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- iOS 7 related bug fix

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** NOTE: An Internet connection is required to use Flightwise Chart Explorer. This app cannot and should not be used for in-flight navigation; it is for reference only! **

Flightwise Chart Explorer displays aviation maps - VFR sectional charts and IFR enroute charts, as well as standard road and satellite maps. Animated NEXRAD weather radar is displayed on top of the map, allowing you to see how the weather will affect your flight plans.

You can also overlay AIRMETs and SIGMETs right on top of the map, as well as a visible cloud layer and regional temperatures.

The map has the standard pinch/zoom capability which allows you to smoothly zoom and pan around the United States and see what the weather is like anywhere.

Chart Explorer currently only shows maps in the United States, and only in the 48 contiguous states - not Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

We're very receptive to feedback, and are looking to release frequent updates, so definitely contact us at service@flightwise.com and give us your opinions and wishlists!

Customer Reviews

  • Weather radar app

    by Jeff697

    Great app! Use it everyday

  • Mirage Pilot

    by CincyPilot

    Great App for the overall picture, then toFlightaware.

  • great app!

    by williamCD

    this is an awesome app. don't give any stock to those who complain about expired charts. this is NOT a navigation app and was not advertised by the developer as such. the charts are only to give you a reference point. users who rate this down for expired charts just aren't being fair or realistic. i use this on the ground to get a picture before my ads-b kicks in. i love this app.

  • Good App!

    by regulat938

    I like to use the VFR Sectional layer to use as a reference for Airmets and Sigmets locations. Would like to see and update for the VFR Sectional.

  • Good app for pilots

    by Bountyflyer

    I'm a United Captain, use this app every day.

  • Arqesix

    by Arqe6

    Usefull for a skywarn wx watcher thanks

  • Not bad for $5

    by TXB-25

    For $5, I appreciate the convenience of a mobile tool overlaying radar on en route charts. Now, if you could expand outside the U.S. and consider overlays of TFRs, MOAs, and SUAs, that would make it even better.

  • Out of Date?

    by JNecess

    VFR / IFR charts have disappeared. Out of Date? Liked this app when all worked.

  • Great App!

    by Andy-first

    Terrific app. Love the way it overlays weather on Sectionals. Works seamlessly. My only prob is driving- it goes on-line fine but it often can't find your location for mapping while tooling down the highway. That may be a Wi-Fi only iPad problem- no GPS chip in that configuration (mine). I hotspot it with my iPhone. Nonetheless- it's great!!!

  • Pilot Useful

    by BobbyToGo

    I am a 30,000+ hour airline captain. This is a very useful radar app for the domestic U.S.. Having the radar overlay on VFR or IFR charts is great. The refresh and detail is as good as any. Having Sigmets and such available with a tap is handy.

  • Nice app

    by Richard Myers

    It's great for planning. The imagery remains vivid when zoomed in. We all carry a phone and it beats the hell out of unfolding a conventional chart..great idea to marry a flight chart with weather radar

  • Accurate radar

    by JPRyan380

    Compared weather radar with actual condition, this app provides the most accurate real time weather condition.

  • Owner

    by Mooney/piston

    Recommended by a friend. I love the way the airmets display.

  • Good but...

    by Amigammon

    Just wish it had a high alt IFR layer.

  • Great App

    by Joseph Walther

    This app has been very useful as a quick weather reference prior to going up. I often use it for the maps alone.

  • Great app

    by Unconscious competent

    Very comprehensive, one of first apps on iPad 1 , now on iPad 3 ( can I say 3?) Flying out of MT weather is fantastic and precise. Referred to may flying buddies they all appreciate it. To have a back up to sectionals and be able to paint roads or weather over it in real time... Priceless Thumbs up !!!

  • Adrian

    by Launion777

    Excellent navigation app

  • Almost a 5...

    by PJDavis70

    App is awesome, but... it spontaneously crashes without warning on my 4s running iOS 6.0.1.

  • Excellent app

    by Richard Barner

    Simply the best

  • Best of type

    by Dunwoodytoolman

    Great application. I think this app is easy to use and you will get excellent results

  • Disappointing

    by Stover520

    Bought this App about a month ago. The disclaimer says that it shouldn't be used for inflight navigation. This is true since the VFR sectional for my area is at least 2 years out if date. The sectional shows airports to be uncontrolled that are now commissioned Class D. Also shows prohibited areas that aren't prohibited anymore, and VOR's that have since changed names. All these changes took place over 2 years ago. How hard could it be to have up to date charts? Haven't had time to look over the IFR charts yet.

  • Charts won't load

    by Aedan1701

    When it works it is great. Originally I was very excited about this app. Lately I can't get the chart to load. I get great 360 degree radar returns but without the chart image and reference to a location it is useless. I usually get just a couple chart tiles. Nothing useful.

  • Few charts for Alaska

    by Ak-fire-medic

    Won't load and or doesn't have Anchorage charts. Does have charts for Fairbanks and some of the remote areas of western Alaska. This app needs a lot of work before it will be useful for Alaska Pilots.

  • Awesome application!

    by Timothy Peak

    We not only use it to track weather for flying, but we use it to track weather at home. We find out if bad weather is drawing near to wherever we are. We use this application daily usually more than once. Love it!!!

  • pilot

    by rdagster

    Excellent planning tool when I don't have my full scale charts and want to see how last minute wx might affect operations.

  • Pilot

    by USAF C-130

    Great app to start pre-planning for a flight, however it should incorporate the charts and weather radar information for flights in and around the Caribbean to include Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Still, highly recommended!!!

  • Great app

    by sunsontx

    Use this all the time. Perfect reference for ground lesson or flight planning. Great app.

  • Good app

    by Beechflyer

    I use this app all the time and really find it useful. It is informative in many ways.

  • I Like This App

    by B777driver

    Easy to use and reliable.

  • Well done!

    by Van srr40007

    The charts load rapidly and display well. I have not had a crash yet.

  • Easy to use.

    by Lggggffftrk

    As a pilot I use this app on a regular basis. It's convenient and easy to use. With both VFR and IFR enroute charts it shows exactly where your route of flight is relative to weather. Keeps it simple. Well worth the price to me.

  • MD80 Pilot

    by Hal 58

    Not useful for the commercial jet pilot. IFR charts are only low altitude victor airways and you cannot put in your IFR route to see how it looks with the weather overlay

  • Love it!

    by Mercedesbendo

    I hope the new sectionals are free

  • Super App

    by Deward Rice

    Very useful for a quick look at enroute wx.

  • Nice App

    by heloresq

    Nice app to get a quick overview of the radar overlaid on the VFR sectionals.

  • Pretty Good App

    by Fast_Eagel01

    As others have pointed out, this App is merely a quick look application so one gets an idea if the weather has maintained it's forecast track. Like Avi8r, I too would like to have the option of superimposing a route on the map. For the price, one cannot go wrong by adding it to you arsenal of flight planning products.

  • Out of date

    by Tx111

    Weather works well but charts are way out of date..

  • Excellent!

    by Aviator82

    Very detailed application of aeronautical charts!! As a student pilot, I love perusing the areas prior to flying; I never use it in-flight (eyes out I the cockpit). Keep the charts updated!

  • Very useful - but online only

    by XplorerTom

    This is great for flight planning, especially with the weather overlays, but it must be online as the maps are streamed. Also, it does not include actual flight planning tools, just charts.

  • Great App For Aviators

    by Mike0105

    Good app for quickly checking the weather before VFR/IFR flights. Easy to use and never closes out unexpectedly.

  • Architect

    by ArchAngel-int

    Simply outstanding. It is far more accurate than the local and national weather service who get paid to be 40 percent right!

  • N/A

    by Stevestp

    Works for me but I was wondering about how current the charts are now as well as in the future. How can the user tell when the charts are updated?

  • Charts out of date

    by ChicagoAv8r

    The VFR chart is way out of date. Changes to Chicago O'Hare airspace from 2010 are still not shown.

  • Updated

    by Johnathenls

    My latest update does note work on my iPad1

  • Avi8r

    by DaddyiMac

    I use this app alot, however if I could enter a filed route and have it display the course with the radar radar overlay this would be a definite 5 stars!!! Update on VFR Sectionals would be a bonus as well.

  • Great

    by Harry Angstom

    This app has provided me with up to date, accurate weather in a dynamic way. Love it

  • MD

    by docyury

    Very impressive

  • Great app can't wait to see it grow

    by Jurassic Jet Pilot

    This is a great app for checking the overall wx picture just prior to taxi. The low enroute pics are good. It needs to host the charts locally and include hi enroute charts as well. I hate the fact that it takes forever to zoom in and out of an area. Charts also are not current.

  • Charts

    by Buddhamouse

    Vfr charts are way out of date. Radar is ok but don't use the charts for any purpose other then a general reference as air space and frequencies are wrong.

  • Hang Glider Pilot

    by John Pettinato

    Very nice tool for the VFR pilot ! Well done.

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