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** several crash fixes for the iPhone 4 and iOS 4
** some improvements as requested by our users

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AvConnect was designed by pilots for pilots, to simply make it easier to fly. For serious pilots, this app is seriously cool! Try it FREE for 60 days.

Complete pilot logbook and record-keeping:
• Automatic data synchronization with your web account—even when out of network coverage
• GPS flight tracking—exact flight times synched straight to your logbook
• 3D flight path review—sent to your email directly after each flight
• Worldwide airport and international aircraft support
• Automatic flight download from ATC
• Calculated hours, currencies, time in type
• Expiration warnings
• Customizable and personal logbook fields
• Printable monthly and annual reports

AvConnect is a comprehensive online solution designed to manage every aspect of your flying, from pilot logbooks and complete aircraft maintenance tracking to business / personal use hours, partnership splits and tax accounting. AvConnect Mobile Lite for the iPhone and iTouch is a dedicated application that allows you to manage your web-based logbook account right from your phone. Work online in real time or work offline and AvConnect will automatically synchronize any new information with your web account when a network is available.

How does it work?
AvConnect tracks every flight and pilot record that is normally kept in your paper logbook. Your information is updated automatically and kept in one secure online location. Your AvConnect account provides a complete electronic substitute for your paper logbook, and provides a comprehensive permanent archive that can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

The cool factor: GPS flight tracking and 3D flight path via Google Earth:
Whether you fly VRF or IFR, AvConnect now tracks flight times, departure / arrival airports, flight path, speed, and other details with pinpoint accuracy. Using GPS built into the iPhone, AvConnect automatically records every flight detail. Once a flight is confirmed, your flight path can be reviewed in 3-D via Google Earth. Upon engine start up, simply launch your iPhone app. Verify your flight upon shut down and AvConnect does the rest.

Update your records from the office, the road or the air. AvConnect Mobile Lite is designed to synchronize with your AvConnect web-based account. Any information entered into your iPhone application while out of coverage will automatically synchronize with your online account when a network is available.

Automatic flight download from ATC (US/CA):
Each time you file an IFR flight plan, your ATC flight details are automatically downloaded to your online account. Your AvConnect flight records are updated with information including departure and arrival airport, departure and arrival times, route and altitude.

WORLDWIDE airports and International-based aircraft:
AvConnect supports more than 33,000 worldwide airports and international-based aircraft. If an aircraft is not in our database, simply add your aircraft manually.

Stay legal! All pertinent currencies and expiration dates are automatically tracked and updated, including flight reviews, medical expiration, IFR currency, passenger and nighttime currency. AvConnect sends you email reminders prior to expirations as far in advance as you prefer.

Time in type:
Each time you fly your flight details and hours are automatically tracked by type of aircraft. This information can be accessed at any time to provide data for certificates and ratings, insurance applications, club check-outs and flight experience for career applications.

Are you an aircraft owner? Upgrade to AvConnect Pro-Pilot & Aircraft Management. Get all the features of AvConnect Lite, plus the following:
• Single-page entry for both aircraft & pilot data
• Squawk tracker & white board
• Direct service center tie-in
• AD and Service Bulletin notification
• Comprehensive aircraft status
• Permanent maintenance record archive


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