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Replaced the provision for push notification.

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Bekon is the simple & private answer to the question you likely hear every day, “How far away are you?”

The first app to truly address privacy concerns with location awareness, Bekon is designed to make meeting your contacts as easy & efficient as possible.

There are NO MAPS to give away your location so your contact will never know exactly WHERE you are; just how far away. Bekons require approval to begin & expire after limited amount of time.

There are also NO ADDRESSES TO ENTER - Bekon will keep both parties informed on how close they are getting to one another based on general distances between their devices.

With Focus mode on, Bekon will even point you in the right direction once you are within a half-mile radius of your contact.

Now, you can stop wasting time wondering when a friend might arrive or responding to another text about how close you are getting.

Try Bekon & see how this location service will make your life easier while keeping your privacy in tact.

·The "Constantly Late" Friend
·General Meet Ups
·Staying connected with family
·Making carpools super efficient
·Politely telling someone to come home.
·Keeping your doorbell germ free.

USE FOCUS MODE FOR: (available within 1/2 mile of your contact's device)
·Finding a friend in crowded place like festivals & sporting events .
·Knowing where to pick someone up.
·When you have arrived at your destination & still can’t locate your contact.


We believe that where you go is your business. Even though location data is a valuable commodity in today’s world, we made the decision not to profit from it.

Each time a Bekon session ends, your location data is immediately erased. We will never sell, store or share your location information to anyone trying to figure out what shampoo you are most likely to buy.


One of the motivations for creating Bekon was finding a new solution to reduce accidents caused by texting and driving.

Many people believe they are good at restraining from texting behind the wheel, but tend to make exceptions when responding to people they are about to meet.

Instead of restricting people from using their phones while driving, Bekon keeps the contact informed and reduces the need for this type of communication.


Bekon utilizes your cell phone number to connect you with the contacts already in your address book. There are no usernames or passwords to remember.

Starting a Bekon is quick and easy. Three taps and a Bekon request is sent to your contact. Once they approve, you will both be given general location information for one hour.

Once the time limit expires, all location information is wiped from the app and our servers to protect your privacy.


Once you and your contact are within 1/2 mile of each other, Bekon offers a Focus mode to guide you together. The dynamic arrow will point you in the direction of your contact while displaying the feet remaining between your device and theirs.

Download Bekon & see how one simple app can make your life easier!

Customer Reviews

  • A Must Have!

    by Monica S Cooper

    As someone who is always late, this is a great tool to let friends and family know when they can actually expect me! Clean, simple and easy to use! Love the notifications!

  • Genius

    by Hansel

    This app is awesome! It let me know precisely when my family was going to arrive at my house for the holidays. Also creates realistic arrival time for that friend that always seems to exaggerate how close they really are. I love it!

  • Awesome bekon

    by Janxman24

    This app is amazing. Never again will I have to focus all my time worrying "when" someone will arrive! Best app out there!!!!

  • Clean, Fresh, Smart

    by Taylor Vieger

    Oooooo I love this app! It's fresh,clean, smart and easy to use. I especially love the focus feature!

  • Just stumbled across this… Wow!

    by kvelez

    I am just reading about this app, and this looks like it would solve so many scheduling problems I have. 4 stars for now, because its such an amazing concept… will definitely come back and update the review as I use it over the next few days!

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