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*Added Apple Maps support (directions)
*Updated Database
*Cosmetic changes

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Find all the nearest the Chipotle restaurants in the United States. Call or get maps, and directions to the restaurant in a few simple touches. An Internet connection is not required to get addresses and phone numbers. Just enter your zip code.

✔1,100 United States locations
✔Button takes you directly to Apple Maps with directions to location
✔Phone number takes you to the phone app
✔Internet connection not required to get addresses and numbers (enter zip code)
✔Five nearest locations displayed at startup
✔List all locations sorted by distance

There must be an internet connection to view maps and directions. If your iOS device does not have GPS, turn "off" the "Track Location" switch button and touch "Set Location Manually." Then enter your zip code.

Customer Reviews

  • Not bad at all!

    by SKydive_Utah

    The free one doesn't even get you to where you need to be. This was very helpful and great for travel.

  • Solid App

    by Mehridith1

    This is a great app that does what the free Chipotle app doesn't do - namely find the stinking restaurant. Whenever we are driving to or from Tahoe for example, and want Chipotle to go, the free app can only find the store locations behind you (the ones we've passed), or in the case of the drive home, it finds none. Very frustrating. This app finds all of them, quickly. It's a simple app - you can't order food from it (although that would be nice!) buy it does what it's name implies.

  • Works well.

    by Captainsbandana


  • Find Chipotle if you can.

    by sthomasr

    This app was not as useful as it couldl be. Each of the locations were identified by the town or area and distance from me. Since I did not know the neighborhood names, I could not tell if I had already passed the restaurant, or if it was ahead yet. What would be good would be dropping pins on my GPS app so I could see if something was coming up. Also, it totally missed the one Chipotle I knew about and ended up going to in the end.

  • Didn't help me

    by Actathome

    Downloaded this app while my husband was driving so that we could find a Chipotle for lunch on our route. There weren't any close enough so we pulled off the highway to go to an In N Out. Right next door was a Chipotle! I was inside the location and this app did not recognize it.

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