust me, best ever!

  • Awesome

    by Nyhello

    This is the best transport app I have ever used. And I love the funny little touches (like jet pack). Fantastic app!!!

  • Top Notch

    by Sah2

    Killer app. Awesome humor in the update notes. Everything done well.

  • My alarming dependance - cannot function without

    by Professional Homemaker

    When the carrier fails and I have no data connection, I am at a standstill because I can't access Citymapper. When I forget my phone at home my travel distance suddenly shrinks to walking distance because I have no Citymapper. I have come to depend on it too much it's alarming. I am annoyed when a friend does not have Citymapper on his/her phone because I have to hear the excuse that the friend got lost or had to wait so many minutes for a certain bus when they could figure out maps and other options with Citymapper. This app has rendered me an irritable non-functioning Citymapper-addicted commuter, it's horrid.

  • Great application for navigation in NYC

    by alldrin

    This is the best application which I have found so far for navigating New York.

  • best app ever or what

    by joezwu

    I can't believe they've had this app since 2012 and no one told me about. what the hell!! this app could've saved me so many times in the past. I'm mad I haven't gotten it sooner!!

  • Best transit app

    by knubie

    This is the best transit app I've used for nyc. Previously I used hopstop but this blows it out of the water.

  • must have for london

    by ChippyG

    this app was all i needed to get around london! fast, accurate and updated with current travel conditions. my only wish is that you could save multiple searches for offline use, instead of one.

  • Excelent

    by Cris VK

    Works in a perfect way, the off wifi service is very helpful for travelers! Tx

  • Coolest way to get around London

    by Little Bobby Truth Tables

    Also the update notes are to die for.

  • Far better than anything else

    by CrunchyChewy

    Much, much better than any other New York transit app; it is even better than Google Maps. Even if you only intend to use this for Citibike, this is superior to the native Citibike app.

  • From NYC, Love the App

    by Muddlerman

    I often get confused about the buses, which subway lines are best to take on long routes, how far things are, etc. This app essentially takes all other transit apps, combines their best features, and allows you to customize it to a point where you will always know where you're going. 5/5 for certain.

  • So far, so good!

    by Zygnet

    I'm probably being a nitpicky, but just a suggestion if possible to show the train/bus stations in area when locations are entered on start/end section. Displays are in map/area map anyway. Great app still!

  • Thanks

    by Chris-Tone

    Great App always took me home, great companion ;))))

  • Perfection.

    by Bexknowsbest

    This app is all I use to get around New York. Save trips offline to see on the train. Get live delay info. Check bus times. It's even got little cartoons! Thanks for being awesome, Citymapper!

  • One of best apps on earth

    by Jb34578

    Assuming you live in London. Tell all our friends and out of town guests to download.

  • Paramedic

    by Rprough

    Useless! It only three cities! Utterly useless!

  • Such a perfect app!!!

    by 爱摆渡

    This is awesome! I downed this app before I arrived in London. This app takes me to everywhere in London, make me real local in this city. I love it!

  • Amazing

    by Berett Fisher

    Must have transit app!

  • A must have for London visitors

    by CardinalRam

    Downloaded this just after we arrived in London for the Christmas Holidays. Absolutely the perfect app for visitors! We traveled all through London using it. It's ability to blend rail, underground, and bus services perfectly matched our travels. Once we set our hotel address in Croydon as "Home", no matter where we were in London, all we had to do was tap on the "Get me Home" button, and it would give us several routes back to the hotel. You can save a route, so that even if you do not have wireless data access, you can still see the route you need to be on. I do wish you could save more than one route, but I was able to email routes to myself. FYI the cheapest way to get wireless data access is to go to one of the wireless company's and buy a pre-paid mobile data hot spot. We got a Vodaphone one with 2GB of download prepaid for 35GBP. You can then use use it's data access for the app on your phone or iPad.

  • 5 stars just for the release announcements

    by watchmeshine

    Truly hilarious.

  • Y E S

    by KingCharlesXVI

    Excellent transportation app. Clean, easy, and now Paris!

  • Must Have App!

    by arianalovatic

    My mom and I were in New York over the holidays and I used this app to get us every where! From Times Square to Brooklyn and even to Newark Airport. This is the app to have. I rarely write reviews on anything but with this app I had too. It was so convenient and extremely user friendly. I will definitely be using it in the future when traveling to Paris and London!

  • Perfect

    by MissMad19

    Download this. Everything you need I'm an easy to use format. Great features. Perfection.

  • Best transit app for visitors, hands down

    by Ext1jdh

    Coming from Chicago's transit system I was apprehensive of London's Tube system. This app made my stay in London vastly easier and more fun. Fantastic app

  • Perfect.

    by Dreaq25

    Got me everywhere I needed to go with no problems. So simple to use.

  • Awesomeness!

    by philipamour

    This app keeps saving my a--!

  • Better than google map!

    by rickychiu

    Got me around London with great accuracy and cheapest alternatives.

  • Fantastic app

    by Luis748

    Beautiful designed app, offline maps work well. Fantastic app!

  • Life saver

    by clarea73

    Life saver during my trip to London. Highly recommend!

  • Mrs.

    by Greenshopper

    This is a seriously awesome app. No better way to decide if you should walk, drive or take the subway. Love it!

  • Easy to use and helpful

    by zswaps

    I used this app for a trip to London and am so glad I stumbled on to it. It is easy to use and I had no issues with wrong instructions, etc.

  • Awesome app, easy to use!

    by Shdindy

    I used this app to get all over NYC as a first time visitor. I saved locations that I wanted to visit and it found at least three ways to get there with the time to allow to get there. It even calculates what time to leave! The only thing that needs improvement is the walking directions to and from the subway/bus stops.

  • FH to the BX

    by IB NYC

    Excellent app. Love it, use it all the time. Need to work on suggested subway transfers. Not very efficient.

  • NYCT traveler’s best friend

    by GammaGyrl

    I love this app…love…love…love it. Will no longer take the bus without consulting it. Pro Tells you the transportation options near your location making it so easy to decide best option Trip planning gives you travel time for walking, public transp and riding Arrival times given are very close to actual bus time (+/- 5mins) While on the bus, route list provides real time info for each stop (u can follow along and see when your stop is next) Con Top level bus options doesn’t show the direction of buses (on 2 way street, you have to click on listed bus to see the travel direction (E/W or N/S) When planning a route you can set (destination) arrival time, but there doesn't seem to be a way to change departure time from the “now” default.

  • The Best London Transport App

    by Tr4v73r

    This app is incredible. Knows everywhere you might want to go. Knows the best way to get there & how long it will take. Tell it a place name, a restaurant, or an attraction, or just scroll the map to where you want to be. Never a glitch, never a mistake. Even in areas of poor coverage, the app quickly loads full options and maps. I've been to London several times and always took the Tube because I couldn't figure out the buses; with this app, I'm a local & know the best way to get anywhere! I haven't tried it in NYC, yet, but as good as it was in London, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it in the boroughs.

  • Absolute best, just get it

    by Dr. Bingo

    It would be perfect if it covered metro rail etc travel as well.

  • iPhone 4S Review

    by mau_Ro

    This is pretty great, however, I have a few recommendations. Alerts: Allow me to set my own commute times since I'm in the theatre business and have very different commute times than your default mon-fri 9-5. Let me choose between which points my commute is so I don't receive alerts that are nowhere near my commute. Routing: Allow me to see/switch between all train options on a line, not just one train on a line. More options. I know there are more than the suggested route.

  • A fun transit app?

    by BrazucaDC

    Love the whole attitude of this app. The directions are always spot on, but the humor puts it over the top (just read the release notes for a preview). Really like the new Meet Me feature. Now I'm just waiting for a clever integration of BusTime in NY so the app can time routes with actual bus transfers to let me avoid waiting a Lon time at the bus stop.

  • The absolute best way to get around.

    by Mega Boris

    An absolute must even for the most seasoned New Yorkers.

  • Awesome app

    by Londoncitymapperfan

    I would be lost in London everyday without this app!! It is very accurate, including exact bus arrival times and real-time updates when there is any disruption in service. I highly recommend this app for anyone traveling in London.

  • Best Public Transit Travel App for London!

    by TARDIS75

    Without this app, there is no way I could have survived my 1.5 weeks in London! The busses take you everywhere and are significantly cheaper than the underground, plus you get times of the next bus arrival and a push reminder when it's time to get off the bus. Plus you can get so much more sightseeing in when you take public transit! The app covers all forms of transit for London too. It was definitely worth using, and highly recommended for any and every tourist, or resident. It's so worth using this app in the city! Check it out!

  • Works great

    by PonyGirl34

    Used in New York, being able to save trips offline was great since there's no service in the subway. One minor complaint, routes were accurate but didn't use express trains when they were available.

  • Amazing!!!


    The more I use this the more great stuff I find, and it's all very useful!

  • Amazing!!!


    The more I use this the more great stuff I find, and it's all very useful!

  • Great App

    by Aizaz Awan

    So far the best app I have used to move around in London, with very useful features.

  • Best app!

    by terra poirier

    Saves me so much time! Its up to date with all the trains and gives you the quickest route depending on traffic and delays

  • Great app but battery destroyer!

    by pmoct

    I used this app in New York and it worked beautifully getting us around the city and subway. But it would deplete my battery in a couple of hours and then I would have a dead phone the rest of the day. I'd close the app or power off my phone between uses but it still ate up the power. Deleting this app unfortunately.

  • Love it!!

    by Ms. Keke B

    I love it! Bus, Subways, biking it, Taxis, or walking... This app will get you there fast and even tells how many calories you may burn

  • EZ but powerful

    by chuck corea

    and seems to connect to other apps automatically. I like it better than anything else I've tried.

  • The best

    by Jab1414

    Best transit app. Only request would be to save multiple recent and multiple trips for offline; otherwise includes everything you need.

  • Singapore please!

    by ScottK127

    Used this whilst in London and it was fantastic. Please can you do one for Singapore? The transit apps here are horrible!

  • Essential

    by nickmarco

    Fantastic app, essential in London!

  • Luv it

    by Pridepower2011

    Best travel map ever !! I mean real time !!!! Can't get any better..I use this app every day and whatever the time it says the bus or train is coming it comes at the time it say.

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