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February 17th schedule updates

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Phillysubway is a simple schedule viewer and map for Philadelphia's subway lines: the Market-Frankford El and the Broad Street Subway. If the device is held vertically, the Broad Street Line shows. If the device is held horizontally, the Market Frankford El shows. Works without a network connection!

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Customer Reviews

  • Perfect

    by ferrinn

    Great app. Does exactly what it says it does. I ride the el and subway everyday and this comes in handy. Great when I am trying to catch an express on the subway.

  • Great

    by Qblackman

    Great UI and accurate!

  • Great App

    by Ace000000

    This is just a great app. It's easy to use and intuitive and tells me the only thing I really want to know--when the next train is--when I want to know it.

  • Awesome

    by Angie Araujo

    Tells me the exact minute the subway will arrive. Very accurate :)

  • The opposite of SEPTA: Functional

    by TrueToRights

    This app works surprisingly well. Everything's very accurate and the interface is intuitive. Makes me feel like a wizard when I tell my friends the exact minute the train will arrive.


    by DARNELL H


  • My favorite Phila transit app

    by C Schae

    Great app. The reviewer who thinks this only works for the BSL clearly didn't read the directions. Operation of the program is not the most intuitive, but once you figure it out, it proves to be just what you need until SEPTA joins the 21st century and installs timers at the stations.

  • Great app

    by Alexxx87

    I use this for the broad line. Works great since the update which tells you which train is express and local. The times are spot on as well.

  • Good app

    by Lubin509

    I luv this app but now it dont tells witch train is the express (x) nor 8th st (s)

  • Dead simple

    by monkeyajb

    Simple and too the point.

  • Yessssss!!!

    by ARCHAIC

    The interface is TOPS!

  • Good App

    by DSalms

    Informative and to the point.

  • Not too bad

    by ohgodthisisanickname

    It'd be a little better if switching between the lines was more intuitive, as people might not even know how many lines Philly has if they're picking this app up before a vacation or something. But overall it's a pretty simple app that helps answer the "oh god I'm bored, when does the next train come?" question.

  • Clutch!

    by DannyV 3G

    Please make one for bus routes!!! Overall, great app.

  • "Schedule Viewer" overstates the case

    by Sapphir3blu3

    Only shows times for the next few trains arriving at a given station. Useless if you're trying to figure out a plan for several hours from now (such as see how long I'd have to wait for a train at 10PM).

  • Useless Application

    by Richard Holaday

    This app is crap, it only works for the Broad St line.

  • Could use a tune up

    by Lancebacon

    There is no designation between express, spur, and local trains on the BSL. I still have to look up the schedule if I don't want to sit in the 104 degree station forever.

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