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Seller: Christopher Ngan

New "Live" feature lets you browse and:
★ Peek in to see what people are doing around the world, right now.
★ Discover how people around the world live, work and play.

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Here & Now is a free app to help you find stuff to do on-the-go. Can't find events nearby? Change cities in one click! Now browse the buzz happening right now in LONDON, TORONTO, MONTREAL, VANCOUVER, SYDNEY, MELBOURNE, and 50+ US cities including NYC, LA, and SAN FRANCISCO.
★ Feel the vibe of the city and around the world, any time anywhere
★ Browse and peek in on active events to see the buzz
★ Effortlessly find events and things to do, any time anywhere you like.
★ Spontaneously discover awesome dating ideas, meet new friends.
★ Attend local events when traveling to NYC, London, HK, and 50 more global cities.
★ Chat and share photos
★ Make itinerary on the fly
★ Create your own public or private events
★ Showcase your taste and interest on profile page.

Help us improve Here&Now. Our in-app help button connects you directly to our developer to let you tell him what works, and more importantly, what doesn’t.


Please be aware that we do use GPS functionality to help you find events nearby. We understand some people may not be comfortable with this and are working on a web page that has the items you can sort by time and location. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter (@NuqaqApp) or Tumblr ( to see daily lists of curated events.

You can log in with Facebook by pushing the Facebook button. We also offer you the option to create a new Nuqaq account using an email address and password if you're not comfortable using Facebook.

Please check for updates as we hope to add video.

Here&Now currently contains events for 41 US metropolitan areas. Nuqaq also contains events for Amsterdam, Hong Kong, London, Melbourne, Milan, Montreal, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto, and Vancouver. For a complete list, please visit

If you are located more than 25 miles from one of these metropolitan areas, the app will not have any 3rd party events.

However, you can create, share, interact with others on your own events anywhere in the world though.

If you don't see events when you think you should, send me an email through the "help" button in the app and I'll help you out.
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Customer Reviews

  • This app makes me happy

    by Steph333111

    It's nice to see what's happening elsewhere and share the happy moments with the world. I've seen photos of new babies, of friends sharing a good laugh and of a couple holding hands in the rain. It's beautiful :)

  • Great app

    by Sanpietrini

    Great app for finding meetup and other events

  • Easy to use

    by lichinlin

    This app pulls in events from multiple sources, make it very easy to see what's happening in a glance. Pretty amazing!

  • Love it

    by MargeS17

    Found so much fun stuff to do around nyu! cant wait to explore the city with friends!

  • Awesome

    by Angiewl

    Finding stuff to do on the go can not be made any easier. Have been using it all summer in ny! Fantastic app!

  • Fun and useful

    by Jessy_denver

    Really enjoy seeing buzzing photos from different cities around the world. Love using this app for finding places to go.

  • Wow! Great updates!

    by MartinMerritt

    Love the app and it is getting better with each version. Really appreciate the developer being so responsive. Keep up the good work!

  • Sleek little app

    by Elogan44

    Omg, I LOVE this new update! the look is awesome!

  • 5 star

    by Mar10019

    Just moved to nyc, this app offers soooooooo much stuff to do in my neighborhood - all the time! simply awesome

  • Very useful!

    by Shock47

    Really helpful in finding nearby events, worth the download for sure!

  • Loving it!

    by Jsnowflur

    This is so awesome.

  • Cool

    by JCohen.n73

    Neat idea! Love it!

  • Great app for finding local events

    by ja77_nya

    App works great for finding meetups and local events in NYC. Hope to try it when visiting other cities too!

  • Handy app

    by Reanie99

    Great event app! I really like how with the updated version you don't have to sign in to see what's happening. Def comes in handy when I'm out with friends and we're wondering what to do next.

  • Great for finding stuff to do

    by Matt 723

    Great app for those looking for fun stuff to do in their area. Just moved to Tempe and have already done two events on this app and they both were good finds. Easy to use interface, really enjoy the app ::thumbs up::

  • Great finding unique local stuff to do

    by Shatz_steve

    I really like being able to invite a date from OKCupid out on unique dates instead of "movie and dinner".

  • Houston

    by DYN-nuq

    Great app to find out what's happening in my neighborhood. Suggest to show events 1-2 hours ahead to allow enough time to get to the event.

  • So useful!

    by Fatcell2012

    My husband and I "stumble upon" a Japanese Go game meetup using this app after brunch in TriBeCa. What a fun surprising way to rediscover the city and spend a great Sunday afternoon! We would have never found this event if we weren't using this app. I will be using it every weekend now.

  • Awesome App

    by Lorenzo106

    I think your app is an excellent medium to allow people to effectively socialize to see in real time what is happening around my current location. I will be using the app and will tell all my friends.

  • Ms.

    by TDR1967

    Horrible. Nothing here.

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