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StarStar Me by AT&T is a mobile service that allows you to use your name, nickname, or personal handle as your AT&T mobile phone number. People can call you from their AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon mobile phones by simply entering ** and then a unique word or phrase that you choose like **SARAH or **KEITH. When meeting new people, give out your memorable StarStar number instead of ten hard-to-remember digits.

Use the StarStar Me app to find and reserve your StarStar vanity number and subscribe to the service. The app is free and the service is just $2.99 per month per number excluding taxes.

The StarStar Me app allows you to manage incoming calls and control how people reach you:
- When you’re busy, turn off rings and automatically send callers an audio or text message to tell them you’ll call back later.
- Or send callers your contact info, including links to your important social media accounts.
- You can also block specific callers from reaching you, just in case you need that.

Get your StarStar vanity number today, before someone else does!

StarStar Me – Your Memorable Mobile Number

Customer Reviews


    by Jesse H Cuzzort Jr

    Got my number! My friends will never forget this one. I am glad I am able to block specific numbers, too! Well worth the $2.95.

  • Super cool

    by AODWO

    I love this! SO worth $3/month

  • Pretty convenient...

    by CeeDubb

    It's nice that my name was available. At $2.99/month, AT&T found a clever way to get another $35.88/year out of me. The convenience is worth it. And it looks like I can add additional ** numbers for my business projects.

  • Got my name!

    by Appp queen

    Cool. I got my name reserved. Now no one else can get it.

  • What's wrong?

    by robersonville

    Thus is a great service however the app is a mess It just stopped working and is now frozen. ATT needs to pay attention and get thus fixed. There is a monthly cost in your phone bill . No call logs . Overcharged and frozen app . Update: now that ATT is throttling service the app can't work at all.

  • Seriously??


    Yet another stupid money making marketing scam from AT&T. As if they didn't make enough $$$ from me. First off, $2.99 a month is too much for this service. I would pay $1 to $1.50 instead. That's more reasonable. Remember that tax is also added on too of the monthly service so it will higher than $2.99. Most ppl forget that when proposed prices like this do not include tax. Second, text messaging is not supported. Really AT&T?? Why not?? So now it's more useless to me for the price. Does anyone have the 2GB data plan? No? Well AT&T at one point offered it when I first signed up. The price was good and the data was just enough. Now it's not offered. Why? Because AT&T wants to raise the prices and offer very little flexibility in data plans. Another way to make more money and offer less options. As soon as my contract ends, rest assure I will switching carriers. AT&T, you guys better get your act together. You need to be more affordable with more options. Or I'll make sure not to refer your business to ppl. And that's a promise. AT&T is way too greedy and ppl will see that. I only support business that provide more for their services without over pricing. Hope this review will help in your decision. - Joe B. -

  • Extra cost

    by Ralph_O

    2.99 a month. I don't think so

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