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Seller: ChainLink Networking Solutions, Inc.

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Quickly add your favorite locations and track those locations by compass direction, speed and time. Seamless integration with the iPhone Maps app for driving and walking directions from your current location to the destination point. Find your own best way to your destination by using the compass and picking paths of your own choosing to get there. Fun way to explore!

Customer Reviews

  • Love It!!!

    by skiskygirl

    I love this app!!! I can plot where I was and keep track of where I am in location to my favorite locations! I use it daily! Worth the money!

  • Great App

    by Lalalalalalalalalalla:D

    I use this a lot, informative and useful :)

  • Nice addition to the iPhone maps!

    by Miwicha

    Works as advertised. Quickest way to add points of interest. The pointer made it possible to find destinations not routable via other GPS driving directions apps. I used recently for finding my way through the mess of storm related congestion. Gave me the freedom to find my own best route.

  • Great Title

    by Zonarockit

    This is a great title, a cut above the rest.. Intuitive and smart.

  • Quick and easy GPS

    by Sonny8764

    Nice interface... Very intuitive.

  • Great idea and design but doesn't work!

    by swoolner

    No matter what location I put into to map, when I select search it gives an alert that says Error "Web service error" and does not connect. There is no way to save that location (as in other products) and my only choice is "use current location." If I wanted to use the current location I wouldn't need this product. Like the design and product concept. Programming and execution is lacking.

  • Great concept, update needed urgently!

    by Tomba82

    Does not always take curent position with GPS points and wants adress, quite unusefull in the middle of nothing or at sea. Already created points cant be renamed :( Would be great for marking fihin points on lakes & sea if it would work as it should.

  • Worthy of a "0" rating

    by Pablo41

    I could not find any serious difference or benefits that you can't already receive using iPhone's Maps application. A total waste of money.

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