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Languages: English

Seller: AT&T Services, Inc.

This version of Mobile Locate supports improved battery life through better utilization of the network. Users should note that the alarm function is discontinued.

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63 Ratings
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Mobile Locate for iPhone:
Have you ever lost your iPhone? With the Mobile Locate, you will never again have to ask “Where’s my iPhone?”

Mobile Locate makes it easier than ever to locate a lost or misplaced iPhone.

What can Mobile Locate do for iPhone customers:

•LOCATE your lost iPhone using the phone’s GPS
•See a visual history of where your iPhone has been and get detailed directions to its last known location
•Sound an ALARM if the phone is nearby, even if it is on vibrate or silent
•Log into to begin your search

Who’s Eligible?

Mobile Locate is exclusively available to AT&T iPhone customers.

•Customers enrolled in the Mobile Protection Pack can file a claim to replace a lost, misplaced or stolen iPhone from the Mobile Locate webpage.
•Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
•Mobile Locate is a service provided by Asurion Mobile Applications and is not an insurance product.
•Data usage charges apply for download and use of Mobile Locate
•Mobile Locate functions are available as long as the phone is powered on, has text messaging capability, and is within the AT&T National Enhanced Services coverage area.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by xxGebertxx

    This app works with iOS 6.0. Apple has not signed it yet for iOS 7 yet, but they are working on it. When this app is working, it will be updated for iOS 7 and probably be in a nicer format than Find my iPhone.


    by Jhonante

    Please, update this app it looks so old, make it so that it can match iOS 7. I'm a user of AT&T and it should have at least one update every year. Devices change, so the app should change also. It's all about looking good with our devices. Please, please make an update. (I'm rating this app only on the fact how you give service, not the app.). Thank You!

  • Mobile location

    by Quela.11

    Shequela James It's very helpfully

  • Halo nana

    by Halo nana

    Love it

  • Thank you

    by James mathis

    I am very please with this app

  • I love this app

    by KrIsTeN28. 88. 28

    Very helpful,and saved me when I lost my phone! Id DEFINETLEY recommend this to someone who lost their AT&T phone.

  • Mobile Locate

    by DebDodd

    Very informative and user friendly

  • Thank you!

    by Mehkd

    This app saved me quite a bit of anguish... by the time I realized my phone was missing I was able to pull up 5 of its last locations and realized it was in my friends car.

  • Works for me

    by Mr Grooms

    Worked just fine for me. I don't have the ATT insurance but it's free for iPhone users so no money lost. Good alternative to find my iPhone if you're an iPhone user.

  • Amazing!!!

    by Cherrydarly

    I love this app! It locates all the places I've been with my iPhone and I can view it online at the website! I almost didn't want too because of the comments, but I still gave it shot and it's been great for me! I would recommend it to everyone! And for all the bad comments I just think they don't know how it's supposed to work or doing something wrong. 'user error!'LoL!:)

  • Great way to kill time with friends!

    by Alexbg01

    I play this game with people I don't even talk to who I'm friends with on facebook. It's a great way to kill some time while waiting around!!

  • It's awesome!!!

    by SPD1218

    I tested it out and I located me at several different places around my city.

  • Works Great

    by LadyLo33

    Located my phone within a few feet!!

  • Garbage

    by Bundy13

    This app is garbage! It asks for a 4 digit pin that I never set up then asks me to hit reset but there's no reset button. Called suport and they had NO IDEA what I was talking about. They sent me link to reset password for website. Aren't I paying $9.99 for complete tech suport?!?! Canceling service!

  • Iphone user

    by Digrbill

    No support , would not let me log in. Getting tired of these useless apps. Uninstalled it!!

  • I can't even open the website

    by SandfromBoca

    After downloading the app and completing the required info. Does anyone know what's wrong????

  • Very poor

    by Drock 99

    I'm not a tech wizard. But how is it I can generally navigate or setup most apps. And this one is not designed to be. At least from a mobile device. Very poorly developed. Still better than the healthcare website . .

  • Useless

    by first time review of an application

    If you have an iPhone don't bother to download this app. If you try to locate your phone via the website you will get this message: "due to OS limitations, we currently cannot perform a real time locate on your device". So if you lose your phone this app is totally useless!

  • Doesn't work with iPhone 5s

    by GirlNamedCorrie

    I bought the security package through AT&T. They said I had to download this app to complete my registration. Once I downloaded and opened the app, I got an error message saying that this app is not compatible with my iPhone.

  • Doesn't Work

    by 99GSBBTurbo

    Just got a new iPhone 5s and I got the $10 a month protection plan until I get a Lifeproof case for it, anyway, I had to download this app according to AT&T In order to complete my protection plan... So I did and have been trying to use it for over an hour now... Without success. In fact it won't even let me log in, it keeps going back to the home page. I am going to cancel this plan tomorrow and get my money back, I don't think its fair to pay for something that doesn't work as advertised.

  • Good- costs money!

    by CampingLiz

    This is a great app, if you are already not paying for insurance. Please note you have to pay extra (monthly fee) to have this app. The app does not cost money but their is a 'technical support' fee on your monthly bill. Please be aware!

  • Horrible.

    by Djwhoo2005

    I've been sitting in one spot. Loaded it. Located it. And it's days my phone (that I'm using) is about 2 mile away. Good job att and bing

  • GPS Runs below designated level

    by Claugirl

    GPS is still active after I put my designated level. I'll rate 5 star when it is fixed

  • Garbage

    by Tired of text messages!!

    Was going to use this to find a stolen phone family members phone and tested it out on my own and it sends an sms that someone is attempting to locate the phone - but there is no way to adjust the sms settings. Worthless

  • Doesn't work

    by Wrong Age Guy

    Haven't been able to sign up for it. It doesn't work.

  • I want to want this

    by Etdubs

    I live in NYC iPhone 5, the app does not use a huge amount of battery is its only feature. The app doesn't have a locate feature, it links to the website which asks you to download the app and freezes on sign in! The option to turn off locate at % battery continues to use location service after the percentage you choose! The website doesn't allow me to locate my phone or use the alarm feature! The website does show me three locations where my phone was to a good accuracy but I only have to look in my hand if I want to do that. These seem like lack of equipment or license issues server side. I would like to use this app when it is ready for NYC!

  • Waste of my time

    by Doesn't work(2)

    Exclusive for AT&T customers? Then why does it not work? Horrible app since I cannot access it.

  • Battery drain

    by jeremygaither

    Location services constantly on!

  • Doesn't work

    by Maria wolford

    It says that it's exclusively for AT&T customers and I am one!! It won't let me go past the set up screen. iPhone 5 has been nothing but a disappointment

  • Not reliable enough service

    by Bracy Poppell

    I've tried using this since it has one feature that the free Apple app Find my iPhone doesn't have. It will keep track of past locations. However the service is so unreliable that you can't be sure where your phone is within a mile or so. Even with only cell tower location services you should have less than 1/4 mile accuracy if GPS satellites are unavailable. Even the website to locate your phone as of me writing this review is down, so I can't use the service anyway. I'd recommend the apple app instead since its also free, can location ALL your iOS devices as well as ALL Mac OS devices.

  • Use Find My Phone instead

    by N8G12345

    Location services are constantly on even at 4 hour checks. Battery drainer! Use Find My Phone instead.

  • Waste of time

    by Bcn11

    It has no alarm, terrible accuracy, drains your battery, and is a hassle to set up. You're wasting your time with this app. Get Find My iPhone instead.

  • Horrible app

    by Djjavon13

    The app is constantly looking for my devices location and never turns off when even though I have it set to check location every 4 hours. The accuracy of the location of the phone is horrible and there are no alarm features in the app. I pay extra a month for what a freaking battery drainer

  • Useful....

    by Chillpills

    If you want something to drain your battery and make you pull your hair out while searching for your missing phone.

  • Don't bother.

    by liquidHg

    Regardless of setting, it keeps your location indicator on all the time. I don't need another battery hog but thanks anyway!

  • Useless

    by ht626

    Well, what can I say about a mobile locate app that does not locate my mobile? Completely useless!! Have been unable to locate my phone since I installed it

  • Doesn't work

    by Lis198909

    It doesn't give you the write location at all!

  • Not that great

    by vinman1

    It doesnt point out the correct location where your phone is

  • Doesn't work

    by Hagpkk

    First locate worked fine. Tried a second time with out even moving phone. Came up like five miles off.

  • Don't waste your time with this App

    by Gtalk98

    I had high hopes for this app for my iPhone 4S. However, it located my phone in the middle of a highway and then in the middle of a city lake. I live in an area with lots of GPS cells so there was no reason for this to be happening. Also, the alarm feature does not work on the iPhone. The Apple iCloud iPhone locator works great. However iCloud interferes with downloading emails from a PC to Outlook. AT&T online says it plans to issue an update but apparently this is not going to be released in the near future. If Apple's software can locate my iPhone, why can't AT&T write software that works?

  • Are you serious?

    by 1Triece

    Can u say inaccurate? I was holding my phone and this app said it was at my neighbor's house. Useless and a waste of space....DELETED!!!!

  • Not As Advertised

    by Dot2DotBarb

    I downloaded the app and used it to "locate" my phone. The phone was right in front of me, but it gave me an address that was 4 miles away. I then thought I'd try the alarm feature to locate the phone, but quickly discovered that it's not available to users who downloaded the app after 2/21/2012. The site says they plan to have that feature in the next version of the app - when will that be? As far as I'm concerned, this app is useless. Why bother?

  • Found me... SYKE!

    by Tyreke Hunt

    I tried it twice and both times were not correct. First without letting it use my location, that showed my phone over a mile away. Second after allowing my location, and that showed my phone as being in the house next door. As this is currently; it is more like finding a needle in a haystack (you know the general location but you might never find it!).

  • Missing features advertised

    by JustanIrishlad

    Simply terrible in its current form. No sound alarm, no ability to set options for SMS messages.

  • App is a waste of time

    by Daysebaby

    Located my phone miles a way from where I am at a location me or my phone have NEVER... Tried FindMyIPhone app from apple moments later and located it right on my block... I can't believe I'm paying for this BULLSH!T.... Urgh... $3 a month... Wich really wouldn't be bad if the stupid thing actually worked... DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR PAY FOR.... ZERO STARS!!!

  • Alarm won't work on IPhones anymore

    by Jowiep

    I just purchased a new iPhone yesterday. Bought the mobile locate service especially so I could find my cell in my house when I misplace it, which is often. So the alarm is what appealed to me. BUT through many phone calls today I discovered .... iPhone discontinued the alarm part of the mobile locate service some time ago!! Thanks AT&T store employee YESTERDAY.

  • Locate within 10 feet? Lulz

    by Selvin Pena

    So I've had this for a few months now. Hung in there through the update and my battery lives a bit longer now. However I'd be hitting the jackpot if this App would locate my phone in the right county. I live in Yonkers, NY. It would locate my phone miles away and it has never once been accurate no matter where I try. Locating App can't locate. 0 Stars

  • Utterly useless

    by Suicida|

    First it only works if you have the app installed, first thing someone is going to do is wipe it with iTunes. The only thing this is good for is ditsy people that misplace their phone at home.

  • Inaccurate

    by T-Rex1775

    This app never correctly located my phone. Sometimes it was as far as 5 miles off. How am I supposed to find and beat the crap out of the punk that steals my phone if this app sends me to a place my phone is guaranteed not to be?

  • suks

    by who8it

    I've been paying for this service for about 3 months now and I am still having trouble getting it to work at all. I DO NOT recommend it at all. It is totally useless to me.

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