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• Added "Remove All" option when editing route places using the Routes button at the top of the map.
• Bug fixes

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For your next road trip, why settle for the route with the fastest time or the shortest distance? Isn't it worth going a little out of your way to avoid the heat of Death Valley in the summer, or risk of snow in the high elevations of the Rockies? Or, maybe you're just looking for the road with the most curves!

• View charts of route elevation, curviness, or weather (Temperature, Humidity, Precipitation, Wind Speed). Charts track with the map; zooming and panning in the map shows the same region in the chart, so you can pinpoint features of interest. And you can zoom and pan in the chart as well.

• Manually reorder your route, or have inRoute automatically reorder your waypoints for fastest time…save your precious time and gas with the optimal route for your summer sightseeing vacation (or just quick weekend errands)! Add up to 25 locations to your routes.

• Share your routes with family and friends. Of course, your friends are more interested in that great mountain road than how you plan to get there from your house, so you can share sub-sections of your route as well.

• Search around your selected route or anywhere on the map--great for finding gas stops, hotels, or places to eat during road trips.

• Transfer your routes into other apps and GPS units compatible with GPX files, the de-facto standard for the exchange of routes.

Other great features:
- Set your departure time and inRoute tailors its weather, expected road conditions and travel times for your specific route.
- Bookmark your favorite routes and places.
- Import placemarks from GPX or KML files, including those from a wide range of sources like software from Garmin and Google.
- Create a round-trip loop by setting the same Starting and Destination location to your route.
- Print your routes to Airprint compatible printers (or email them to your computer to print).
- Drop a draggable pin with a long press gesture.

The following premium features are available only after an in-app purchase:
• Five additional charts of route Elevation, Temperature, Humidity, Precipitation, and Wind Speed, in addition to the provided Curviness chart.
• Route waypoints can be automatically ordered to find the fastest route. The free version allows manual ordering only.
• More locations can be added to each route (25 vs. 5 in the free version)
• Routes can be exported to a GPX file, the defacto standard for the exchange of routes, allowing transfer of routes to compatible apps or standalone GPS units.
• Routes can be opened directly in the Navigon iOS app (if installed).

Customer Reviews

  • A motorcyclist dream!

    by doddphd

    Been looking a long time for an app that let's me easily design a route and tells me what conditions will be like on the road (you can tell it when you're leaving). The precipitation graph tells the chance of rain as well as how heavy it might be. I've compared it to yahoo weather it it looks pretty accurate. Curviness, wind, temp, altitude, oh my! You can zoom in on the map or graph and the other zooms too. Zoom in on the highest altitude and see where it is on the map. Rearrange waypoints, easy. Select a step and everything zooms to show you that step. Import, export, and sharing look good. Very fast and polished. I'd like to see the ability to enter waypoints by GPS coords (for finding national forest camps for instance). Turn by turn voice would be useful too for when there's cell service. I'll be telling my riding buddies about this app.

  • A must-have for your traveling arsenal.

    by SportRider1

    If you like to plan a route with multiple stops, this is the number 1 app. The ease of use to add waypoints, by both Drop Pin or Search, puts my other routing apps to shame. With the upgrade function of automatic optimization of waypoint order, it’s a no-brainer to add additional waypoints as an after thought and still have the most direct route. And very simple to pass the route over to Navigon. When I travel by motorcycle, having the altitude and road “curviness” graphs just adds to my trip planning fun factor. My only suggestion would be a tutorial to save time learning all the features. With that said, a solid 5 stars.

  • Make your own route

    by GEJester

    Exactly what I wanted to plan my own route.

  • Needs option for more granularity

    by punkassjim

    This app can be incredibly useful for walking directions in (for example) San Francisco, but it's not quite there yet. Say I look up directions from point A to point B, and it really seems simple: just 0.7 miles' walk, and I'm there. But hold the phone, this is San Francisco — 3/4 of a mile could easily be a huge uphill climb, or treacherous downhill descent (terrible for a woman in heels). Or both. Currently, this app will only show a straight line of elevation from the point A measurement to the point B measurement. If the route I'm planning is less than a few miles, the app should increase the measurement resolution, and give me a granular elevation line along the whole route. Please, please update the app to allow for this use case. I can guarantee you it'd net you many more in-app sales.

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