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Languages: English

Seller: AT&T Services, Inc.

Version 3.1:

- Added the following Live TV channels: Disney, Disney XD, and Disney Junior
- While watching Live TV, link directly to Show Details to record and finish watching later
- Defaulted Favorite Shows view back to displaying show schedule
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Enjoy AT&T U-verse!

Customer Ratings

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115 Ratings
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Take the U-verse experience with you with the free U-verse App for iPhone. Watch Live TV and On Demand shows, manage your DVR, and use the app as a remote control. You can also download popular shows from the mobile library to watch later on your iPhone.

Browse or search your personal TV programming guide to find your favorite shows.
Schedule one time or series recordings on your DVR at home.

Remote Control
Control your home TV receivers with the remote control feature. *AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Account required.

Easily view and edit your scheduled and recorded shows on your U-verse DVR at home.

Watch VoD
Download or stream select shows available in the U-verse mobile library to your iPhone for viewing on the go.

Watch Live TV
Watch Live TV right on your iPhone! Watch even more Live TV channels live when connected to your home network.

Set Favorite Channels, Parental Controls, see U-verse feature highlights and available apps, link directly to myAT&T App if on your phone, view the FAQ's and more.

Requires qualifying device, U-family or higher TV plan and Wi-Fi or data connection. Content may vary by device, TV plan, and viewing location. Quality of picture varies by device and data connection. Data charges may apply. U-verse is also compatible with iPad. However, for the best experience, we recommend using the U-verse for iPad App.

Customer Reviews

  • Do this and this app will be off the charts!

    by Escamaro2

    Everything works, when I log in, whenever I want to watch live tv. There's one reason I didn't give it a five star. Whenever I go to channels to watch live it doesn't let you watch local channels. It jumps directly to channel 100 and it goes up from there. If they fix this problem, if they let you watch local channels in the future it will be better than xfinity and other cable companies. So I hope AT&T would read my message and fix this problem. Thank you

  • Where did local channels go?

    by samrudy

    Overall I like the app but today all my local channels disappeared from the guide. What's up there?

  • Works okay

    by Nana12345678910

    It seems like this app is finally working!

  • Watch live TV finally works!

    by GeneralPrivate

    The "watch live TV" part of the app finally works! It still has some bugs and it only let's you stream live TV on your home network. I think it was related to the AT&T network and not the app itself, because streaming to my computer is smooth and isn't choppy as before. The remote control to the cable box works great. And overall, the app works but I can't give it five stars until all the bugs are worked out.

  • Good

    by BigPapaP

    This is a good app. Does what it says, I can watch the live tv! Very cool. The reason 4 stars and not 5 is because I was hoping that I could browse the ppv on demand shows straight from my iphone. For whatever reason the att folks don't allow this! You would think that this would be the first feature they would try to add! Fix it and it's 5 stars!!

  • Some people shouldn't have "smart" phones

    by sandyrn0224

    I read that someone had to spend 84.00 and how others can't get the app to work, etc. All I did was d/l the app, go to 9301 and.....follow the directions!!! It works great! I only wish I could access the volume. Then I could really mess with my hubby when he won't give me the remote. :). This was easy to install and it works without going to any website OR spending a dime!

  • Barely works

    by Rose1517

    I can't use volume control and I can only watch shows that are pre-recorded!!!!! Seriously!

  • Much Better Than DirecTV's

    by thomvoltage

    Coming from DirecTV, it's amazing how much better this app is than theirs. Very happy to have made the switch.

  • Significantly better than before

    by LAX20531

    I've had my U-verse service for two years and can unequivocally state that the app is a significant improvement since then. It certainly isn't perfect, but if those people complaining today were to compare it to two years ago they would give it the four stars it deserves.

  • by Oree Trice

    Works Gr8 and I love it!!!!! Would b a lot better if you could watch you recorded shows... Just a thought!

  • Works very well!!!!

    by Honda4lyfe

    Over all the app is what you would expect. Navigates through your guide pretty easily and has all the same features as your real remote. One thing the app lacks as well as the real remote is a quick button to access your favorites, instead of having to go through the menu to get to the favorites you have set up. If the app developer could do anything to improve it would be that. But AAA+++ on the rest of it.

  • its great

    by chargersjr37

    can watch real Madrid games now:)

  • It's an ok app,

    by Ampman1

    But would you consider allowing us to watch live tv from anywhere, not just when were connected to our home network? Also an app like this for Xbox would be nice…

  • Excellent

    by Merle Trent

    I downloaded this app over a year ago and I love it. It may be lazy but when my 4 year old wants the her tv changed I sit in my lazy chair and find her something to watch. Then I hear, "thank you!"

  • Recording

    by Shinobihaste

    I just wish i could watch my recording at least

  • Moderate App

    by LizzyBeth1

    It is a good application and has good improvements. Although if it did not log me out or tell me that my account is locked due to multiple attempts, it will be a much better application.

  • Good app. One suggestion...

    by Anahnymoose

    Watch recorded shows on mobile device needs to be an option

  • Great app

    by Raditz1

    I did not know that I can watch tv on my iPhone......soo fancy!!

  • Favorites

    by Weather channel app

    I love this app. But with the update I click on my favorite shows and I can't not tell if they are new or not. It shows the times they are on but not if they are new it used to show this please fix!!!!

  • OK but could be much better

    by tribefan50

    Needs to add the ability to watch recorded shows. Also needs to add local stations (inc. local sports) to list of channels that can be watched live.

  • Frustrating

    by Overpushed

    False login "errors" make the app completely unusable. Deleting/reinstalling does not fix. Calling the customer support number is a waste of time. Avoid.

  • no volume control

    by couch potato99999999999

    I was hoping for more. Just deleted. No volume control. No mute. Still need your remote. What is the point then? Works great for changing the channel.

  • Awful

    by otherness

    Perfectly awful.

  • Doesn't work

    by Fxstc

    Cannot view on demand shows, the program loads for A few seconds then nothing. The remote and Guide are good but if on demand doesn't work, it's worthless to me.

  • Does not work

    by PixelMonsters


  • Doesn't support iOS 6

    by Jonathan M.C.

    Doesn't support iOS 6. No decent app developer drops the previous major release. Standard practice is to support 2 major release streams (if you are professional).

  • Worst update

    by Springfalls

    Help! App no longer shows other available times shows are coming on. The app used to be great. But as it is now I would not recommend. Hope they fix the app soon as the app used to save lots of time with moving around lots of recordings. Works on droid but not iPhones. Used too.

  • Broken please fix!!

    by I'm lost without a city

    Cannot log in account locked message instructs to call tech support they cannot fix this was a good app now useless please fix

  • Nothing but crashes!

    by Gmjaggie

    The app keeps crashing by closing within a few seconds of starting up. Prior versions used to work. Please fix this!

  • App is full of login bugs!!

    by robbieship

    Every other version works with login and password. PC, TV and smartphone browser have no issues at all. The app ALWAYS has login errors, locked out messages and call support messages. Stick with a browser on your phone to manage your recordings and you will be calmer!! I use Chrome on my iPhone 5 without any trouble with the site.

  • Can not log in

    by J9onthego

    Don't waste your space. I have tried to log on many times. Changed password looked up user name and will not let me sign in. Does not work.

  • Awful App

    by Jimmyk2344444

    Terrible! Save your sanity!

  • Live TV doesn't work

    by Da_e__

    When viewing Live View, just get a black screen that displays an 'X'. Can't exit from full screen mode.

  • I works ok

    by Tledo

    Can not watch pre recorded shows. Fix this please.

  • Good when it doesn't crash

    by Diving Pirates

    Latest update crashes continually. When it works it is great.

  • Useless for me

    by Highzee

    None of the U-Verse apps work unless AT&T is also your Internet service provider.

  • Downloaded Show Not Working

    by vdkovach

    I downloaded a movie as described so I can watch it without a wifi or data connection and it will not load.

  • Don't waste your time or phone memory on this app

    by Jshepard1187

    They've really messed this app up. It shuts down every time I try to use any function. Getting login errors every single time I open the app. It's not worth the time. Don't bother trying to use it

  • USED to work well

    by Love to read at night

    This app USED to work simply and well. Pull up guide, go to TV program, and push record. Now every attempt to record is regarded as a login failure and error. Three attempts to record, and the app is locked in error mode and says to call a number. No login opportunity exists, and I do NOT want to login. I USED to brag about this app to friends and how easy it was to be away from home and use my phone to record my shows. Currently, locked in error message and who wants to waste time on a lengthy call to customer service to fix the updated app's "improvements"? You fixed something that was not broken, and now it is broken.

  • What happend?

    by Do-in-it !

    App was pretty good and now they updated it and its awful.You can't use favorites any more to record or to see what shows are coming up, it doesn't even tell you what station its on, that was the best part of this app and know it is gone, I Guess they don't know how difficult it is to brows u-v compared to r.r. Please change it back!

  • Freezes

    by David Rivera

    Horrible app, when you go in to view live TV it plays for a second then freezes. This app is such a tease. Sometimes the audio will continue and the picture stays frozen. Then at times after getting it to work, everything on the app goes crazy and loads different information for shows. This is just a mess.

  • Useless app

    by ihartmyiphone

    When I try to watch a live streaming show it plays for about a minute before stopping due to a buffering error. Also, some channels I get aren't even listed on the guide. Don't waste your time on this app.

  • Worst app ever

    by Bk127u$5/89

    Terrible interface. It's hard to figure out how to even use the app as a remote to watch live television. It is not user friendly at all and not good with iOS7. The icons and text is misleading, and most of the time there are error codes that pop up because of the faulty app. The app is very difficult to use, horrible response time.

  • Can't watch anywhere liers

    by Awesomness36889

    You can't even watch the basic channels for my nfl and then the commercial said you can watch anywhere that a lie only at your house

  • App is no good

    by itunesaddict2

    You can't record remotely. Error message appears. App is no good.

  • Crashes constantly

    by Imagination2010

    In the remote mode, it constantly crashes. It has worked in previous versions of this app. Please fix.

  • Great features...when they work

    by Clubiani

    This ap is really slow when opening the guide..takes forever to update and load. Also, my channel favorites just disappear every now and then, which is very frustrating because I have to start the process all over every time. Overall, it makes me more frustrated than happy most times. :/

  • Used to work but doesn't now

    by KKNESS003

    The idea behind the app is pretty awesome, but it doesn't work...Every time I try to log in it says the app is temporarily unavailable, but this has been for days now. Get it together ATT!

  • Locked the account without allowing my to log in

    by Artofwar74

    I logged in a few months back just to try out the app. The only thing that worked properly was the guide. Every other feature gave me an error. I tried the app again today to see if there were any improvements. I looked at my recordings and noticed they were old. When I clicked on them, I got a failed login error. I clicked on another tab and same thing. I signed out and signed back in. I got a locked out error. Don't waste your time with this app unless they give it a major upgrade.

  • Useless

    by sminatra

    Won't even let me sign in, says my login info is incorrect even though it works just fine when I use it to log into the website.

  • Temporarily unavailable

    by BuckOfama

    AT&T--when will you fix this app?

  • Live tv

    by Fixitnow6

    The app so far is fine, EXCEPT if we are already paying for U-Verse we should be able to watch all the channels we pay for live! Most people work on weekends and have sporting events they'd like to watch ie: THE NFL PLAYOFFS!!!!!

  • What the heck???

    by Carey Gaines

    So I leave the house on NFL Playoff Saturday. I quickly go to my Uverse app to watch the game. I connect to wifi to get the message you can only watch live tv when connected to your home network. Hell I may as well watch my tv if I'm in range of my home network. SMH

  • Doesnt even let me in

    by Kat Mercier

    It seriously frustrates me. I cant log on to anything but when i go on the computer. Its perfectly fine! Fix this

  • Tragic

    by Katsquared

    AT&T is a $127 billion company and there are 13 year old kids that have created more useful apps. I'm not sure what the point of this app is. It does nothing of value. It pretends to do much more than it actually does. If you expect to watch Uverse TV from this app, forget it. There are 5 shows that it will allow you to watch. You can't watch recorded shows. It can basically do what your remote does, only much slower.

  • Hate it right now

    by Falcon bill

    It works well while trying to record but when watching live tv on it the menu gets shows mixed up on different channels and you can't watch the show you wanted to I am really hoping for an update on it

  • Terrible

    by Stephanie Lynn Lynn

    Like many here. It says my password is incorrect. Amazing, it works when I have to log in and pay the bill!

  • Do Not Waste Your Time

    by Nickname9878

    This app says I can watch live tv........ I'm still waiting....... Only prerecorded shows can be watched. Why show me a TV guide list of what is on tv when I can't watch any of it.. Every picture of this app posted is a picture of something you cannot do. I think it's funny how AT&T can brag in commercials that you can watch tv on your phone, when in reality with AT&T it is impossible. Your competition is blowing you out of the water, nice try maybe in 10 yrs you will be caught up with comcast and direct tv. I just wanted to watch the playoffs thanks for letting me down again AT&T!!!

  • Nothing but problems

    by P2ro

    Worked great for about a year but the last month or so I get "temporarily unavailable" 9 out of 10 times I try to use it. Uninstalled and reinstalled but that didn't change anything. Very frustrating and Needs a lot of work!

  • Sorry I left Direct Tv

    by jlpjr23

    Seriously, how many bad reviews is it going to take to get this app up to par with your competitors? All you have to do is look at Direct Tv's app, copy it and every one of your customers will love you.

  • Very bad

    by Rohn Noirot

    Can't watch live tv from the iPad or recorded shows.... For the price of the service you would think you can watch your recorded shows on the go or in your home....

  • Fix the app please

    by TexasEmbassy

    It does not work! Do not download this app!

  • Does NOT work at all

    by HDelight

    This is by far the worst app I have ever had. I've had the iPhone since the 1st generation. I have several hundred apps. AT&T needs to fire their IT team who's in charge of this app. It's ridiculous. It crashes constantly. You cannot watch anything, any show, movie, on demand on the app for more than 5 minutes. Not only that, they allow limited channels on the app. I pay for their premium package of 300+ shows and showtime and encore but there are less than 1/4th of the channels available. FIX THIS APP. Your IT department should be ashamed!!! Your competitors are so far ahead it's not even comparable. Hire one or two of those guys. AT&T you have a loser team. How can you advertise to your customers that you offer an app where people can use to watch tv, on demand shows, recorded shows and not provide it? It really does not work. Impossible to watch anything for more than 5 minutes and that's on a good day! Best I get is about a minute and a half of a show. Then it freezes forever. Sometimes the audio comes back but the video is still frozen. Then the audio freezes too. So I turn off the app, load it back up. It takes forever to load the channel. Then back to the same cycle. One word: ridiculous. FIX IT, FIX IT, FIX IT!!!!!!!! Have some pride AT&T IT department. If you're doing a job, do it with pride. What kind of BS are you providing with this app? Are these guys sitting around all day scratching their b***s? Why aren't they working to fix this? It is possible to have an app for tv that works. Your competition has it!!!! Fire those idiots!!! And give me a refund!

  • Promising, But There Are Some Major Issues

    by jimmybowser

    For the most part the App does most of what it says it can do. Problem is the connection to uverse is not reliable and the app crashes ALOT! When it works great, it's good. But it doesn't work well, it's quite frustrating. Overall 1 star. Fix the issues AT&T!

  • Rarely works

    by Eneal123

    The app is great when it works for longer than 10 seconds. It constantly closes when performing any action. Please fix!

  • Never connects

    by Kevin Florida

    The service is almost always down (unable to log in). Waste of time!

  • BS

    by p1um5mu991er

    So, I can only watch TV on my new phone but not on my old phone anymore? I pay a fortune for U-Verse cable. I should be able to watch TV on any home device and as many as I want.

  • Everyone is right. It doesn't work.

    by Blahblogblah

    Another half baked AT&T scheme. It barely works and tech support is a joke. I almost feel that anyone who rates this at more than 1 star must either work for them or have serious vested financial interest in the company. All these little failures....theyre getting nervous. Anyway, this heap of code should be deleted to spare innocent people the frustration it holds in wait. They should stick to digi-com, besides Google is coming. Then again maybe they want another black eye.....

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